No Gym Full Body Workout at Home | Hindi

No Gym Full Body Workout at Home | Hindi

Wassup Guys! Welcome to my YouTube Channel This is NAIRITYA Chourey This is my first video on this channel This Video is about Full Body Home workout For Beginners Those who just started working out Or those who want to live a Healthy Lifestyle and they started to do Workout This video is for them. You can do this Workout anywhere. Home, Hotel or Park anywhere you want. You’ll not need any equipment for this Watch this video till the end Because in the end I’ll tell you some important tips As a beginner you must follow these tips If you want Optimum Results IMPORTANT TIPS in LAST WARM UP & STRETCHING So guys this was the Full Body Home Workout I’ll give you some tips now which are Important for you to Follow. 1st You need to keep your Form Correct. Your Form should not be Sloppy and Bad If you’ll keep your Form Bad Then you’ll Progress with that Bad Form. If you’ll keep your Form Incorrect then if you do one pushup now in Bad form them even when you’ll do 10 Pushups you’ll do them in BAD FORM. and with Bad Form you’ll never get Effective Results. !!NEVER!! So that’s why You must Start with a Correct and a Good Form. NEXT TIP You must use Full Range Of Motion (ROM) If you’ll not do any exercise in Full ROM then it’ll not give full Results Results will not be 100% If you want Video on any Fitness Related Topic or If you have any query Comment Down in the Comment Section I’ll Definitely Reply. !!ADIOS AMIGOS!! !!PUSH!! !!PUSH!! !!PUSH!! !!PUSH!! – N A I R I T Y A

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  1. Awesome video man. I do a lot of park workouts so I enjoy these kind of videos. I love flagging that's for sure 😅

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