My weightlifting trip to BRAZIL

My weightlifting trip to BRAZIL

Hey, everyone Today we’re in Brasil São Paulo a big city 22 millions We came here for holding 2 seminars and spend here about 14 days And now we’re are going to have some breakfast Now…it’s about time to have a training session. And we’ll check the equipment straight away. Even though kg is used here they have bumper plates here the number of bars needed What is very important for the seminar, first of all children and female bars. I was pleased to notice when checking the WOD my complex in the plan 13 000 km from Ukraine know about this complex and I’m very pleased and the most important thing – they use it! That’s why use it too upload it with a hashtag #TOR_complex and as usually – I choose the best and share these videos in my Instagram It turns out that not far from the gym there’s a small clinic which works with those who are already not subject to estate recovery And when they saw us they decided that we are exactly those ones who they need for the research We’ll see what is going to be tomorrow after all these things because after a hard journey, after such a massage and after these manipulations your body “rolls” back and you are in a so called recovery “pit” so, it’s not even recommended on the next day after massage, sauna having heavy loads Удачи, Алёша! It’s Saturday Seminar we’ve arrived in the gym there’s preparation for the seminar set the platforms chairs We’ll show how we do it how we lift, how athletes lift Watch One of the comments: “Where should I hide my “privates” in this moment?” Guys thought Maybe it’s better not to lift then they saw the others well, it always goes this way How’s it? Good The first part of the seminar is done. Training session practice and theory And now we’re going to get the dose of porridge with meat some pearl barley Ceo has already ordered something. He has ordered something and now we’ll try it. Regarding the fact that we need to move from one country to another very often climate acclimatization there’s not always enough time for adaptation that’s why I decided to finish off to have no chances So, did you feel the power of Amazonian spirits? I don’t know what’s happening But as far as I see we were blessed to have the training session. It has never been so pleasant when someone wipes one’s feet off me Here is our CHEF What are we going to eat today? So, today we’re going to eat esfiha And…we move to fiha It turns out that yoga and Olympic weightlifting is same that’s why we need to use yoga in Olympic weightlifting and Olympic weightlifting in yoga. Thanks! Thanks!

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  2. классно, только МАЛОВАТО БУДЕТ за 14 дней!) спасибо, что делитесь!

  3. Are weightlifters forced to deal with the CrossFit crowd to make money? The traditional weightlifting protocol is so much more appealing than weightlifting group class.

  4. Алексей будь добр скинь ссылку на видео где ты показываешь экскурсию в спортивном университете в США. Заранее благодарю.

  5. Алексей, что вы принимаете для профилактики и лечения суставов? Думаю это больная, в прямом смысле ))), тема для многих! Ну и если можно про спорт пит видосик, что и как употребляет вы. Заранее спасибо!

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