PLANT PROTEIN Super Raw Vegan Horsepower from Plants- by Wild Force

PLANT PROTEIN Super Raw Vegan Horsepower from Plants- by Wild Force

100 thoughts on “PLANT PROTEIN Super Raw Vegan Horsepower from Plants- by Wild Force

  1. Do any of the suppliers of the raw materials source from China, or other sources well-known for pollution and lying about being organic?
    How familiar are you with the suppliers of the raw materials for this product?
    Have you sent this product to an independent lab and tested for heavy metals or other toxins before bringing it to market?
    If I sent samples of this product to an independent lab, would it test as "clean" or would it show heavy metals or other toxic contaminants?

  2. Hi Markus! I was excited about buying some of your new RAW VEGAN protein powder until I sadly saw BEE POLLEN as one of the ingredients. I am a vegan, and as a vegan I do not use any animal products, including bee products like honey, beeswax, royal jelly or BEE POLLEN. Bee pollen is not vegan. If you change your recipe to make this RAW VEGAN protein powder truly RAW VEGAN, then I will be more than happy to buy some.


  4. I'm reading a bunch of negative stuff on raw coca / raw chocolate. Just wondering since you have a chocolate recipe – they say it's very toxic and bad for you. Really confused!

  5. Nothing from China. We pride ourselves for getting the best ingredients possible from CERTIFIED sources, which I myself went and checked personally, and yes, a lot of this stuff has been tested. You can't get cleaner, better sources anywhere.

  6. Depends on your lifestyle. If you go to the gym a lot, then yes, but it needs to be a source that is easily assimilated (like my formula) or else undigested protein clogs you up and causes autoimmune issues. Whey is notorious for this

  7. I love those guys and I am not going to say anything negative about them. All I am going to say is I tried their products and wanted something …um… with more powerful ingredients that their products don't have. I created this formula for myself because I wanted the best the plant world had to offer, no matter what the cost

  8. The energy formula is for energy to work out at the gym. The protein is for AFTER the gym. The night rebuild formula is for rebuilding the body at night and promoting hormone production, necessary for bodybuilding.

  9. I go to gym everyday almost.Is it safe to take like 100 gms of these everyday for muscle growth or will cause me bloating or gas like whey protein

  10. Markus ~ I am SO Excited for your line of Food Supplements~ ! You Rock ! As soon as I can I'm getting some ! Xo thank You!

  11. That's why I created this. Whey is dairy and causes all kinds of problems. You can take as much of WildForce protein as you want- I take half a cup sometimes! And it HELPS you go to the bathroom instead of constipating like the others

  12. I ordered my first jug and found that there is not a "nutrition facts" panel. I thought that was required for food products but maybe I'm wrong. Either way, it got good stuff in it and it really does taste great! I really like it so far.

  13. It's difficult to determine properly because most testing methods require the substance to be cooked so it's broken down and that changes the original RAW condition this is supposed to be in. Hopefully soon I will find a decent way of testing.  

  14. How many grams protein is on a label is also meaningless because what really matters is HOW MANY of those grams your body can actually assimilate.  Many ingredients in other people's formulas are difficult to absorb. I've been using every protein powder out there for 20 years and this is by far the one with most instant results I have ever experienced- and NO constipation !!!

  15. Bee pollen is not part of the bee. It's pollen from flowers that the bees chewed. No bees were harmed in the making of this film 🙂

  16. 2) However it is also an undeniable fact that the bottom line rules the day as soon as bee keeping going from a genuine hobby which is often love felt, to a business – with % and timescales and all else involved.
    …not to get into the potential side effects of consuming pollen.

  17. there really needs to be some sort of separation from or new word for "vegan"… this BEEE S. is ridiculous! it is ridiculous that something can not be called "vegan" if it contains bee products. in that case nothing is really "vegan" is it? as some animal had a hand in basically everything there is!

    not to mention, the nonsensical avoidance of honey, etc, just makes "veganism" appear as "wackoism" to the outside world, and doesn't really do very much for the cause, does it?

  18. Hey Markus! Do you recommend fruit with your raw protein powder as your source of glycogen for post workout recovery, or do you recommend a simple sugar such as dextrose? Do you have any post workout recipes to share?

  19. Hm, I'd like to see how this stacks up to Garden of Life's Raw Protein. If this Wildforce is a better and healthier product then I would indeed purchase it.

  20. This is potentially an important innovation
    Haven't ever found a protein that worked for me

    You mention rice, hemp and pea are like concrete
    – yet they are in your formula – can you make a quick comment? 

  21. Hi Markus,

     I recently bought your book "Heal Yourself 101" and I love it! One question I have for you: you mention that quinoa should be soaked. Could you please tell me how you prepare it (ie: how long to soak it for, where to keep it, what to eat it with)? THANKS MARKUS, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!


  22. pumpkin, alfalfa, bladderwrack, bee pollen – great ingredients as part of a weekly regiment taken in moderation (less is best); the rest are to be used as healing medicines.

  23. Hey markus, i have been using ur stuff for almost 2 months. I feel amazing. Its so powerful.
    Can i order it from germany, is it difficult to get from there, because i will go back to germany soon…. Iam in australia now.

    Thank you so much for ur products.
    They changed my energy Level and also my physicsal appearance so much in a positive way!!!

  24. Markus.  I have a few questions again for you…lol
    I am doing the cleanse system right now and just bought both the protein and green drink to start when I am doing with the other stuff.
    My question:
    My husband is on dialysis so one bit of star fruit … the doctors say… will kill him.  So we want to be very careful what he tries.  It makes me happy to say today he wanted me to ask you if it is safe for him to take both the protein powder and green drink?  He has started doing the CHARCONITE with me also!
    If you are not sure of this question do you have advice for me to learn myself?
    Silly doctors have us scare which keeps him eating meat and being unhealthy…. I am praying for it to all work out so we can still get our healing!
    Blessings and Love!

  25. Hi Markus. I have a few questions about the protein powder..
    First of all, there is an issue among bodybuilders about consuming full protein (which contains all amino acids) in order to maximize results. can a plant based powder contain all amino acids and still be as useful and absorbable as a protein from an egg for example ?

    Second, there is an issue also about the amount of protein which should be consumed. 
    how much of this powder is OK to consume ? do you agree with the wide opinion that an average person who wants to grow muscles should consume an average amount of *1.5 his body weight, or is it too much ? is 100 grams of powder from an animal based protein equals 100 grams of plant based ?

    Third, if your powder is made also of pine nuts and durian, then it contains fatty acids, which you, as a bodybuilder wants to isolate from the protein at the end of the workout, so it doesnt make sense.
    Can you please show the nutritional value of your powders ?

    And a last thing- what about gaining mass ? It is very hard for a skinny rawfoodist person to gain weight.. to much fruits. is there a plant based powder for that ?  

    It came out long 🙂
    Thanks anyway

  26. Hi Markus
    You say that if someone uses the plant based protein powder, he doesnt need so much like he would need if he used whey protein.
    Is that true for people who are not raw foodist and not vegan also ?
    Doesnt the body need to get "cleaned" in order to absorb this protein better ?

  27. hey markus, wie hoch ist denn der protein-, kohlenhydrat- und fettanteil von dem pulver?  (ich kann die daten auf der webpage nirgends entnehmen)

  28. I cannot find the nutriton facts for this product. How much fat, carbs, protein per serving. I see all the ingredients. Where is the other info?

  29. Hi Markus, I am a big fan of you in Australia. I bought many of your books and dvds. I wanted to start taking your protein powders here in Aus. Does anyone sell in here in Aus? 

  30. Wow this is awesome!! Please don't hate me Mark but I do eat meat but at the same time I eat mostly a plant base diet and I exercise a lot.  Anyways I just want to thank you for your awesome channel and the videos you have been making.  I will continue to explore the rest of your channel. Keep up the good work! Oh and one last question this may be a bit embarrassing but can this protein powder improve male libido?

  31. Thank you for sharing your products with the world Markus Rothkranz! Dude like all of them are great, I personally wanna thank you for being who you are 🙂 for the first time in my life, I've ordered the best of the best man! No lies like I'm getting the best there are out there ^_____^ love to you Markus

  32. I get this upset stomach feeling after drinking a cup. I'm not sure why, but I stopped taking it and gave the rest of the bottle to my brother. He loves it and has no problem with it. The greens formula is great though no stomach issues at all with that.

  33. I have a question I really want to purchase this, but I have fibro trying to cleanse my body detox as much as possible, heal myself…is it ok to take this or wait?

  34. @MarkusRothkranz you delivered the BEST with this product. I can FEEL it energizing me and satisfying my cravings! I added pineapple and banana plus almond milk and raw lavender honey!!! YUM!!!!

  35. Do you now distribute from Europe also, or is it still in progress? The custom fees in my country are crazy for anything imported outside EU.

  36. Hi Markus, my name is sebastian, I bought the plant protein and just received it today! so I'm excited about that but I would like to know; roughly how many grams of protein is in one serving (two scoops)?

  37. hi Markus, will you ever make a formulation without the bee pollen for those who choose not to use bee pollen due to allergies and or personal beliefs?

  38. Hey Markus, I love your products and videos. I'm thinking about buying some Wild Force products soon, but should I be taking other vitamins also?? ex., muti vitamins, B12, Vit D, calcium & etc.?

  39. Markus, what do you think about the latest theories that vegans are lacking of creatine and their muscles and brains suffer of that. Would you take creatine monohydrate or kre-alkalyn?

  40. One more question, Markus. Your protein powder is the only one product of yours
    i don't use, because of the bee pollen in it. I don't use animal products because of ethic reasons and i don't want to exploit the hard work of the animals and i don't compromise. Is there any option to launch a version of your protein powder without a bee pollen?

  41. Hi Markus,…someone asked me how much protein is in each SERVE of your plant protein powder (concerned about losing muscle in transition of the SAD diet to a vegan diet). Could you please let me know? Thank you! X

  42. Markus, Why can't I see the weight of the product on the product page?
    Is it there and I can't see it? This type of info shouldn't be hard to find.

  43. Markus looks–and must taste great!  I'm a plant person but didn't know about that big fruit at the beginning.  Getting protein so very important for vegans and this fantastic researched product is fitting the bill–imagine it can be used in smoothies and 'as is' in water.  Thanks for getting us healthy!

  44. I was checking your products, I will definitely order your irish moss and protein powder, and by the way, for the weight you give the irish moss, is not that expensive at all and I know most of those plants that you have in your protein, they are expensive and rare, your prices are indeed very good for the quality you give
    but I was reading about the B12 analogues, spiroulina it said has b12 analogue that it is bad for the existing B12 in our body, but chlorella has a B12 type that it can be absorbed, do you have any updated info about this? NCBI has some information which I usually read with ease but the info that I have found wasn't much conclusive.
    Plus I have bookmark some other studies that some of those B12 analogues are good for your body…… do you know more details?

  45. Hi Marcus, I've been on your thyroid and adrenal kit (3rd one)and it has helped tremendously. Still wake up with tremors in the early a.m. but, they're better. The sea moss has rejuvenated and repaired my gut and small intestines and my stomach has shrunk tremendously!

    I was wondering with a mouth full of 11 amalgams I have wanted to try your protein greens as I'm decreasing my organic meats and want to go vegan.
    My only concern is there spirulina and chlorella in your protein greens and I'm afraid it will Detox me too much until I get my amalgams removed!
    One of my integrative Doc's put me on Chlorella and it felt like my teeth are being pulled from my gums. I know Corella works well post amalgam removal and cilantro does the same thing to me if I eat it in a salad or put it a little in a shake, bam it's pulling hard.

    My IDoc wanted me to eat 50 or 70 g of protein a day too heal adrenals and thyroid and get my blood sugar's balanced . I have been reducing my animal protein to about 8 to 12 and am getting 23 to 26 grams of protein in my green shakes only.

    I have since dropped my integrative doctor for 2 years and in trying to heal myself with your 101 book and your powders.

    Since pre amalgam removal detox is different than post amalgam removal detox I am trying to figure this out.

    Since 82% of all Americans have between 2 and 8 amalgams this would be a incredible Niche to come up with these two programs. Your heart and mind is always appreciated and I appreciate your comment before on my brothers stage 4 prostate cancer treatment on the fasting mimicking diet.

    Thank you for all you do, Scott 56 years old same age as you!

  46. i’d love to try this sometime. as far as protein goes, hemp seeds a more than twice the amount of protein that pine nuts have (hemp=30 gr per 100 gr / pine=13 gr per 100 gr). good thing that it’s part of your recipe. i can barely wait to try it! ✌🏼

  47. Hi Markus! Is this Wild Force Protein powder; with Durian 32 oz. no longer available? I do not see it on your site. Thank you!

  48. Bro I have been binge watching your videos. This one is another gem because of the info you provided in the links. For example regarding the cactus it states the best time to harvest eat is 135 days because of higher calcium. This further proves what u talk about since store bought food is not ripened while taking in nutrients and are harvested way too young and do not have the nutrition that a wild plant does.

  49. I have this. Problem with this is it has a lot of carbs!!! So if you’re trying to lose weight, this will get in the way. I am on KETO so this is not the best for me unless I have a TINY amount!!

  50. Bee pollen and honey are considered animal by-products by vegans. It is their food, which they work their little bee asses off to collect and store. I liked what I saw of your powder, otherwise. As a vegan, though, I won't be able to use it.

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