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  1. guys i do have a problem i fail to fix: when i do ring dips the back of my forearm scratches against the straps of the ring, causing me pain after a couple reps, and if I keep on doing them i get little abrasions which are really annoying. Trying to fix it I noticed that mainly it happens because my forearm "moves" back and forth (similar to a pendulum) , causing the scratch. What do i do wrong in your opinion?

  2. The more I watch this channel, the more I wish I'd stumbled on this earlier. Since being engaged here I've built several small, simple pieces of equipment using wood, PCV, and simple materials like screws that will help me (on a budget) emulate the exercises that I'm seeing here. Not to mention building muscle along with it. Simply and completely – inspired, and doing it. Thanks so much Chris, Zay and the team. You're changing the world view on what is possible for human transformation.

  3. I'm working on gym now I will go abroad for few months job so there I can't go to gym thats why I'm asking;. What I mean is after doing gym workout if I gonna do own body weight workout do I gona decrease my energy ? Because both are different types

  4. I didn't mean he is working with gym equipments
    But I asked for my doubts I thought I'll get my answer but not clearly). Understand negatively commented bruse Lee s 🏆

  5. Guess I have to buy rings, bands, and something sturdy to hang them on such as in gymnastics gym… Oh wait… No gym! ;p

  6. After taking this workout for a test run I have come to the conclusion, THIS SHIT AIN'T NO JOKE lol. From the start the dips will humble you real quick cuz just being up there your arms will get to shaking and then you gotta go down and do dips so it's like wait this ain't so easy, fuck 10 i can only do a good 5 for now. Pull ups is one thing but that L sit and just that wrist motion from chin up into regular pull position I got about good 6 of those and my L sit wasn't the prettiest. Ring Fly's will be fine if you good at push ups and do various kind having a solid core strength the transfer to the rings is fine knock 10 out there. Them pistol squats will test you but holding on to the ring really helps, like A LOT knock those out and use the ring support as much as needed. Bicep curls are a pretty basic level, like he said adjust the angle to your capability. Ring Push ups same as Fly's just really get that squeeze at the top. Negative Hefesto's….come on fam, lol that shit is a bitch I still need work and can't even do one but a secondary to work your way to it would help. Bulgarian Squats are bulgarian squats didn't really make that much a difference to me on the rings so finish off strong with those even add weight if you want. I know this was a lot but this is great workout from personal experience and im working up to at least check off all the reps let alone trying to do this in sets, respects to THENX 💪

  7. Whats a alternate move we can do for Negative Hefesto's cuz that shit is a killer. I don't know if it's im nervous getting to that hanging position or what but especially doing it on the rings just ain't happening for me yet

  8. So how do you exactly execute this workout? Do you do 3 repetitions for each exercises? Finish the entire workout then cycle through it few more times? Or do you combine this with other workouts, like chest workout, ab workout, to make one combined regimen? I'm a really confused in this so I don't know how to get started with calisthenics 🙁 I don't want training to last only 10 minutes..

  9. Everyone complaining about not having rings, or not having anywhere to hang them… when there's a will there's a way use your brain make it happen don't have rings change up the exercise ,these videos are here to inspire. Keep up the work guys love it.

  10. Hello thenx , in your app in introduction program should I complete pull up progression fully and then move to push up progression ? And should I do only each progression a day ? How does it work ?

  11. But how much should we rest between those sets? I know strength building ehich is 5 reps should be 3-5 minutes rest, and hypertrophic sets of 10-12 should be 2 minutes. but how about tha maxing out sets? And how many sets of maxing out should we do, for example for pull ups. For endurance the rest time is around 30 seconds. so how can i do lets say 15 pull ups and then rest 30 seconds and do another 15? Help chris

  12. Officialthenx could you put your song on apple music so that i could listen to it while working out plz and thx if you do it

  13. i love your video's and looking to get in shape, but i have trouble trying to find a diet plan and also trying to commit to my workouts. do you have any tips on out to stay committed?

  14. Hey I’m a new subscriber, is there anything a young teenager can do to improve his strength/core? I’m open for any suggestions

  15. Chris, Austin has just exposed you. I really hope you aren't a asshole behind the camera. You have too much talent to stoop to such a low. Hopefully, you can change for the best but I still appreaciate your skills and respect you as a person.

  16. Ok seems like the next step for a proper video on no gym workouts would be workouts that only use what you have at hand, your body, the floor, and a wall.
     I see alot of people calling people lazy because they complain about not having rings or where to put them, first off let me tell you than in nyc you are not allowed to put shit on the trees so you cant hang them there.
      The door frames are wider here and have taller frames so it doesn't fit an over door bar. I'm currently using a ladder propped up against my wall and elevated with a smaller ladder and some weights to secure, this is not ideal nor is applicable for everyone, we need some better exercises that we can just pull out anywhere to get full body workouts that give gains and lead to proper progression for when you do have the equipment. And don't tell me to just screw it in the ceiling because thats not an option for most people, and it isn't one for me either.

  17. I just hung some rings from my patio beams and although most of these exercises are too hard for me, I now have many new exercises to try. Thank you!

  18. All the vids have the same music. But i feel like that just makes me want too keep watching more. Can someone explain the psychological appeal behind this marketing technique??

  19. No gym no problem? Ya it’s a problem cause we don’t have monkey bars and rings ….and if we did we would probably have a gym membership too …lol

  20. Aqui no Brasil tem o Sérgio Bertoluci fera Braba monstro saindo fora da jaula… Veja no YouTube mermão . Brasil está foda

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