Morning Yoga – Energizing Morning Sequence

Morning Yoga – Energizing Morning Sequence

Good morning everyone, and welcome to Yoga
with Adriene. I’m Adriene and you asked for it. Today, we have an energizing
morning sequence. This is something that is going to wake up and heat
the entire body. We’re going to check in with the core, we’re
going to check in with our arm muscles. We’re going to wake up the legs,
do a little spinal flex, and of course tap into the breath. Take a second
before you begin the practice to just kind of get comfortable to have your
coffee brewing, or your tea brewing, to take a sip of water, and just
really jump into this mindfully, so it’s more than just exercise even though
we are going to get a little bit of a workout today. Make sure you set the tone for your day by
setting the tone for your practice right here, right now. Alright so
let’s get everything ready and get started with an energizing morning sequence. [music] Energizing Morning Sequence Okay, so to begin we’re going to come on our
knees here, and if the knees are a little fussy and we can’t come here,
you can easily do this is a cross legged position. So, here we go. We’re
going to sit up nice and tall tucking the chin into the chest, roll up through
the spine. Reach the fingers behind the ears, and inhale
extending the arms up overhead looping the shoulders. You can keep
the shoulders bent here as much as you need as we reach up, just kind
of crawling up through the side body here. [Inhale] You’re going to check
in with your breaths [exhale], maybe soft and through the eyelids, and of
course look at the video whenever you need to, but also trust yourself.
Trust your instincts, listen to your body. One more deep breath in hear, and on an exhale
we move the finger tips down. Great, take the right palm to the outer
edge of that left thigh, or if you’re sitting in cross legged position
you can bring it to the left knee. We’ll swim the left fingertips behind and
just find a gentle twist here. Lift up through the heart extend through the
crown of the head, smile, and keep finding your breath. Allow the shoulder
blades to glide down the back here. Take a deep breath in [inhales] and exhale
back to center. And we take the same thing on the other side. So, left hand
comes to the outer edge of the right leg, or the right knee if you’re in
cross legged. We find that lift and lengthen up through the crown, and then
we twist. So keep this nice and gentle here. Again,
shoulder blades gliding down the back. It can find a little rock in the neck
here. Check in with the neck here, [inhales] and keep deepening the breath
[exhales]. Great, take a deep breath in [inhales] and on your exhale float
it back to center. Reach the fingertips behind, interlace, and
we’ll loop the shoulders, and just open up the chest here. So if you can
work to bring the palms together here, opening the chest. Again, if the knees
are talking to you, you can be in cross legged here, another option would
be maybe to lift up here for this. So, if it’s not working we find ways to fix
it. I love that about our yoga practices. We stay curious, we stay listening,
we stay involved, to me that’s an act of self-love, and it’s what
the practice is all about. So, if you’re feeling any fussiness work to find
ease, and I will try my best to guide you in that direction. Okay, one more breath here, checking in with
the neck. [Inhales] Yeah baby, and then exhale [exhales] release. Awesome. And diving forward we come to all fours. Knees
directly underneath the hips, [clears throat] excuse me, wrists underneath
the shoulders. We lift the shoulders; loop the shoulders, a little
cat cow here. Take a deep breath in. On an exhale, tucking the tail, traveling
ups the spine, we find a little rock back and forth if that feels good, or
we stay in stillness if that feels right. We inhale reaching forward, and
exhale. Again, find a little movement here, or take
a moment here, maybe retain the breath, kumbhaka [SP] if you’re familiar,
find stillness, and in inhale. [Heart] scoops forward. Sorry I got
in the moment there, and exhale. One last time, naval draws up, up,
up, up. Great and we come back to table top position. Sweet. Slide the palms out, draw the shoulders down
away from the ears curl the toes under, and as if someone were lifting
you up from your tail you can wag your tail a little bit here. Hello, energizing
practice, and draw the naval up to the spine, send it back downwards
facing dog. Pedal the feet out here. Massage the feet here. Find a little
flexibility in the ankles, the toes. Great, then we’re going to come up onto the
tip toes here. Draw the shoulders away from the ears. Draw the naval
to the spine. Lift your heels up, and then melt your heart back here. Two
breathes here, in and out. Tailbone, sit bones shine up to the sky, heart
melts back one more breath, and then on an exhale anchoring down through
the heels. Great, come up onto the tippy tip toes again,
this time we’re going to go for a walk. Walking up towards the front edge
of the mat together we’ll land in forward fold. Let the weight of the
head release down, grab the elbows, rock a little side to side. Take nice
long smooth deep breathes in and out. Soft, soft, soft knees here, know it don’t
work for legs. Then slowly waking up the body. Also release the hands,
inhale lift to flat back; you’re version, fingertips on the mat palms
on the shins, or palms on the thighs here. Nice long beautiful neck. Again, careful not to lock the knees here.
Take a deep breath in, and exhale. Slide it down, tuck the chin into
the chest, and we begin to roll it up. Fingertips can trace the front of the
legs here as we slowly roll up into a mountain pose. Looping the shoulders.
Opening the chest, the heart, finding what feels good as you breathe in
and out. Working out any kinks in the neck, in the
shoulders, and then slowly we’ll walk the feet together. You can keep a little
space between the heels here. Draw the palms together at the heart, inhale
tadas, and loop the shoulders, engage the legs, reach sternum up toward the
thumbs. Take a second here to just set an intention
for your practice, spread awareness to all four corners of the feet,
and find your breath. Sweet. Repeat your intention to yourself, confirm
it, consider it already done, already so, as we find a soft knee, little
bouncy, bouncy roo here. A little buoyancy is what I meant. And then we inhale, drop the fingers down.
Come up on your breath in, reach up to the sky, stretch side body long, and
exhale. Soft knees as we bow forward. Great, inhale, lift to flat back
your version. Again, long neck, and exhale slide it back down, back the way
we came as we reach the fingertips all the way up, inhale, palms come
together up overhead, engage the legs, and exhale reaching sternum to thumbs,
hands to heart. Great, same thing just like that. Soft knees,
we inhale reach down to come up. Take up space, spread the fingertips.
Exhale, think up and over as you enjoy this move. Bowing down forward, great.
Inhale, lift to flat back. Again, we could place a little tea cup on
the back of the neck here, and exhale, soft slow release down. Back up the
way we came, same thing as before. This time you might reach the fingertips back
to come up opening the chest, the shoulders, prancing away from the earth,
and exhale back down to the heart. Great, here we go again. Soft knees, inhale,
spread your fingertips reach up, full breath, exhale diving forward open
heart, inhale, lift to flat back, and exhale forward [fold]. Awesome,
fingertips come to the mat. We slide the right toes back, come to runners
lunge, and take a deep breath in here as you look forward. Breathing into
the front of that right hip crease, pulling the left hip crease back.
Take a second to come off the fingertips. Let your heart shine forward,
open the palms, open your chest, and then exhale, release it down. Palms come
to the mat as we slide left toes back to plank posture. Feel free to lower the knees here, no biggie
if you want to come into a half plank, otherwise we’re at the top of
a plank, top of a push-up rather, pressing away from the earth. We have foundations
of yoga videos for all of these postures so go check them out. We rock front, we rock back, we find that
sit bone to heel connection, we take a deep breath in, and out. On your next
inhale look forward chin forward as you come up on your toes, loop
the shoulders, hug the elbows into the side body, and slowly lower down
all the way to the belly. We inhale, lift up, Cobra, and exhale, soften,
and release. Sweep, curl the toes under, draw the naval up and back, and
send it to downward facing dog. Nice everyone. Pedal the feet, and on your next breath nothing
fancy we’re just going to step that right foot up into our runners lunge.
Check it out on the other side. I peel the right hip crease back. I’m
avoiding this turtle shell. So, chances are all of us are kind of here right
now, and with time, with awareness, with mindfulness we’ll build the
stamina, the space, create the length to shine the heart forward. Test yourself by hugging the inner thighs
together opening up for one second to get breath in, and then exhale release.
Great, rock the back foot up to meet the front, forward fold. Inhale, on your next breath in lift to that
flat back position, long beautiful neck, little grasshopper legs kind
of pull back here, and then exhale we release. Send the fingertips all the way up, left to
right, we reach up towards the sky, palms come together as we exhale back
down to the heart. Jumping right into the next one, soft knees,
inhale, reach it up. Fingertips kiss up overhead, exhale, diving
forward follow your breath, inhale lift to flat back inflate with air,
and exhale, soften, and release. Sweet. Bend the knees bring the palms to mat, fingertips
in line with the toes here, it’s kind of a nice little gauge. Now,
draw your naval to your spine, inhale in, and on an exhale hop or slide the
feet back to your plank. Great, nice long sit bone to heel connection
again here as we press away from the earth. Take a deep breath in, and
long exhale out. On your next breath in chin forward, look
forward, hug elbows into the side body, come onto your two big toes, and slowly
we lower down half way. Try to rumba, inhale in, and slowly sliding through
to upward facing dog, or cobra. Take a second here check in with the
neck, take a deep breath in, smile, and then naval to spine as we exhale,
send it back downward facing dog. Starting to warm up the body here. Cleanse
the energetic system. Shed anything that is no longer serving you. Shed
a little weight here. Great, we’ll walk the two big toes together. So,
we’re going to stand downward dog coming into a three legged dog. I’m going
to anchor in my left heel and slide the right foot all the way up. Take
a second to rotate that ankle one way then the other, and then turn your right
toes towards the left side of your mat. So, we’re leveling the hips here. So, I’m
not here, but I’m leveling the hips. One more deep breath here, I’m going
to bend my right knee in no hovering here, nose to knee. Nose to knee
here for one breath. Really spiking that left heel towards the back of
the mat, and then I’ll step my right foot up into my lunge. Awesome. Go ahead and lower that left knee
down here. If you need to double up on the mat that’s always an option, or
you can use a blanket or a towel. Front knee stacked over the front ankle. I’m
going to inhale and then exhale, press away from the earth come all
the way up stacking head over heart, heart over pelvis, hands will come
to the waistline here, we loop the shoulders, and we breath, right hammies
parallel to the mat. Great. Make sure you’re not on a tight rope, but
rather two planes, and we’re going to hug the inner thighs together to
find that [inaudible 00:12:55] that energetic lift up through the center
channel, through the core. Take a deep breath in and out. Then we’ll reach the
fingertips behind, interlace, draw the knuckles down as you open through
the chest, the heart. Great. We can stay here for a little…check in with
the hips. I’m going to inch my toes forward just a little bit here, inhale
in, and exhale, sink a little bit deeper. And I’m not just dumping
all of my weight into the front here, that’s not really beneficial, kind of
straining actually. So, find that opposition that we talk about
all the time. Maybe tucking the right foot back, and really pulling the right
hip crease back as we sink into our posture, opening up through the chest.
Take a deep breathe in, perhaps considering the back of the neck here,
extending through the crown of the head. One more breath, and then on
an exhale we’ll gently release, and come forward back to our planks. So, take your time here, and if you’re new
to the practice you can come to that half plank, in fact we’ll practice that
here. This is what this will look like. Knees together,
pelvis tucked, tailbone extended down toward the back of the knees,
if you want you can be in full plank as you inhale in. This is also a great
place to practice Chatarunga. We look forward, hug the elbows into the side
body, take a deep breath in, lower belly draws in as we exhale, keep the
gaze forward, hug in the elbows to the side body as we slowly lower down all
the way or half way, coming up to Cobra, or Upward Facing Dog. Take a deep breathe in, choose your own adventure,
and then exhale release, curl the toes under, draw the naval up and
back, Downward Facing Dog. Awesome my friends, peddle it out here, take
a deep breath in through the nose, go ahead and let a nice long exhale
out through the mouth. Great. Then we’ll walk the toes together once again,
tuck this in, and then I’ll drop my right heel down as I slide the left
foot up. Again, take a second to check in with that left ankle, and then
create a full body experience here. Leveling the hips, turning the left
toes toward the right side of the mat here, leveling out through the shoulders,
pressing into all ten knuckles, especially that area between the
index finger and thumb. Then I’ll bend that left knee, think up and
over, as I hug my left knee in toward my heart, nose to knee here for one
breath in, and out. A little core work here as I step the left foot up,
and slowly lower onto the right knee, awesome. Great, same thing as before, hands come into
the waistline, we loop the shoulders, and we just find this stacking
of head over heart, heart over pelvis, especially if you feel like, “Whoa,
whoa, whoa,” pad the knee, come onto the top of the back foot if that feels
better for you, hug the inner thighs together, and take responsibility right
for your balance here, for your happiness in the posture, or in the practice. We might just stay here, or we’ll swim the
fingertips around interlace once again. Knuckles coming down as we open the
chest, the heart. Breathe into the lungs here, expand with each inhale, and
then we might just stay here, especially if you’re new to the practice all
your prana your energy’s like, “Woooooo.” Then hug the inner thighs and stay
put. To take it a step further inch the toes out
just a bit, take a deep breath in, and as you see the hips forward pull that
left foot back, peel that hip crease. So, again a little opposition. Especially
that’s the beauty of a home practice, you’re not surrounded by people,
you’re not tempted to like just show off. And while we are going to be doing more enhanced
postured in the show, I really have tried to do that with Yoga With
Adriene too, like meet the poses in terms of listening to the body and
not just creating shapes. So, all that to say, we could just sink deep
here and be like, “Okay cool, when is it over?” Or we can really work from
the inside out, finding that opposition, that balance, working muscles,
joints, energetic body all together to serve…you. So wherever you’re at, and you’re probably
like, “Shut up Adriene.” Wherever you are take a deep breath in and
smile. And then exhale, gently release, belly comes to the thigh, fingertips
come to the mat, we lift that back knee up, and we wrap that back foot up
to meet the front, forward fold. Relax the weight of the head down, when you’re
ready, soft knees as we inhale, lift to flat back, and exhale bow.
Once again, send the fingertips left to right to come up we take a deep breath
in, full breath, and this time exhale diving right back into the next
[vinyasa]. Inhale, lift to flat back, long neck, exhale,
soften, and bow. Plant the palms same thing as before we step or hop
the feet back to plank. You can do it, take a deep breath in, and exhale,
hop it back. Awesome, we did it. Shift your weight forward chatarunga, or chatarunga
practice. You can get onto all fours if you need to, we inhale lift
up Upward Facing Dog, or Cobra, release sliding through strong legs,
so really lighting up the backs of those thighs here as you take a deep breath
in, and on an exhale send it back Downward Facing Dog. Okay, three nice long smooth deep breaths
here. Then we slide the right leg up, this time bend your right knee sending
it all the way forward, right knee kisses right elbow, hold here for one
breath, keep the gaze forward this time. One more breath, one more breath. Then we step on through into our lunge, high
lunge, we hug inner thighs together, send the fingertips back to come
up as you inhale. Keep that left heel spiking towards the back of the mat,
we reach it up. Right fingertips are going to grab the left
wrist here, think up and over as we slowly stretch the left side of the
body, open heart, strong legs. We have a 110% full body experience going on
here as we extend through the crown, one more breath, then exhale we release. Belly comes to the top of the thigh send the
fingertips back one breath here, press away, or imagine your palms pressing
away from the earth, and then exhale we release, and [inaudible]. You
can skip vinyasa, come to Child’s Pose if you want take a rest. Otherwise, we do a little vinyasa here, sliding
through Upward Facing Dog, or Cobra, and then exhale to Downward Facing
Dog. Three breaths here, and if you’re in the Extended
Child’s Pose make your way to Downward Facing Dog. Great. And this
time, we’ll anchor down through the right heel, slide the sole of the left
foot up, bend that left knee, think up and over. Almost like a puppy dog
at a fire hydrant here, you know what I’m talking about? So we’re opening up
through that hip here as we transition. Sliding it all the way forward this time left
knee kissing left elbow, send the gaze forward, brighten up the whole body,
spike the right heel toward the back of the mat, one more breath, and
then step it up into your lunge. Great. Same thing as before. We hug inner thighs
to the mid-line. We send the fingertips back to come up, opening up through
the shoulders, chest, the heart, and then we find our strong legs. Breathing, and this time left hand grabbing
the right wrist, we think up and over as we find that side stretch, really
seeing a bright, beautiful line from your right wrist all the way through
to your right ankle. Careful that the heart isn’t collapsing here, so open
it up, breathe, breathe, breathe. And then we inhale in and exhale
back to high lunge. Take a deep breath in as you transition here.
Belly comes to the top of the thigh, careful not to dump all your weight
here. You can do this. Strong energizing practice as we send the fingertips
back behind, light up through that back heel inhale in, and exhale release.
Awesome. Last Vinyasa, otherwise straight to Extended
Child’s Pose you go, so this is an optional thing, you can do one more
vinyasa here. Sending your gaze forward to practice Chatarunga here as we
slowly hover and scoop up to up dog, or Cobra, and then slowly we’ll meet
together in Extended Child’s Pose. So, maybe you’re already there, breathing,
melting the heart down, maybe you’re making your way there now, forehead
comes to the mat, take a deep breath in, and a long release out. Great. Bring the palms together here, bring them
up and over head, so you might have to peek at me for a second here in the
video, kind of like a shark fin as we come up and over. Then I’m going to
walk my elbows a little bit further towards the front edge, continuing
that stretch in the side body and the shoulders opening of the heart, and
then we relax here. Find your breath let it return back to you,
a more natural rhythm, cooling it down, and taking this moment to remember
your intention that you set, perhaps taking it with you on towards the
rest of your day. Okie-doke my friends so that was our energizing
morning sequence. If you did build up some heat take a moment to, you
know, have a glass of water before you move on to hot coffee, or a hot
day of work, or play, or taking care of things. We also have a gentle morning sequence so,
which is really lovely, and really yummy. So I’ll point that out to you.
You can intersperse phase two perhaps, interchange them whenever you have
time, moving from energizing to gentle practice just to find that balance,
which is what our Yoga practice is all about. I love you guys. Subscribe to the channel
if you haven’t already. ‘Favorite’ these videos so you can return
to them more easily. Leave questions, comments below. I love you. Have
a wonderful beautiful day, Namaste.

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