Police station assault | The Terminator [Original sound & color]

Police station assault | The Terminator [Original sound & color]

– Good night.
– Good night. I’m a friend of Sarah Connor.
I was told she’s here. Could I see her? No. Can’t see her.
She’s making a statement. Where is she? It make take a while. If you wanna wait,
there’s a bench over there. I’ll be back. Stay here. Watch him. Ed… Sarah! Reese. This way. KFLB news time. 4.36.

100 thoughts on “Police station assault | The Terminator [Original sound & color]

  1. This is the original version of 1984. Other color filter and sounds (changed sounds of shots and uncut screams and groans of dying cops). Compare with the remastered version: https://youtu.be/tYc2jQaM8gM

  2. Soy yo o el detalle que se menciona en Terminator 2 de que en la comisaria mataron a 17 policías es cierto segun mis cuentas XD

  3. Ok so all of the screams make the second movie make a little more sense. Watching all the remastered versions you think he killed all of the police in this encounter. At one point they say there are 30 officers in the station. But in the second movie they say he killed 17. The other 12 are wounded and 1 is knocked out by Reese.

  4. Small details always annoy me for no reason, like the fact that the officer looks up from the headlights, yet the car has them off.

  5. The movie clearly shows man killing cops, but no police officer weren't protecting against this movie, but group of Chicago police officer protesting against Ice-t rape song: Cop Killer. Maybe, Cops don't have problem with the movie, because a white guy killing cops

  6. cool, this is how i remember it sounding. i thought the recently uploaded one was quite different but couldn't figure out why

  7. And this is why California outlawed most guns. Attempting to save the future of mankind. Not realizing that if you outlaw guns then only the Terminators will have guns.

  8. This is misleading. Machine guns aren't readily for sale at gun stores. They've been more or less unavailable to the general public since the 1930s. With scenes like this, it's no wonder people think otherwise.

  9. One rather obvious error in the scene. The cop at the front desk when he looked up at the headlights of the car heading for him, the actual cars headlights were not on. Matrix glitch

  10. Absolutely terrifying. More than 30 years ago, no CGi bullshit, no lackluster explosions, no crappy dialogue, just the pure chilling concept of a machine that can't be taken down, rampaging through police officers like a walk in the park. No movie today will ever replicate this master piece of a scene.

  11. Thank you so much for presenting this in the original theatrical Mono sound. I do not understand why James Cameron allowed for the film distribution companies to alter the sound.

  12. terminator story is simple but i dont get it, why the producer holding the terminator rights are making the story so complex and spend a lot of money like T:Genesya & T:Dark fate, i feel pity with this franchise

  13. I enjoy any movie where cops are getting blown away. This scene is very joyful. You know that old saying, the only good cop…

  14. 3:43 I love that Reese was just walking around casually in an active warzone, standing nice and upright, convenient for his silhouette to look like the Terminator.

  15. Good thing the Terminator didn't use its voice technology to disguise it as Kyle, she would have been dead if it was the Terminator doing so hiding under that desk…..

  16. The one clip of ammo that Arnold bought at the gun store in Terminator apparently lasted through the entire 80's and 90's. I think he shot 500 people with it and never had to reload once.

  17. Station on alert due to the Connor murders. Muscle bound man wearing sunglasses enters building with foreign accent asking for Sarah.. then demanding to speak to her. Dude at desk says nothing 🤣

  18. This is a scene that should visit every 'Police' station in the west.
    There's only one way to deal with the corruption that infests them.

  19. One of the best scenes ever in any action film! Dont know why the other terminator films couldnt recreate anything like this!

  20. I was about six years old when I first seen this movie, about a week later I had to spend the night at a police station (nothing serious), I was terrified that a T-800 would arrive and shoot the place up. This movie made an impact. Classic.

  21. Um….by the time he got to the black cop at his desk ….Terminator had already shot off several rounds. Why would that cop still be talking on the phone??

  22. The newer sounds make the film sound too modern. The older sounds fit better the low budget look and feel of the film.

  23. He could just start wrecking shit right there by himself, but no, let's just ram a car into the police office.

    Skynet knows fun

  24. Not a single drop of CGI just good coordination, acting, sound effects, and amazing music. A true masterpiece of cinema history, then there's Dark fate…

  25. FUN FACT: Just before the car crashes through, notice how the cop is light up by the headlights… But the headlights are off??? 🤔🤔

  26. That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

  27. Silverman thought it was just Sarah's delusion in the sequel, even though the police station he was on his way to work was Totally destroyed. Obviously, this guy is not worth suffering from PTSD. (Rise of the machines) Or maybe he took Cyberdyne's bribe and helped bring Sarah into a psychopath ward. Either way, He's definitely SOB.

  28. Вот это я понимаю, холоднокровный терминатор создан чисто для убийства, без эмоций и идущий к цели, не то что нынешние плаксы

  29. The movie underestimated the power of the guns used. The AR-15 Ed and his partner were shooting is more powerful than they let on… it would've at least knocked the Terminator over and maybe damaged him….

  30. Imagination will always be better and more terrifying than excessive special effects, blood, guts or excessive swearing will ever be…..

  31. Damn. Now that is what the shotgun should sound like…. Not a literal scatter gun. Just a loud and dangerous BOOM. The Terminator is supposed to be terrifying with those guns. NOT off-putting. When your 45 long slide sounds like a squeaky toy… your sound mix SUCKS

  32. Ever since I was an '80s kid in the '80s (even before I had a mullet), Kyle Reese defined everything I wanted to be as a man.

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