Offseason Training + Red Bull Helm Lieferung I Vali Vlog

Offseason Training + Red Bull Helm Lieferung I Vali Vlog

Today is a very special Day I just came back from school aaaand a very special package arrived at home aaaand I show you whats inside (Walter daddy) our little Valentina turns to a Red Bull Athlete what you think is inside? There is Red Bull label on it again some can´s? Nope, guess it´s too light not that I cut something inside already ohho a letter “If it isn´t the special Vali Helmet but the Vali custom here it is!” Yaaa you can´t see something yet he is so beautiful put it on! what you think? GROOOVYYY Finally I got my DH Helmet he looks sooooo MEGA I´m so happy that he finally arrived and even my name is on it I can´t wait to ride with it I also think about what I could do in my next Vlog lot of you said you wanted to see how I train here you see how I train NOW left up is it cool? absolutely this two exercise´s in a row both are mainly for the leg strength first exercise is with more weight direction to maximum power the second exercise is with less weight focus is that the muscle “pumped dry” that he is completely empty and have less strengh as possible next one bench press again with a combination pushup´s on two ball´s that this is similar to the exercise before the Idea is to have a coordination character with it one more! S*** can´t get up back exercise from the straight backreamer up to the upper back there we got the main important muscles pretty good wrapped in one exercise how is it when you nearly throw up? can you see my cables 😉 wait joke doesn´t work bye training! beside all the training in the Gym I do a lot of other stuff e.g. Ski touring or skiing I was competing 6 years at ski races I stopped because I didn´t had any more fun but I think it prepared me very well concerning line choices an much more Exactly one day before we leave to Croatia a package arrived aaand my Jeffsy is here! I´m super happy that it arrived just in time it looks MEGASICK here it is! very cool with the red in the white painting This is the Jeffsy 27.5″ because I think the 29″ would be a little bit to big for me Fully build up with SRAM and ROCKSHOX Parts I´m riding the Rockshox Lyrik and the SuperDeluxe Rear Shock Brakes are the Guide Ultimate they are just super awesome with the 200mm Rotor´s I got the EAGLE which are super nice to pedal This Year I´m riding DT SWISS Wheels with Maxxis Tires on it mostly running the Minion DHR II in the front and back Grips & Saddle from ERGON Pedals are from CRANKBROTHERS That´s it for today! the next VLOG will be already from Croatia You defently have to tune in next time because I will be riding my Bike! When you have any Ideas in what are you interested to see or when you want to see more of my training then subscribe my Channel and write in the comments what you want to see 🙂 see ya next time!

50 thoughts on “Offseason Training + Red Bull Helm Lieferung I Vali Vlog

  1. Richtig cooles Video :)💥 Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg bei deinen Rennen. 🤙🏻Und solche Trainingsvideos finde ich richtig gut!

  2. Wieder ein sehr schönes Video Vali!!! 👍🏻 Weiter so! 🤙🏻 wenn das so weiter geht wirst du noch mal groß! 🙂

  3. Bei den oberschenkel kriegt man schon fast angst 😛
    Nee, spass. Colles video, immer interessant zu sehen wie ihr trainiert und was man sich so abschauen kann. Ich wäre schon nach dem warm up halb tot am boden 😂

  4. Ich fände mal einen Rundgang um das Spielberghaus (also dein Zimmer, Küche, Keller mit den ganzen Bikes) Nice 👍🏻

  5. I accidentally found you on YouTube. YouTube offered me your video. You perfectly ride a bicycle and you are a beautiful girl. I wish you success in your sport and your personal life.

  6. die Squats sollten ein wenig tiefer sein, das mit den Füßen auf der Bank beim Benchen 🙁 is net so guat und den Lat-Zug bitte nicht in den Nacken.

  7. Hm was soll man ich sagen als Fitnessfachwirt …Training und Ernährung bringen dich nach vorne …wobei ich das ganze etwas anders angehen würde …aber jeder Trainer hat seine Methode …viele Wege führen ins Ziel die Frage ist wie schnell…ich selbst arbeite gerade an nem erweiterten Hypertrophie Training plus Ernährungsmethode speziell für MTB Rider …also Enduro Fahrer … funktioniert sehr gut …alles gute bin gespannt auf neue Videos und ne scheeeeene Wintersaison wünsch ich dir gutes Essen viel Erholung haha

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