Motivation | Everything Is A Choice

Motivation | Everything Is A Choice

– Everything that you
do is a fucking choice. You got a choice to be in here, you got a choice to be at home, sitting on the couch watching TV, watching some fucking
sports, or you got a choice to be at work, choice
to be with your family. Everybody bitches about I
don’t got time to do this, I don’t got time to do that, I gotta do this, that, that. If you look at your
priorities in your life, what you’re spending your time doing, it’s gonna dictate how your day goes and how your future
goes, how tomorrow goes, how next month goes, how next year goes. What are you doing right now? What have you been
doing for the last year, for the last six months,
for the last week? What’s different about today? Probably nothing, so
stop fucking complaining and do something different. You’re in control, change your life. There’s no fucking excuses. We are all in control of
everything that happens. Every choice that we make dictates a completely new outcome. If you’re gonna sit at home and watch fucking TV, good for you. If you’re gonna get your ass
up, go chase your dreams, go be what you always wanted to be, that’s the shit that life should be about. You get one, one life, one
chance, seize that fucking day.

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  1. I honestly came acrossed a body spartan video completely by chance, and honestly, i had lost my motivation to do anything anymore. all i did was sit at home play video games, do game mods, and play betas all day but now for the past week ive been going to the gym for the first time in almost 10 years because i want a change, in me and in my surroundings and the only way to do it is get up and get it done. I want to thank you for helping get my motivation back, It means a lot and keep doing what your doing.

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