Replace Gym Workout With This Full Body Home Workout

Replace Gym Workout With This Full Body Home Workout

100 thoughts on “Replace Gym Workout With This Full Body Home Workout

  1. Awesome video! I have resurrected my boot camp to an online platform for all of my old clients. I appreciate all you do! I just posted my first of many videos.

  2. I started running about 2 months ago im not that fat just a little and i want to get abs so i ask my gym teacher at school what to do and he said do more cardio my abs are a little visible when relax and when i contract it’s more visible how can i have an abs that super visible even while relax.

  3. Hey chris could you make a video of how to train with rings and what exercises should I do for gaining muscle with it thanks

  4. ¡Hola Chris! Soy de México y quisiera saber al realizar las rutinas ya sea de abdomen, brazos o piernas, cuánto deben descansar para poder realizar otra rutina de ese grupo muscular?
    ¡Excelentes rutinas!

  5. Corona: Got your gym locked down, what you gonna do huh?

    Chris:(hands over his nuts)Thenx!
    Corona: MOOOTHHEERRFUUU****!!!!

  6. Asking as a completely new-to-gym person (as in, has only gone a couple times and got discouraged): Are the exercises done here in this video made to maintain the muscles already gained at the gym, or can a beginner like me do these to build muscles? Any advice at all, I am welcomed to hear. 🙂

  7. ✌¡Hi people!
    What a good routine they bring us on this video; Hopefully, the next one will also come subtitled in Spanish.👍

  8. I was able to do my first ever muscle up some weeks ago. On my last day before staying home I was even able to do two in a row. The only thing that sucks about home workouts is that it´s not that easy to have a pull up bar…

  9. man I hate this coronavirus bs now I have no gym and no space at home to buy any sort of machine becuz I live in a condo :(. I hope I dont gain weight even though I run 5 miles daily.

  10. This virus s**t is really messing with me can you answer this question chris dose stress and sleeping affect your progress

  11. Thank you! I have a friend trying to convince me that Lagree (A Pilates Rube Goldberg machine) is the holy grail of exercise. Says it's "innovative". You show how to be efficient, effective and simple.

  12. If you don't have dumbells for biceps
    U can grab a bucket and fill it with as much water as you want!!!
    Good luck with your home workout! 💪😅

  13. I love these videos but man your camera men need training. Why is the camera bouncing with every movement? It's hard to see your form half of the time because of the shakiness

  14. I have an idea for you bring someone with body fat work on him for the next month and show us the result it would b amazing

  15. Chirs excellent exercises at home the truth that if you can do a little of everything the truth thank you Chirs for giving us an idea what to do at home

  16. I would prephere it if u would make a video where u show ur wife.
    I mean…. U made a lot of videos with your son.

  17. Hi sir I'm subscriber from
    I'm 14 years old
    I want to make body like that
    Can you give next video
    Top 10 exercises at home plss

  18. After watching 3 videos of this guy, he is so fucking boring and annoying talking with his hands and shit, I admit your in shape, but not the tiny cut look I want, especially your mouse legs

  19. Hi chris heria…. I following at long time and iam doing every workout so iam now in good health so I need full superhuman workout…..😊😊😊😊

  20. Hey Chriss is it okay to do these exercises each and everyday without taking rest days? if i should take rests? HOW?

  21. Hey bro I am from India. I am 14 years old. I am not so thin not so fat. I want to get 6 pack. I am doing 100 push ups a day. It gives me any result

  22. Corona= hey fitness freaks u all r gonna lose ur gains haha

    *Chris*=hey dear corona, wanna challenge me?😎💪

  23. Hey I know this isnt a good video to post on but im sure someone will be able to help me. During bar hangs, should i let everything else in my body relax? Or should i activate my shoulders?

  24. Hello gentle man👋🏽 how u doing brother? Can u share us the translation with arabic languge?!. I HOPW ALL THE BEST FOR U MAN🙏🏽🙏🏽. I MEAN IT..,

  25. Just finished 3 rounds of this (not all reps though with every excerise) and I am still shaking… Insane workout… Made me sweat a lot… Thanks Chris

  26. Hi chris I have been watching your workout for a while now and I just started to get into pullups i though they would be easier but they are much harder than I expected. Any recommendations to get started into pullups

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