Oleksiy Torokhtiy & Aleksandar Rakic – Olympic Weightlifting Session

Oleksiy Torokhtiy & Aleksandar Rakic – Olympic Weightlifting Session

Hi everybody, my name is Richard Staudner. I’m your Performance Coach. Today we are at CrossFit Neverest and I’m here
with my boy Alexandar Rakic the UFC Fighter and today he will train with a
special guy. Gold medalist olympic winner Oleksiy Torokhtiy. Let’s go inside and meet them. Hey! How are you doing? Two Alekses here….Welcome! Good to see you man. So, it´s really nice that both of you are here today. And today I´m not the trainer, I will just watch you what you are doing and we´ll talk a little bit – but YOU are the trainer today. So this is a great opportunity for us – great! I will try to do my best. So here we have five or six exercises, we will see. We will do just one set of each, just to show how it works, because we our time is limited. Exercise number one will be “Gakk Squat”. We will use the plates and just do regular squats. I will show you how to do those. They are good for warming up the legs. Then the “Good Morning Squat”, if it´s not familiar I will show it to you. It will be good for your lower back. Then the “Split Squat”, I highly recommend this exercise when you do a lot of split exercises, like split clean and split jerk. I will show you a few of my
favorite exercise what I do for my wrists. Because when I was young I had a lot of troubles and have found a few good exercises, which are good when you work with the bar. “Jumps”, if we have the time and “Press”. Press will be…..it looks easy but if you don’t have enough ability you’ll try I will cry. We will step here with our heels and go down one step before full extension. No the extension is round 90% of full extension of the legs. From this position you can hold your arms where ever you want. So just go down slowly and stand up again slowly. Same next rep: go down slowly and stand up with the same speed until you reached 90% of full extension. The Goal is to make no stops and no full leg extension. Next one is a Good Morning. It´s a combination of two exercises: Good Morning and Squat. Our Goal is to do a Good Morning and then go down into the Squat. No rush, just bend, go into a Good Morning and down Now just the legs. So for this exercise the weight is not important. It´s good to start with 15 to 20 kg for beginners. It looks easy, but it´s a little bit difficult. That´s why I don´t recommend more than 15 to 20 kg. Only when you are an advanced athlete. When your muscles are ready you can take more. I do this with a maximum of 40 kg. So now we just did one set per exercise. If you have more time of course, you can add a few more set to work a little bit longer. The next exercises will be the wrist exercise. I have a few to develop the strength of your wrist. First one comes from Gymnastics. We´ll go down on our knees and i will show you. Place your backhand and wrist on the floor. Not too far from your knees. Here it will be much easier, here more difficult. So we will start here. The goal ist to close and extend your hands. So when you are closer to your knees it´s easier, because most of your weight is on the knees. When you move further away you will have more pressure on the wrist. So the next one – I´ll show you and then you can try. It will work with PVC if you have these in the gym. It would be good, if both had the same length. Just holt them in front of your thighs… Like Oleksiy just told us, all of these small exercises are really important for a proper warm up because wrists ans shoulders sometimes can get in trouble if you do weightlifting. so warm-up is an important part before weightlifting. and all those small exercises are really important – so try them! Clean Grip: it should be a little bit wider than your shoulders. We will sit down and from this position we will press and hold the PVC for six seconds. One, two, three, four, five, six. And again: press. So the next exercise is like a row of plyometric exercises. We will jump onto the box, back down and back on the box. Jump onto the box, jump back to down on the floor and back up again and jump back down and up as high as possible. I go completely down? I will show you how we will to do this. We will turn the front leg a little bit inside, and the rear leg a little bit outside. From this position we will move slowly down to the floor So I recommend to do this exercise a few
times per week to give you a basic preparation. We need to develop explosive speed and power. After big squats if you do a big spot in your program, this is a good exercise. What you need to know about the split position… it´s very important when you do split clean or jerk to keep your balance. If you want to so this correct, first you need to have your correct position. How to determine your individual correct split position: Feet in a shoulder wide position, make a line in front of your toes. Kneel down, make a line in front of your knees and title with the letter “S”. After this, make one step in forward. So in this position your legs should be at a right angle. And now draw a square around your foot. Now, the most important part … when your foot points straight forward, you don’t have as much stability as if you turn it a little bit. This position will give you a little bit more stability, especially when you work with a split jerk. When you hold the bar over your head, this position is very important. Now we are going to do the practice. We will take the start position… We will go into start position, move up to our toes and I will count one, two, three and then we jump into the split We then should land in about the same places we have just drawn on the floor. A few centimeters forward or backward is ok. So it´s a good coordination work. It´s like when you want to have a good strong punch you will practice this a lot of times. Same in weightlifting. And the same when you do splits and split jerk it´s very important to do it automatic. So that´s why in sowiet union in china school, Kids after school spend around 30 minutes doing that. They do around 100 to 200 splits in that time. Can I also do that in warm um? – Yes. So just move your body to the toes, count one, two, three…and split. We call this a split map. It will help you and show you what´s wrong. So when you stand like this, it means you have to jump further forward or maybe a little bit more back. When I was young, first year, when you try to find the most comfortable position for you my coach told me and the other guys, to to the first few reps on this leg and the next few reps on the other one. So then it´s like: one, two, three, …and you work with both legs. Because when you only do it with the one leg it will feel uncomfortable with the other leg. First have a look. Take the PVC with the hook grip, place it on your head, go up on your toes and count: one, two, three one tree, I move my body down and extend the arms. But the most important: I don´t do a press, I move my body unter the PVC. You do a few front squats and after that you do jerks. So this like a general jerk, but before the jerk you always do a front squat. The next one…how often do you do clean? It depends on the season, but normally every week. – Is it full clean or power clean? – At the beginning always full clean, normal stand. And then later we do some splits, both sides. At the beginning of the camp it´s always normal cleans. So we´ll just do squat cleans and front squat and here jerk or push press. Are you familiar with the push press?
-Yes So some times you can drop push press when you do extension, the bar flys up and you go under it. It´s like a power jerk. Push press is when you extend and continue the movement until up. So it’s one of the most important for the basic preparation to develop your power and explosiveness. Snatch balance: do you use this exercise?
– From this week yes. He´s done it the first time this week. The Snatch balance is a really good exercise and screening test for beginners. When they come the first time into the weightlifting gym, the coach tells them to take the PVC, put the PVC on your head and just move down. If the kids can do that, it means they have a good feel for it. – Do you want to see it, we just practiced it this morning? Yeah, I´ll just write down the Snatch Balance So it´s up to 50% of the best Snatch…not more. So if you do this the first time, it´s up to 50% – 30, 40, 20.. so not like 50 straight away. So above all this, general in weightlifting we do this up to 80%. But from 50% to 80%. So this goal ist good. So the Snatch Balance: The easiest way to start is to do the same like befor. But the PVC on your head go up on your toes, one, two, three…and go down as quick as possible an try to produce the noise. We call this Snatch Balance with the plates. You start between the plates and when you go down, you land on the plates. So what is the difference? At the first two goes, it was slower than the last one. Because here you switch the direction very fast and that´s why it happens much faster. So for beginners that´s very good to understand, that if you use the plates, with this you will be much faster. Let´s do one more and then we will take the bar. Also on the head? – No, from the shoulders. So it was a short video about the Splitter, about the Split Clean, about the Snatch Balance, if you have some questions ask below the
video and we will try to find a way to answer you that. Thank you!
– Thank you, appreciate it very much!

14 thoughts on “Oleksiy Torokhtiy & Aleksandar Rakic – Olympic Weightlifting Session

  1. Great exercises, great prevention for injuries…
    Few people will realize how this workouts it's great.
    I think that all kids who are training any of Sports shoulder learn this Technics

  2. Rakic is great fighter, great person from what we have seen so far, has a great coaches and friends in them and I hope he will be the first to beat the Jon Bones Jones but he needs more of those bones = elbows, knees in fight with him.
    Try to stay humble and grateful and ye shall be Victorious!
    In Jesus name, Amen.

  3. Great to see Torokhtiy instructional videos again. My boy Rakic has some big strong legs and athletic ability to go with it.

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