POP Pilates: Legilates Legsercizes Leg Workout

POP Pilates: Legilates Legsercizes Leg Workout

hey pop stirs it's Cassie and check out that chair in the back we are doing a lexer sizes with chair workout it's not pretty nifty is like let's do like exercises and there's like whoa if I slur my words it sounds like legs sir sizes so we are doing some legs and sizes today I'm grab a chair with a sturdy back and you'll be all good it's there to help provide you with some stability and balance and we're gonna develop and sculpt some hot and sexy legs because halloween is coming up and i know all those costumes are super short and it's sexy and sassy and you're all gonna be wearing high Hucker boots and stuff so let's make those legs look super nice with this leg sir sighs this workout come on let's go all right everyone got your chairs go ahead and turn it face towards it you're about two-and-a-half to three feet away fingers lightly resting on top okay so all I want you to do is point your toe lean forward and then the arms lift up that leg as high as possible now trying to keep your hips forward and bring it right back down okay so you want to lean up and press it down so this is super dancey and you're gonna love it and you know what because it's less day you're gonna wear your booty shorts right just like me you know that's my signature style I'm all about it booty shorts winter fall summer spring it doesn't matter okay now let's push it up high and bring it down exhale up inhale down vigorous now exhale up inhale down now you're gonna start feeling it in your lower back a little bit okay but strengthening that lower back is awesome because it actually helps make your abs show through a little bit more creating that nice cinched waistline look by working that lower back and the muscles there really bring everything together okay so we're working the butt the hamstrings and your total leg lower back right here with this move kick it up and bring it down and up and down and you're going to give me one more right here and hold I want you to pulse pulse pulse pulse pulse give me ten nine eight seven six five four three two one hold it there Polly one point and bring it down who wasn't that pretty good okay on to the other side now resting lightly inhale through the nose roll the shoulders back and when you're pointing the toe you are lifting up and down whoo my hamstring is definitely really tight on this side lifting up and down and up and very good you're exhaling up right and you're inhaling downwards lean the chest forward could I try to keep that leg as long and lean as possible wonderful good think like a dancer squeeze your abs what are you guys gonna dress up for Halloween as I'm gonna be a flight attendant and you know what you know how you could talk about Pan Am a while ago on Facebook and Twitter um no I didn't wants me to be a flight attendant but I really wanted that show to be good it wasn't good so I'm not watching it anymore but either way I'll be a sexy stewardess for Halloween let me know in the comments below what you're gonna be and up and down and lift and lowering don't forget to upload your Halloween photos to the Facebook fan page loving the community on there and keep it up we're gonna pulse now and pulse 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 hole and bring it down Oh release your hands from that chair and now we are going to go into inner thighs and calves okay into our plie squats now you've seen this move in my I think it's slimmer legs inner thigh something runners calves video I forget I have so many but we're gonna repeat because it is an awesome leg sculptor so what I want you to do is and take it out to a wide second position okay your toes are pointed outwards and now I want you to do is you're gonna bend low and lift up you're gonna bend low and lift up four hands I'm good right here – sighs or all the way out if you really want to work the shoulders inhale down and exhale as you come up only five more of these because these are too easy I gotta gotta amp it up it is your lower body Thursday work out on the 90-day challenge go ahead and repeat this video as many times as you like until you reach that 50 minutes of pop Pilates lower body plus to pop cardio's and two hits to really make up that one hour for Thursday's okay Hilda yeah it's time bring it low and lift and low and live notice that we're not straightening the legs I want you to stay stay with those quads and those glutes really really tight super tight hands out we're going to pulse pulse pulse pulse pulse who is sweating with this Dancy leg workout I supposed to call it like a lot ease and I was like wait no I thought I called it lexer sizes it's like lexer sizes like a lot of use lighter sizes oh my goodness okay ten nine eight seven keep that torso nice and tall you're not leaning forward right you're up up five four three two one hold hold go lower bring those legs a little bit wider whoa go lower sit for me are we shaking our legs vibrating a little bit mine are okay keep going well I leaned forward a little bit up back up he'll still up come on he'll still up ten nine count with me eight seven six five four three yes you can yes you can two and one Oh okay finally guys we are going to kill your bootay and school the rest of your legs with some of my favorite moves for balance and Tony okay so for our final exercise what I want you to do is sounds on one leg okay you don't need the chair okay and looking you basically to bring out the leg just like this now the arm can do whatever it wants okay I'm just gonna keep on my hip and you're simply going to lift lift lift lift now make sure your core is tight your chest is forward your hips are forward and you're pointing the toe good and if you guys can't for you're like this high it's okay it's okay you can keep it down right here I mean whoo right there and pulse as well okay it's based on everyone's flexibility and strength so my videos are for beginners to advanced okay it doesn't matter you guys can make the appropriate sub some modifications and keep going can't believe I said substitutions so keep thinking about that meal plan which you guys are doing awesome on I love hearing your updates and your weight loss stories already on day three whoa if any of you missed out the meal plan it's on my blog it'll be after every post just click on it you can download it for yourself super healthy eating clean meal pan super free – ten nine eight seven six five four three two one quick rest oh oh okay and now we go right back into it so let that light up again extend and bring it in that's it knee is hinged it stays in one place reach out point and bring it back in reach out point and bring it back in nice work push in and push and in five more let's go push five you're counting with me and four come on three let that whole house hear you two last one and one hold and bring it down okay let's slap our butts together point is that okay good other side and then I've got an amazing stretch for you at the end I'm just going to make you look super pretty okay so let's get some room here balancing on one foot lift up the leg extend the leg and we pulse now I don't remember what I talked about on the other side but I think I talked a lot so now I got to think of something else to talk about so that we can get that same amount of work here good he pointing um all right so I hope you watched my video about those epic hues that whoa we had um like what can i sub cottage cheese with my boyfriend did the diet with me all those kind of things it is in this video of right here just click on that link and I also give you some updates about how I did on the planet already seeing physical changes for myself to pounds down mostly water weight and stuff but it feels real good to be light it helps me exercise even harder good and keep going give me ten nine eight seven six five four three two one and down oh oh that's tough you know I filmed another video right before this so it's okay that I'm real tired now we are going to go back into those leg extension so lifting up reaching out bring that knee in take it right back out with fluidity reach and in and reach and in very good keep your balance keep your eyes in one place whoops moving around here her reach and in you've got five more five and for work that booty three time with me to last one one and bring it down Oh second booby Pat turn around and finally we're gonna end with one of my favorite poses dancers pose from yoga it's gonna make you look super pretty so I just want you to grab on to your ankle now the most important thing here is to keep your gaze in one place that you don't fall over okay so pick a place a non-moving spot okay so no bugs and stuff and lift lift the toes towards the ceiling extend the hands now if you're a beginner you may only be able to go right here that's okay balancing on one foot is absolutely great for that core balance but if you're feeling like you want to venture out be a little risky lift lift lift with the toes and hold just breathe stand a little higher and slowly bring it back very nice let's go on to the other side shall we so hands behind onto the ankles I'm grabbing from the inside and I'm going to wake up if you might find that you are a lot more balanced on one leg than the other maybe even a little bit more flexible on one side than the other keep holding breathe gaze in one place and slowly take it down oh very good work guys so hope you guys enjoyed that whole exercises leg and latias to work out or it maybe should be the leg a lot easel exercises work out okay whatever anyway let me know how you did in the comments below and go onto Facebook and show me how sweaty you're after doing this workout I'm so hot I probably should have opened the window oh my goodness okay time to freshen myself up I'll see you guys later make sure to tweet me any questions you had at Blogilates again the fan pages Facebook how / by the Lottery's and once again if you want to download the absolutely free 90 day meal plan challenge go on to the landlady's dot-com alright guys I will see you guys later toodles at Halloween

34 thoughts on “POP Pilates: Legilates Legsercizes Leg Workout

  1. day 10 of the beginners calendar but cassey! i cant do the legs or any cardio properly 🙁 i have ehler danlos hypermobility type and its especially bad in my hips (i have to use a walking aid when i leave the house) so i cant lift them like that or they'll dislocate… for the cardio the illness comes w chronic fatigue and i have asthma – so do you have any advice or replacement videos i could do?

  2. I think this workout is fun, but I don't like the part where Cassey talks about Halloween. I'm not the type of person that would dress up as a hooker. I don't know why she implies everyone would want to do that.

  3. lol I hate it when she starts counting down, and then decides to say something else to make it longer, and I'm like, "JUST GET TO THE NEXT NUMBER ALREADY! My legs are killing me lol" Love her workouts XD

  4. 1:35 what are we supposed to feel during this move? i feel my other thigh aching instead of the leg which is moving up and down!

  5. Love your workouts me and my friend is doing this together. But I dislike the talking to much. Just trying to just workout without all the talk but I guess I'll just follow what you do.

  6. My flexibility range is a lot lower than yours, (I can't bring my leg to a total 90 degrees on that last move) is there anything I can do to up my reach and stretch for the next time I do this video?

  7. I couldn't keep my balance on the leg lifts & pulses but only while balancing on the left leg. Any suggestions? 

  8. So happy I found blogilates. I only recently started and I really feel the difference. I'm getting back in shape and starting to love the burn again. 🙂

  9. I can't balance on one leg, so I still used the chair. I still really felt the effects of exercises though 🙂

  10. Thanks I loved this workout! I read the comments below before I started the workout so the whole time I was telling myself to clench the butt, hold the stomach, breath. I keep falling over to but kept the chair near by for that reason. My butt and legs and obliques hurt now. Love it!! 

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