100 thoughts on “Prune Protein Shake Taste Test

  1. josh and rhetts routine is too chaotic i would love to live the life of link just calmly spooning my smoothie in peace in the morning

  2. Omg Josh is a beast. I didn’t even know you could return preworkout. I took C4 and went back to return it that day. I can’t believe it’s legal.

  3. Link is such a Gemini. I love it. Everything you do as a Gem, no matter how small, you just are misunderstood. I wouldn’t be any other sign though ♊️

  4. I think it’s ridiculous that they’re making fun of Link for doing something meditative and good for him; meanwhile Josh is taking pills that make him poop his pants and make his skin burn. cuz that makes sense. 🙃

  5. Sugar/Glucose addiction is real, take it all you want only way to naturally bodybuild and gain the ultimate physical peak condition is Ketosis, stay woke

  6. Hey people 😇can someone suggest me an app to exchange languages. I need someone to talk To so i can improve my english skills and thank youu❤❤❤

  7. Quick public health tip: if you take Niacin or something with Niacin and your skin itches or you get something akin to a red, painful sunburn that lasts several minutes and disapears, you just overdosed on Niacin, also known as Vitamin B-3. Most foods are fortified with Niacin, and it should only be taken by those with a specific deficiency.

  8. link: you do you man.
    i'm here for it

    misunderstood oddballs unite

  9. I can’t believe I never looked through the mythical store!! Everything looks so cool, especially the t-shirts. I’m definitely buying something once I know what it is I want

  10. I understand Rhett's utility-focused approach but man, Link takes way too much heat/lets Rhett make him feel bad for his way of doing things way too much.. The importance of taking time to be in the present, whether you're spooning a protein shake or sitting on the ground, and meditating/clearing your mind is so vital to good mental health.

  11. I hope Link knows that he looks really good. I strongly prefer his body type over Josh’s, but they’re both kind, awesome people!

  12. Those shakes look awesome… now, if Josh happens to have a good substitute for the bananas used, I'd be glad to try those shakes for breakfast. 🙂

  13. Link pulls his shirt down a little so Josh can see his collar bone and Josh’s first reaction is “do you want me to touch it”. 4:10

  14. Link's so LA now, he's replaced his beloved Mini Wheats with a protein shake. These are sad times we're living in.

  15. Pre workout protein shakes aren't a thing. If you are taking your protein prior to your workout, you don't know what you are doing and you are wasting product.

  16. There's no given amount a body can metabolise of protein at any given time. There's so many variables that it's impossible to know and depends on each person and the source and manufacturing of the protein as well. This dude knows absolutely nothing about protein and shouldn't be making any claims because everything he said about protein, nutrients and supplementation was very incorrect.

  17. This only reminds me of when Link talked about his tooth-paste routine where he saves the lids from more expensive brands to put them onto cheaper brands to maximize and simplify tooth-paste-flow, I do admire him

  18. My favorite smoothies are peanut 1) butter/banana/blueberry/oats/chocolate almond milk and 2) banana/mango/peach/lemon noosa/oats/lite apple juice.

  19. Tip for Link: vanilla/chocolate protein, frozen banana and peanut butter.

    Banana nice cream with vanilla and peanut butter is amazing.

    Or vanilla protein, frozen strawberry and banana.

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