Protein Shake Mini Bar. How To Make a Protein Shake.

Protein Shake Mini Bar. How To Make a Protein Shake.

tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and I guess I’m like the worst wife ever whatever because I don’t have a gift reason I don’t have a gift I hate shopping and the only kinds of things that my husband wants are the kinds of things which are massive like yard tools or cars that of course i can’t afford have to go in person to go shopping and I don’t know I cannot be the only girl that feels this way but I literally I hate shopping I would rather do my taxes have my wisdom teeth extracted I just can’t stand shopping in real life I mean it’s not even a money thing it’s just I don’t know I guess I’m crazy you know like whatever you know chick gene that you’re supposed to have that causes you to love shopping when you know it was getting handed out I wasn’t in line I don’t know I don’t know what I want to do right now is to make my shake so i figured i would show you my little shank bar and how i do that okay so what I did was take a bunch of now I have probably like a slight obsession with mason jars and all this stuff up here is for am what you call we are going to be making a DIY chore chart this weekend for my little muffins oh I just realized I don’t have my wedding ring on okay so I need to put that on I never wear that thing again I’m a terrible girl I never I never wear jewelry just the one necklace and earrings and I would never change them again if I didn’t have to I’m I don’t anyway um so they did I just a bunch of mason jars and then I wrote on there what it was so this is just like you know magnetic or not magnetic what do you call this stuff chalk paper adhesive chalk paper and then i used the cha it’s called a neon chalk marker anyway and it works better than just writing it with traditional chalk because traditional chalk would just wipe off this stuff pretty much I mean they say you can wipe it off and rewrite it I’m gonna have to say that that’s not accurate or if it is I’m doing something terribly wrong because when I write it it never comes off so yeah some things are misspelled and they just do they just stay that way so basically I have this entire thing and just for the purposes of this video I’m gonna pull it all out and show you what I hope I mean this is pretty much always sitting on my counter so that I can you know come walk up and choose now I don’t put all of this stuff in every single shake that I make sometimes but pretty rarely okay so what do we have we have hem um and this it well I’ll just here okay so this is hemp I mean they can make ropes out of it and all kinds of other stuff but um it’s it’s just a superfood and it helps and a lot of these things that I put in my shakes I do because I have some whatever you want to call like thyroid issues and I’ll go into that in another video but basically I hate taking narcotic I don’t know if that really qualifies as a narcotic but um like Big Pharma prescription drugs and they would have me taking all of that stuff and I choose to try to self-medicate and so that’s what I’m doing and it works pretty well for me okay so this is chaya again another super food this is called pb2 and it’s like a powder version of peanut butter and it’s um it’s just it’s obviously way fewer calories than peanut butter and I like it because I can take it with me when I travel so that is actually the original reason that i purchased it and then i just found that i fell in love with it so i’ll mix it with water and then you know put it on sometimes like my waffles or whatever random stuff i want to use peanut butter but my hip say please don’t this cocoa powder but i think it’s pronounced cacao and I’m whatever I don’t know but it’s delicious it’s the you know organic all-natural version of like a Nestle Quik powder so this stuff’s fantastic what else do we have here cinnamon cinnamon no it’s not a cinnamon cinnamon which is really good just to help you regulate your blood sugar levels and I personally feel like it helps me control my appetite wouldn’t so okay this one is maca powder and of all of these probably the maca and the peanut butter are my favorite too just for the way that they taste I mean I just love this stuff like I even put this stuff in my yogurt and basically pretty any any much any much pretty much anything that has um flax and the flaxseed that I by is whole when you when you purchase it and then you have to run it through a blender because if you don’t grind it you don’t make it so that it’s not in its whole state it will just basically pass through your system aka waste of money so just buy it whole and then run it through your blender and just what you get flax powder protein powder which yep just about out of that so I’m have to go to the closet i’ll take you with me so we can refill that and then recently I have been incorporating and this is just instant coffee and I use the community coffee because I like fun with chicory because I live in New Orleans so if I don’t they like burn your house down I don’t know but so I love this stuff and then this is pink Himalayan salt and I know probably some of you are going Jesus how long does it take you to make the shake it takes a while and it’s weird because it only takes me like 30 seconds to consume it and then these are go g berries so and they’re delicious but don’t overdose on these because they do kind of have a bitter aftertaste I mean if you just pop them in your mouth but you just put them in your shake they don’t you don’t really get any of that and then this lovely holder was like a little five dollar bin that i bought from walmart in the office supply section so anyways that’s where all of that goes so let’s go and get some protein powder and then and again you’re gonna have to excuse my um disgusting kitchen but okay so this is where we will be making our thing ooh that thing just spun around on its own alright so we are walking back here and while I have you here and I’ll do like a house tour at all in another video but um so this is just a crazy store I just have to share this it’s kind of weird-looking but it’s also kind of Awesome so let me walk back here totally unrelated to this video but um so and it’s on a track it makes like that weird it’s like the five pound and I know that there are healthier more organic versions and and all of this stuff that I just showed you is all you know pretty healthy organic actually all of it is organic except for this this is my guilty pleasure indulgence whatever you want to call its BSN syntha-6 in the vanilla ice cream and it’s not the lite version either which I bought that once and I forced myself to put it in shakes and yogurt and everything else just to get rid of it because I’m so expensive but it was god it was terrible it tasted like um I know what is that stuff that comes in pink packet saccharine and I can’t stand best to my mom loves a current I grew up with like her she was always putting it or coffee and I don’t know I just can’t stand the way its taste so that tasted like that and this tastes like deliciousness so I had this all right well let’s get the shake made already okay so I’m kind of trying to learn this whole walking around with the camera in my hand alright so i take my and i happen to have a vitamix now i already made a shake earlier um so there’s a little bit of stuff left in there so that probably looks completely gross but deal with it okay so we’re gonna get what am i doing then never put ice cubes in I used to do that first um and then what happened was so I would put the ice cubes on the water in and then by the time I finished putting all this stuff in it was like this frozen block and then it just wouldn’t do anything anyhow I’m gonna turn the camera down so you can see what I’m putting in here Oh another gratuitous boob shot sorry those things obviously just want to be on camera today and you alright so we will start with this that’s not even open yet okay I do not like to have to dig around in there for the little scoop that comes in there so when I find it it’s like treasure but I never dig around then therefore so I just use the scoop and I just do two of these which I’ve measured and it is the exact same amount as one of their big scoop so right in their lingo so you can actually see it camera and then up like I said my fav maca powder so I just do a teaspoon of this stuff in this particular shake I’m feeling like chocolate and peanut butter today I don’t know what is that all about but so I’m going to do a tablespoon of that powder which haunts me because I don’t know how to pronounce it correctly but in theory is cacao powder and then I’m going to do a tablespoon of the PB to peanut butter because I want this thing to be like really peanut buttery except i always put a little bit of plaque and a little bit of fun no matter what my shake is so this one is a teaspoon of of floss is chea chea chea every time i see this i always think of chia pet but yeah dad just the tiniest amount of um coffee without a really long day ahead of me the kids are coming home and like I said so just doing like 1 teaspoon of this instant coffee I am only going to put sorry a tiny tiny pinch of this pink Himalayan salt because the other day i don’t know what i was thinkin but I was on the conference call and so I was getting my shake ready for when I got off the cogs I was starving and I just like dumped it in my hand and threw it in there because you know apparently I think I’m you know chef Emeril or something well anyways oh my goodness what I got off this conference call it off so excited I was starving and then I drank this shake it was so disgusting because i had put way way way too much salt it was gross ok so then so we’re going to pump this little guy on here ok and we’re gonna blend it’s peanut butter ready time let’s do it what I do because I always run it through twice because the pitch always wanted to be super creamy I always add just a dash of just a dollop will do a vanilla and and they’re just a tiny bit of either honey or agave cuz it just gives it a really nice sweet flavor without adding you know any sugar anything like that and rent you one more time oh then let’s just pour this like turning into a marathon video did not mean but some days that’s just gonna happen ok and then I have like the cutest little shank holder I got this at walmart and I don’t know I think that says that in but anyways it’s just like a big plastic and and see how it just fits like right to the top so delicious and then got my little strong here and then i have my meal ready to go i’m gonna go right now my taste a partial yep that is delicious oh my god i taste like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup mmm that is so good ok but it’s so funny because it looks kind of gross cuz it’s green but it literally tastes like a dessert I should feel guilty for eating it but I can’t cuz so good for you um I am headed out the door to go to home depot to get a shopping thing out of the way I’m gonna go buy my husband’s present and I will see you when i’m back in the car hey guys i am just driving over to the lovely home depot there’s tons of traffic here today for some reason I guess it’s because it’s friday and people are off work because it’s like 330 and so where we live in New Orleans is a place where people just love to come and party and which which is great i mean that’s of course that’s why we live here not because we party all the time i mean i’m sure we would if we didn’t have kids but we do so and it’s like a different kind of party like with diapers and bottles no not really they’re out of that and God and so I am just sitting in all this wonderful traffic just waiting to get to the home depot and I’m gonna be like on a mission when I go in here I’m gonna walk straight in I have a printout of the item that I want I already called to make sure that it’s there hey I’m not messing around be in and out of there because I have to get back to my house and then get dinner on the table before the hubs and the two little muffins get home so i will see you may be inside Home Depot if I feel brave enough to break this camera in there alright talk to you guys my head here we are a wonderful home depot and they have been planned a cure song right now has not why I’m here hey little I’m you call edge trimmer now I just need a board to finish my project I know this is a totally vain and dumb thing to be excited about but I was buying beer from my husband cuz he loves Andy Gator and I had to stop to get eggs anyway um cuz we ran out because he was making some potato salad anyway I digress because they were playing kickball grown men playing kickball but I was buying beer and I didn’t even take my wallet like I just took my credit card of my phone inside and she was like I need to see her ID and I almost jumped over the counter and hugged her and she apologized for carting me I was like oh my god you’re so 21 cuz you just made my day that’s like um and I have some footage from this morning which you will never hear this because I’m gonna edit this vote um what’s the word come on you enjoyed this video fine it please subscribe just this one time oh go fuck yourself

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  1. love your protein mini bar! I've been looking for something like this forever to display our supplements but can never seem to find a way to make it look more presentable. I'm def copying you! 💪😉👍

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