Pescadero Hospital  T-1000 visit (Extended) | Terminator 2 [Special Director’s Cut + Remastered]

Pescadero Hospital \ T-1000 visit (Extended) | Terminator 2 [Special Director’s Cut + Remastered]

This next patient is interesting. I’ve been following the case
for years. A 29-year-old female… diagnosed as acute
schizo-affective disorder. The usual indicators: depression,
anxiety, violent acting out… delusions of persecution. The delusional architecture
is fairly unique. She believes that a machine
called the Terminator… which looks human,
was sent back through time… – to kill her.
– That’s original. And also that the father
of her child… was a soldier sent back
to protect her. He was from the future too. The year 2029,
if I remember correctly. And here we are. Morning, Sarah. Good morning, Dr. Silberman.
How’s the knee? Fine, Sarah. She stabbed me in the kneecap… with my pen a few weeks ago. Repeated escape attempts. Let’s move on, shall we? I don’t like to see the patients
disrupting their rooms like this. – See she takes her Thorazine.
– Sure. I’ll take care of it. It’s time to take your meds, Connor. You take it. Now you know you gotta be good.
You’re up for review this afternoon. I’m not taking it, Dougie. – I don’t want any trouble.
– Ain’t no trouble. Zap her. Last call, sugar. Sweet dreams. Are you the legal guardian
of John Connor? That’s right, Officer.
What’s he done now? – Could I speak with him, please?
– You could if he were here. He took off on his bike this morning.
He could be anywhere. Do you have a photograph of John? Yeah. Hold on. Gonna tell me what this is about? I just need to ask him
a few questions. He’s a good-looking boy.
Do you mind if I keep this picture? No, go on. There was a guy here
this morning looking f or him too. Yeah, a big guy on a bike. Has that got something
to do with this? I wouldn’t worry about him. Thanks f or your cooperation. Please insert your stolen card now. PlN number. Hurry up. This is taking too long. Go, baby. All right. – PlN number 9003.
– Where’d you learn this stuff from? From my mom.
My real mom, I mean. Withdraw 300 bucks. Come on, baby. Come on! – Yes!
– Hey, it worked. All right. Easy money.
Come on! Yes! Piece of cake. – Is that her?
– Yes. She’s pretty cool, huh? No, she’s a complete psycho. That’s why she’s at Pescadero.
lt’s a mental institute.

100 thoughts on “Pescadero Hospital \ T-1000 visit (Extended) | Terminator 2 [Special Director’s Cut + Remastered]

  1. 2029 is only ten years away. How many Terminators will Hillarydyne send back in time to kill whomever. One has already killed Jeffrey Epstein.

  2. The timing, the history being build brick by brick, the growing tension, the individual charismas. All destroyed by feminator 1 and 2.

  3. There should have been a reference to the fact that someone had tried to kill Sarah, as well as two other women with the same name, and about thirty police officers. Silberman knew about the Terminator, although he didn't realize that the story was true. In this clip, he makes it sound as if Sarah dreamed up everything that happened.

  4. I've always liked how directors like James Cameron used actors from his previous films. John Connor 's stepmother in this film was Vasquez in the classic…Aliens. I don't know if she still does, but she opened her own business in the LA area years ago. Sold bras and apparel for big-chested women.

  5. John Conner’s step father is going to become sneaky leader of the Hilltop in Walking Dead, and his step mother is going to become a tough space marine in Aliens 2.

  6. Am I the only person who wish there was a deleted scene of the t800 coming to the house and asking for John?… a guy can dream

  7. This is what I got with the new 'Directors Cut' but as many of you will know, this is not the full scene. Sarah falls asleep and has a dream where Kyle (Michael Beihns only appearance in this film) comes to visit her to warn her she must protect their Son. Get the Ultimate Edition – there are a few extra scenes.

  8. Unlike T-800, which sounds very, well, robotic, T-1000 actually acts very human-like, while still able to create the feeling that he is "The guy you should not mess around"

  9. A man disguised as a police officer tells you that you have a good looking boy and if he may keep the picture.. 🤪 yeah sure

  10. Man imagine if he was home when he asked to speak with him. He would have killed him right there and walked out of the house lol.

  11. This is so comical imagine what these parents must be thinking first a big guy in the bike was looking for John Connor and now the police are looking for John Connor imagine what they must be thinking

  12. Damn, didn't know that part where the clinical staff beat the shit out of Sarah and force fed her meds even existed. That never should have been deleted, it shows how inhumane the place really was and it justified her constant disobedience.

  13. punk azz john.. he deserved to be get killed by t-1000. also, if he was probably just using pre-made program to get money. if he had skill to hack atm machine, he wouldn't be stealing measily $300.

  14. Possibly the best film outta the 90's……..and there were a few good ones…..Forest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, etc etc…..

  15. She would be set free in an instant if word of her assault ever got out. That's a clear-cut case of patient abuse. No need to worry about judgement day Sarah because you'd be rich enough to buy your own bomb shelter after the suit was settled.

  16. Also, it’s funny that Bobby Budnik from Salute Your Shorts is his best friend in this clip. I recognized him the first time I saw this back in theaters

  17. It would have been easier for T 1000 to just take down both parents and wait for Kyle in the house. I think thats what a robot machine would do.

  18. Why keep the picture? It's not as if the Foster parents would think it was odd if he didn't. The T1000 could even of said… 'Sorry that's not who I'm looking for' ….

  19. This is disgusting to see, why would they not reason with her instead of beating on her?
    I hope such abuse doesn't happen outside of the movies… nobody should kick a pretty, no matter how crazy.

  20. I noticed a little movie mistake; when Silberman arrives by Sarah's room, he pulls a little gadget for his voice to come through, and when he's done speaking, he lets go of it. The second time he speaks, when he mentions repeated escape attempts, we see none of this.

    Also lmfao my turn to comment came after comment 666; is this just a coincidence or some kind of sign? 😄

  21. "He's a good lookin boy" damnit the T-1000 is creeps. The machine probably would of arm stabbed everyone upon ringing the doorbell if it knew John was home.

  22. Hubieran dejado Terminator hasta aquí, porque es exelente, porque la continuación de la saga son de lo peor, igual que la del 2019

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