Patriots Tom Brady holds Private workout session with retired TE Rob Gronkowski

Patriots Tom Brady holds Private workout session with retired TE Rob Gronkowski

what does a Pat's nation it is patriots global back here with another video and today we're gonna be talking about how Patriots quarterback Tom Brady held a private workout with retired tight end Rob Gronkowski now ever since Gronk decided to call it a career earlier this offseason it's really luck the Patriot alian dry at the tight end position but more importantly there's been a lot of speculation on is Gronk coming back is Gronk not coming back it has been such a media type of question ever since he did decide to retire then a couple weeks ago we hear that Gronk says that he's really enjoying retirement and that you can put all the rumors of him coming out of retirement to rest in which of course I made a video telling you guys that Gronk will not be coming out of retirement from what he said but it looks like things could possibly be going in another direction so Brady and Gronk decided to have their many work out type of session together at UCLA on Monday Gronk was then asked about this and he said and I quote it was great working out Tom needs someone to throw to so you know he calls mr. reliable Robby G the one and only and of course that is your basic Gronk response you are not going to get anything serious from Gronk he's not gonna say the truth as and you know if it's just him helping Brady out to get ready for the season or if it's them training so that Gronk is in shape in case he does decide to come back into the NFL at some point and that definitely seems to be something that Gronk likes to do he likes to lead people on and then and then cut off the hook he did the same thing before the start of the 2018 season in which he was contemplating on retirement but then ultimately decided to play another season either way a big worry probably the biggest worry for me if Gronk does decide to come back to the NFL is the fact that he hasn't been working out and you can tell visibly by his body because Gronk has dropped and in amount of weight so to me I'd really question if his body and his strength would be ready to take on an NFL snap again with where his body stands but Grunk also told Rich Eisen on the Rich Eisen show that he and I quote can't really say how I'm going to feel about it when the game start rolling around in everything he added that right now it just feels good to relax and have the stress of football behind him he also said how he just felt that it was time for him to retire so as you can tell from the entire offseason it has been very tough to predict his grunt coming back at Gronk not coming back his actions say he will then his actions say he don't he says he's not coming back put these things to rest but then he also says that you never know what happens when the games roll around so if I'm gonna be completely honest with you guys I don't even think Rob Gronkowski knows Brady does hold these little private workout sessions with a few other players but it is very few players I mean these players include Julian Edelman Josh Gordon Nikhil Harry and now Gronk which is probably the biggest question mark out of all of them because he is retired I've heard two different speculations involving drunk coming back and that is do you never know when the regular season rolls around but I also heard Gronk making a joke saying call me up when it's postseason type time you know playoff Superbowl all in all guys I'm going to say exactly what I said when Gronk retired I think right now Gronk has it set in his mind you know he's done playing football he wants to relax and I totally and I completely 100% understand that but I think when it rolls around and he sees that footballs back you know the media is going crazy it's just football season again those vibes are coming back it's going to be tough for him to not be involved especially when you know you're watching your team play and you're not there anymore but more specifically if he sees that New England's having issues more specifically in that tight end area it's going to be hard for him to just sit there and watch but again football is not something you can just hop back into in a single day especially mentally but more specifically your body your body is not being trained Gronk has not had an August it's July June really to himself in years well really if ever so the biggest worry to me is that if Gronk wants to come back where is he going to be physically of course if Gronk does come back the Patriots could be getting possibly a little bit of the old Gronk as of course Gronk retired he got a sense of that and he got that freedom that he wanted he got a break from football and of course the Patriots need help everything type and why is it tight and who can catch the ball but also a guy who can block as Austin's fearing Jenkins got released then Watson is suspended for four games you have Dwayne Allen who is now a Miami Dolphin and then of course Gronk retiring so very high and dry right now but that is it for today's video what are your guys thoughts on Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady holding a private workout session together let me know in the comments below and also let me know what you think Gronk is going to do do you think Gronk is going to end up coming out of retirement this season or do you think he's just messing around being Gronk and he's going to stay out of retirement let me know in the comments below and also let me know why while you're at it make sure you guys like this video as it helps me and the channel out insanely and if you have not been subscribed yet subscribe as we talk about the Patriots we talked about some other teams but you get your Patriots fix right here with Patriots Global make sure you guys share this with everybody knows when go the pages global family and other than that I will catch you guys in another video

42 thoughts on “Patriots Tom Brady holds Private workout session with retired TE Rob Gronkowski


  2. I would like Gronk to comeba k to the PATRIOTS,only on one conditiond that GRONK IS strong enough to play football at the TIGHT END level. Playing the way he use to. Play I would. 'like to.see GRONK. catch the ball in the END zone and spike the ball, But I no that's not possible so if GRONKS Not health he needs to stay retired


  4. l`m pretty sure it`s hard for most players when they are done with football, Tom and Gronk are pretty good friends so he is just helping out his buddy. There really isn`t any good reason for him to come back, he`s had a wonderful career, won a super bowl or 2, did everything that was asked of him…however when your body tells you something, lesson to it, best thing for him now is to just go on with life and enjoy it.

  5. Just cut the drama Gronkowski's going to come back announce it already. No instead we're going to have little tidbits and all the sudden they'll be an announcement so predictable

  6. No I think he is retired.. yeah he misses the guys, and probably playing. But I also think his body has been thru hell. And has had enough.

  7. The Patriots have reportedly shown interest in Saftey Jalen Thompson but should the be interested in Tight End Devonaire Clarington ?

  8. Patriots are moving the curve again … This season will see the other teams confused by the Patriots as Belichick takes the game to a none TE era. As other teams adjust in 2020, he returns to the TE position in the draft … the other 31 teams are confused once again as the Patriots win their 8 superbowl at the end of the 20/21 season

  9. I've said from the beginning when he announced his retirement that there was probably a good chance he'd come back at some point, though initially I said give him at least a year. Now, in addition to the fact he's now working out with Tom it has been reported that Patriots team sources indicate they expect Gronk back. I think ultimately time will tell, but my best guess would be playoff time.

  10. Look I love Gronk but he wasn’t the same. I strongly believe he will not come out of retirement. If anyone says the tightends position looks weak it’s been weaker in recent memory. As well as the patriots were winning for ten years of the Brady-Belichick era with no Gronk, they also proved they could still win with no gronk in 2016 when they had they had the Super Bowl come back, remember gronk was injured. With a couple of tight ends the pats will succeed. The system for tightends in New England is one where most can understand and succeed. Remember Scott Chandler, exactly good in New England trash anywhere else.

  11. I have no doubt that he will return. I think he's used this "retirement" to step away from football and focus on himself. I fully believe once the season starts the longing to play will return. Also, in the event someone gets hurt, I can see him coming back sooner. I think the biggest tell will be if #87 is unassigned when the first football is kicked off. Also, usually Brady will work out with either Edelman or other receivers on the team as it allows them to build rapport. Don't see him calling Gronk to work out just because he needs someone. I can guarantee at minimum, Edelman and Harry have offered their time to workout as it helps the team and helps them as players.

  12. I’m hoping Gronk comes back the 2nd half of the season. Stays healthy and plays a maximum of 11 games instead of potentially 19

  13. Brady to gronk, Josh, Jules, D Thomas, Harry, dorsett, Maurice Harris, plus our running backs, plus the in season trades that Bill will make, I say record breaking season!

  14. Forget it. Saw him recently, unless I saw someone else that looked like him he looked like he lost a lot of football weight.

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