People Retake The Elementary School Fitness Test

People Retake The Elementary School Fitness Test

– What if the 15 year olds watch this and they’re like, yeah obviously they’re not going to do as well as us. They’re old. (whistle blowing) (cheerful music) – My name is Clark and I’m kind
of active, but I hate gyms. – In comparison to this dude right here, I’m pretty athletic. – In high school I did wrestling. Wrestling was so intense, so I quit wrestling and
joined musical theater. – I’m pretty athletic. I use to break dance. – I use to be active when I was younger. I played every sport you could think of. – I think I am much more athletic in my mind than I am in body. – I try to go to the gym
like four days a week. – Good, that’s good. – I think that’s it, thank you. (drum roll) (sad music) – Ah, crap, this is that flexibility test. I sucked at this thing. – Oh no, this is the
worst part of gym for me. – [Interviewer] So today
ya’ll will be retaking the New York State physical fitness test. (laughing) – I just wanna do better
than the 15 year old girl. – Um, it says an 11 year
old boy can do 47 curl ups. What, I don’t even think I can do 20. (whistle blowing) – Five, six. – Seven, eight, you’re goin’. – Nine, 10, 11, 12. – Oh my god, my boobs. – 14, 15. – It’s about how hard you
can push and keep going! That’s how winning is done! – 38, 39, 40. – 55, 56, 57, 58. You’re as strong as a 12 year old boy. – I did it! – You did it man. – You’ve got nothin’ on me! (dinging) (buzzing) – So, for an 11 year old
male, the goal is 26 push ups. One, two three, two, two three. – Three, two three. – 12, two three. – 13, ah come on, give me 14. I hate this so much. – 21, two three, 22, two three. – 14, two three. – Four, two… (spitting) – Come on push, give
me five, give me five. Wow you weren’t kidding. – 31 man, that was close. You did good, you almost
beat that 15 year old. – I’m upset and disappointed in myself. – Either you’re gonna do worse than a kid or you’re gonna do better
than a kid, and it’s like… – Yeah, what are you,
gonna brag about that? Walk out of here just like I
squashed those 12 year olds. (dinging) (buzzing) – His whole upper body
is like my whole height. You gotta make your legs
straight sir, no cheatin’. – And so for females,
they have to go this far. – What! – Divin’ in to two. – No, that didn’t go anywhere. – What, 32, Jesus Christ! (yelling) Ah, didn’t do it. – 24, that is exactly 24. – Yeah well I gotta for 31. – Oh! (yelling) – I bumped that one. (dinging) (buzzing) – I thought that I probably
would be able to perform at an 11 year olds standard, but… – Let’s say there’s my crush and here I am trying to do push ups. He’s going to be disappointed at the girl who couldn’t do more than three. – But if you’re good at something and it makes you happy, do it. If that’s sports, do it. If it’s not sports, that’s okay. It may not seem like it’s okay right now, but I promise you, you’ll be
shocked at how okay it is. – Spread body positivity, alright. I was voted the most
athletic girl in high school and look at me now,
look at me now, ya know. So this could be you, so
don’t talk to fast about that person that can
only do five push ups. He doesn’t even have to take
a flexibility test anymore. Look at this, this guy is a genius. (yelling) A 15 year could beat Eric, can you? Can ya, can ya, can ya?

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  1. For everyone out there who doesn’t know the flexibility one usually won’t be affected by body shape unless ur legs and body r super uneven because if u have longs legs u tend to have a long body and the same with short legs

  2. Wait 43 cm for females… I’m twelve and when I did this I only got 29 which I don’t understand because I can easily get my head to my nee’s but the thing is we didn’t have one of those things you pushed with your thinkers and the person who measured me had been arguing with everybody about scores I mean surely 43 centimetres is wrong some people couldn’t even reach it my friend got 22 I don’t know any other scores but bruh 43!!!

  3. for fitness gram for 13 year olds it is 9 push ups and for curl ups it should be like 32 right? I got 26 push ups and 80 curl ups but even then im not sure what the standards are for 15 year olds and the title for this video is wrong it should be high school not elementary school if we are talking about 15 year olds.

  4. I remember for the Sit and Reach, when I shot my hands forward, my fingers slammed into the board, and flung three of my fingernails out of my fingers, and onto the board. It was great.

  5. 11 year olds might be able to do that many pushups, but not a chance in hell theyll do all om them with good form lmao

  6. I went to a police camp in grade 3 and we had a push up competition I did 146 push ups and I was the youngest know body else could do more then 15

  7. Dude for my test to get on one of our walls was, boys:10 pull ups Girls:5 pull ups, boys: 15 pushups girls: 5 pushups

  8. wtf these aren't elementary standards lol. when i was a freshman we were expected to do 16 push ups and 23 curl ups lmao

  9. 1: 15 year olds are in high school, not elementary school.
    2: I had to do 30 push-ups in high school, so predicting elementary is like around a 10.

  10. I was in elementary school before (ofc) and I say they are over working. If that’s for elementary school then I don’t think I would’ve survived

  11. I don’t think that the average 12 year old can do 26 push-ups😂😂

    I’m in high school and most of the boys only do 20

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