Quick & Effective HIIT Workout for Flat Tummy  ✅ 15 min Calorie Burning

Quick & Effective HIIT Workout for Flat Tummy ✅ 15 min Calorie Burning

Hey everyone, welcome back to the 2019 summer shred challenge. This video is a 15 minute cardio workout That’s gonna help you burn fat all over everywhere getting you ready for summer So you can do this video on its own or you can join the rest of us with this 35 day free program by following the calendar schedule. I’m also giving away three Apple watches So check out the comments below to find out more. So I got everything you need here all free on this channel So do me a solid and smash smash that like button Subscribe and also turn a notification. Oh, so there’s heaps of other people out there who needs a body needs motivation So do share your progress in the comments and use my hashtag. Today’s workout is a 15 minutes cardio abs session You’ve got three sets of eight exercises 30 seconds on and 5 to 10 seconds of rest and 20 seconds in between sets Let’s kick things off with Shuffle crunch It’s always going to be no jumping low-impact variations So if you’re feeling tired or not hundred percent, you can always take it down a notch Make sure you take big steps and do this fast Remember to exhale as you crunch and squeeze that core for low impact you can just exclude the shuffle Next we have high knees lift those knees up and go as fast as you can for low impact just take it slow Mountain climbers are next so get on the ground for this one Bring your knees in one at a time and remember to focus on your core and engage those ABS We’ve got burpees shuffle next This is going to get your heart rate up shuffle from side to side and get into a plank Jump up, fit back in and get up and repeat High Kicks are next,. Kick your legs as high as you can but don’t lock your knees It is really important to engage your core here and make sure you’re breathing for low impact just exclude the jumps Next we’ve got alternate toe-touches. Make sure you squeeze your abs when you bring your leg up All right time to speed things up again We’re doing fast-foot or American football shuffle go as fast as you can here guys and make sure your core is engaged the whole time We’ve got lateral jump crunches next. Hop from side to side and crunch, for low impact you can either do the lateral steps, or you can just do crunches only That’s the end of the first set so we’ve got 20 seconds break perfect time to tie your shoelaces Take a small sip of water or send me a DM on Instagram and yell at me You can take up to a minute break if you want to as well all right get on the plank and we’ve got bunny hops ,hop to the left back to the middle into a plank position and then to the right and repeat ,work that core guys Next we’ve got up and down plank grab a fitness mat if you can as I was killing my elbows here I definitely don’t recommend doing up-and-down plank without a mat. So stay safe guys 180 degrees burpees are next. Start with a burpee and make a 180 degrees jump, then another burpee no more burpees I swear .We’re almost halfway guys. Stay strong A thousand more burpees are next. Okay, let’s keep that heart rate up with some high knee All right We’ve got 10 seconds break and we are doing touch ground and kick next touch the ground with your left hand while having your left Leg extended behind you then jump back in and kick your other leg up. Stay safe and balance here guys Now onto the other side Next we’ve got reverse chop, start with both of your hands outside your thighs then rotate your toes as you go up just two more exercises to go to finish off this set. Keep pushing guys Now onto the other side Great work guys, just one more set to go. We’ve got a 20 seconds break You can take a longer break if you want to make sure you have a fitness mat for the next exercise We are kicking it off with some flutter kicks Lift your legs up one at a time and try to not bend your knees If you are going to lift your head up, make sure you’re using your abs to lift your chest up Not your neck and that’s gonna make your abs burn way more Next we’ve got some in an out, remember to engage that core exhale as you bring your legs in and keep pushing guys Shuffle crunch is next. So stand up right and we’re shuffling from side to side with a crunch do it fast, but controlled Next we’ve got some skater hops to keep up with that heart rate just five more exercises to go so don’t give up We’ve got kick-outs ,next start in a high plank and kick one leg to the side while lifting one hand off the floor You’re kicking from side to side and start slow until you’re familiar with the movements then ramp it up if you can but the low impact version just keep your legs side-to-side in a high plank without lifting your hands off the floor Back to another round of high knees so go as fast as you can and burn those calories. We’re almost there guys Second last exercise get in a high plank and we’re going to move from a high plank to high kicks ,kick up four times and repeat The last exercise we have here is tuck jumps don’t hold back and give it all you got This is where you burn out as much as possible. Make sure you land softly You can land into a squat make sure you don’t injure your knees If you can’t do tuck jumps, you can do crunches or high knees Great work for reaching the end guys. Hope you’re sweating as much as I am right now Don’t forget to leave me a comment down below and update your progress as that really helps others, too And also don’t forget to smash that like button subscribe and share this video and I’ll see you guys in the next workout. Bye! 🙂

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  2. The ideal for me would be to lie on my sweaty yoga mat, wait for my heart beat to slow down and never get up but today's cardio day so…!!! It was surprisingly super fun and I did not focus on the time(r) too much

  3. Hey Chloe which workout is best to lose postpartum belly fat? Is there a workout video that you made already that will help me lose this post baby belly? Thanks

  4. Love this workout, it feels a lot less tiring than the other full body workout in the shedding program, which is why I decided to do this on a rest day

  5. Her workouts are great I've adjusted to them so well when I work my abs with her now I can barely feel it I feel so much stronger thanks to her

  6. Day 13 no visible differences I'm still 120-126lbs throughout a month 5'4 but I feel so much stronger 💪

  7. I did this for 2 months, I only do it on Saturday sunday and Monday morning. And i jog every monday and Wednesday . I jog with 30seconds sprints and 90 seconds rest, 8 sets

    Starting lower belly fat measurement: 86cm
    Waist :69cm

    Now lower belly fat :81cm
    Waist : 65 cm :))

    Will keep on updating:)
    But use this workout as a cardio, and do other any abs workout after this

  8. Found out this yesterday and started today! Plus I did also the 10 min abs. Trying to get in shape again. Hoping to get some results before the summer is over. Can't wait! This was good, definitely got heart rate up and started really sweating, more after the workout, haha.

  9. Literally been using your workouts for more than a year to keep fit! Achieved my bod goals for all my summer vacys too. Keep going, everyone! Hard work pays off!

  10. Im on day 8 and I can literally see a change on my stomach -it’s gotten much flatter and my face has also lost chin fat too !!-I’m so shook like I never knew these exercises would help me so much !!! Thank you so much Chloe !!!

  11. Hi, just wanna share my experience… I have been doing exercises that targets abs directly for months. There are days that i forgot to, was just busy, or just didn't feel like sweating.. there were some positive changes of course.. But THIS SPECIFIC WORKOUT , i am keeping this!! One day i just decided to try doing HIIT workouts, eventually i have learned to love it! This workout pumps you out! And what really made me KEEP THIS WORKOUT is, just on the Second day of this, my mom said: "im concern of you, you've gotten thin" , and on that same day my officemates said the same thing.. i just smiled not knowing what to say, deep inside i was like: What?? Really, awesome!!! Thanks!
    Since then im keeping this!
    Thanks Chloe!! 😘💖

  12. Perfect workout !!! I just finished this one, rn. Thank you sooo much for this video ♥ i'm soooo happy to do your workout vids. Thanks to you, I love HIIT. ♥

  13. Is it weird I'm sweating and out of breath, but I don't feel like it's hard, also I don't feel sore the day after?
    Also, I do the summer shred challenge :p
    Help me out pleaseee

  14. "Perfect time to tie your shoe laces"
    My version:
    Perfect time to tie my leggings with a hair tie because they don't fit me anymore
    Thank you Chloe 🙏

  15. Gonna start doing this

    Day 1 complete ☑️
    Day 2 complete ☑️
    Day 3 complete ☑️
    Day 4 complete ☑️
    Day 5 complete ☑️
    Day 6 complete ☑️
    Day 7 complete ☑️

  16. Yay I finally made the up and down on my feet instead of on my knees! 🎉 Next up, side kicks raising the hand 😎

  17. am i the only one who sits and reads the comments after i finish the workout, positively dripping in sweat

  18. Chloe: Let's do another round of high knees to raise that heartbeat
    My heartbeat, already going at the speed of light: EXCUSE YOU

  19. Hay Guys I have prooven product use in my personal experiencing to burn
    fat in few weeks. Please try guaranteed. Please follow the link below

  20. Hay Guys I have prooven product use in my personal experiencing to burn
    fat in few weeks. Please try guaranteed. Please follow the link below

  21. Hay Guys I have prooven product use in my personal experiencing to burn
    fat in few weeks. Please try guaranteed. Please follow the link below

  22. I did most if the low impact exercise and I am sweating so much I can't believe it. I am super unsporty so I wanted to make it thru. Thank you Chloe! I will do this more often in the future my goal is 55 kg and I am 62 rn.

  23. I started today, currently 171 pounds , goal weight is in the 145-150 lbs(not to fixated tho). Gonna do this everyday! Will update soon 🙂
    :today’s workout wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be seeing as I haven’t been in the gym in 3 months🌚I did low Impact for some of them but it’s fine, ik I’ll get stronger soon💕 trying to get fit for school, if anyone wants to join and update each other, let’s do it!

  24. I just uploaded a video of my progress this isn’t self promo it’s just I love watching people’s videos of their progress so I decided to make one myself xxx

  25. AHHH
    For some reason I didn't do my workout earlier today…
    Now I'm trying to silently workout and not disturb my downstairs neighbours' sleep xD
    Edit: Now I am working out a lot earlier (in the morning hihi) and I'm still trying to silently workout and not disturb my downstairs neighbours' sleep xxxDDDD

  26. Am I the only one who does not get tired at all, I been skipping the breaks and doing it faster, I don’t know why I am not getting tired, and I run a 6 minute mile and don’t get tired, WHY AM I NoT getTing TireD!!!

  27. I am a new mom, after my delivery my belly looks big in size so I decided to do exercise, on my search I got you just confused bcz you have many options, now can you help to pick which slot is effective to reduce my delivery belly, plz reply me…

  28. Today is my first day doing this excersise and as much as I'm sweating,I love it and I know if this wasn't a video then I probably would've given up after the mountain climbers but I love the fact that I feel like I'm doing the workout with you ,It keeps me motivated to keep on excercising ❤❤❤

  29. You are not like other YouTubers! You’re the best one!! Thank you for all of your effort! I promise i will be the best before after example for you! I love you and i wish you best of good luck!!♥️♥️ Thank you for everything ♥️ Love from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 💞

  30. Okay I’ve been lazy but ima get back on track so ima be doing this everyday also if I do update it’s for myself but your welcome to read it to!


  31. I've started doing g your work out vids and it has a great impact. But doing these exercises, abt how many calories will we lose??

  32. Day 1: I was planning on doing two work out videos but one was enough for me like omg I’m sweating soo much. No difference yet of course but I’ll try and keep everyone updated

    Day 2: I really thought I was gonna be able to do this workout without stopping but it’s still hard. I’m starting to like how it makes me sweat. It makes me feel like I’m doing something. But still no results but I’m going to try and keep doing these.

  33. I really couldn't do all high intensity workouts since I live on the top of an apartment floor which u can hear from the bottom but I'm doing my best!!!

  34. Ok so im a medical student and i dont have time to work out for a long time so im gonna do this one with one ab workout everyday till i see results and i will update
    October 4

    Im 154cm

    Day one: ✅

  35. Almost finished fuk yeah i can do this !!! —- 2 secs later – tuck jumps

    Geez that was brutal lmao XD both to my ears and body

  36. im highkey fat but do all of chloe tings programs but eat like shit sometimes. ive been dieting and working out since December 2018 and have lost abit but im still not "skinny" or where i want to be. tips PLEASE

  37. I'm only on day 9 of the challenge and through eating a lil better and following the program I've already lost 5 pounds!! I've had moderate-severe asthma my entire life and I can follow the low-impact and still get results without putting myself in danger of an asthma attack!! This program is truly a lifesaver for me, tysm 😭♥️🙌

  38. I am going to do this workout for 2 weeks for now and see how the results are. My goal is to be between 65-68 kg. I am very insecure about my weight any tips as well will be helpful. And I will do this every day one video for 2 weeks and sometimes I will try 2 videos if I have time. also, I will do these workouts at night time.
    height: 168cm
    weight: 78.3kg

    Day1: it was hard I was sweating the hard bit was the kick out things.✅

    Day2: I didn't do this workout but I did this workout on Chloe's channel '30 Min Full Body Workout to BURN FAT & GET ABS + Toned Legs | FREE WORKOUT PROGRAM' and I was so sweating and I did have more breaks ✅

    Day3: I didn't do this workout again but I did the same workout as I did yesterday but checkout and I was sweating but not as much as yesterday. ✅

    Day 4: I did not do it but I did scooter for around 2 hours ❌

    Day 5: I did this workout and I was sweating only a little bit and i could only do 2 proper kick-outs and then I just had to do the low impacts but today's workout I did do.✅

  39. Hi currently doing the summer shred challenge and I'm dying right now but in a good way I guess!!!!
    Oh and I'm only at day 9!
    Day 11: God why was it so hard today? I'm dying!

  40. how does her boobs not jiggle? mine jiggles and hurts like shit during jumping exercises (even with sports bra my friends)

  41. 11/19/19: Guys I’m 5’3 and 134 lbs. I just started this working out with this method and omg you don’t know how much I wanted to hear those beeps so bad, especially when it came to the flutter kicks and the up and down planks. Anyways, I will be updating soon. Planning to get that summer body for next year ^^

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