Mommy Tummy Workout Diastasis Friendly Exercises (BYE BYE BABY BELLY)

Mommy Tummy Workout Diastasis Friendly Exercises (BYE BYE BABY BELLY)

Do you want to lose the mummy tummy or
heal a diastasis recti then watch this video for the best safest exercises to
strengthen and flatten your tummy after pregnancy. For the best exercise videos
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hit the bell to be notified of my new video release every Tuesday. Are you
frustrated with how your tummy feels and looks after pregnancy but you’re not
sure which exercises are the best ones to do? Then follow along with me to heal
flatten tighten and tone your tummy and help fix a diastasis recti. These are the
very exercises hundreds of my clients followed to lose centimetres from their
waists and you can too! So let’s get started the first exercise we’re going
to do is a warm-up exercise and it’s going to really wake up your deep lower
abdominal muscles. So we’re going to come down to the floor and come down
carefully especially if you have got a Diastasis Recti, go onto your side first and
then roll over onto your back. Rest your feet underneath your hips and have
your knees so that they’re directly above your hips. Knees are bent feet flat
to the floor. From here place one hand on your deep lower abdominal muscles so
just below your belly button and just above your pubic bone take a deep breath
in and allow your tummy just to relax upwards and then breathe out and bring
your belly button in towards you as if it’s gonna come down into the mat
underneath. Now keep your back really flat at this point and breathe in and
then breathe out. Carry on doing this set with eight
repetitions every breath out bring you your belly button down and at the same
time keep your ribs relaxed because there is a tendency to lift the ribs up.
You want to keep your ribs deactivated. We’ll do another set of
eight to feel that tension. Now hold this one and then pulse
so you’re breathing in breathing out. It’s a faster movement
allowing that tummy to come up and then down breathing in breathing out. Remember
to keep your lower spine so that’s your lower part of your spine relaxed and
flat onto the floor avoid arching your back anymore.
You’re pulsing here for two more, one more and rest. Take your hand
away from your tummy and we’re going to move into the second exercise. Breathing out again keeping your back
flat and just making sure your ribcage is relaxed and then breathe in lower the
foot to the floor and do the same thing on the other leg. This is called the
March and this is really again waking up your deep lower abdominal muscles this is the basic move, now I know you
want to go more challenging so I’m going to show you a more challenging option
which is the reverse of this movement and if you’ve done some of my
exercises before and some of my videos before and you’ve done the basic moves
then feel ready to go to the more challenging version of this March which is the heel drops where you take your heels and
feet off the floor so your shins are parallel to the ceiling and your knees
are bent at 90 degrees knees just above the hips and then you’ll take one heel
down exhale or breathe out, breathe in take your knee to the chest, breathe out
take your other heel down to the floor, breathe in. Now the whole time when you
do this one your back is flat onto the floor, ribcage relaxed. Now we’re going to do three sets of eight in total we’ve
done one set so we’re move into the second set really focusing on
keeping your back flat shoulders relaxed into the floor. Next set of
eight, stay with me two more, one more and hug your knees to
your chest for a quick stretch. The next exercise is the dying bug so
take your feet off the floor and extend your right arm overhead and extend
your left leg away, breathing out and scooping down your belly button.
Scooping out your tummy muscles like ice cream, then we’re
switch extending the left arm overhead and the left leg away.
Push through the heel of your feet so you’re pushing your heel away again. Keep your back (your spine) flat to the floor. Three sets of eight, going into the
second set extending through the heel of your foot. This is a great one for really waking
up those lower abdominals, I can feel it! Third set keep it going, keep scooping out and breathing out as you extend your arm overhead and you extend
your leg away driving through the heel of your feet, two more, one more and then hug both knees to the chest for another quick stretch the next exercise is a
great one for really toning the side of your waist. It’s called the
push across, we will rest on our knees and take your hands and
just have them about level with your shoulders with your palms facing
away from you. Push your hand away just doing a slight turn with the
side of your waist. Now you want to go a fairly fast pace for this one but if you
do want to slow it down and perform it with more control then that’s fine too. Now we’re going to do three sets of eight again, you want to draw your
belly button in towards your spine, keep your chest lifted and your ribcage relaxed, your shoulders relaxed too. Going into the second set I did a few more on that
one so do excuse my counting! Keep your navel drawn into the spine and
push across. Second set, alternate double alternating and then breathing out as you push the hand across the body. Two more, one more and release. The next
exercise is a side plank. I’m going to double my mat over to give some more
cushioning under my forearm. We rest on our forearm
with the knees at 90 degrees and take the knees back from here. I’m going to place
one hand underneath the side of the waist and this end targets the waist
muscles. Your knees are bent at 90 degrees and
have your feet one on top of the other. Bring your shoulder in and just lift
the side of the waist up and then lower back down. Now this is your starting
exercise, to progress this we’re going to lift the hips and the side of the waist
up off the floor and we’re gonna raise one arm up and then we’re going to lift and
then scoop the left hand through the gap between the side of the waist and the
mat and then open the body back. Lift and then scoop, as you scoop turn
your hips and breathe out as you lift bringing your belly button in towards
your spine and then breathe in as you lower. So breathe out as you lift and
scoop breathe in as you pause. Here we’re
going to do two more sets of eight. Be sure to keep your shoulder in as you
lift so that you don’t place pressure at your shoulder. One more set two more, one more, rotate and then
gently lower your body down to the floor Now we’ll switch sides again resting on
your knees, one knee on top of the other, resting on your left forearm. Feet are
behind your knees, one on top of the other. Lift the side of your waist up
bring the hips up slightly and bring your shoulder in and then lower. Do
this a couple of times just to get movement in the side of the waist before
we progress to lifting right up bringing the hips and the side of the waist up
off the floor and then lower raise your arm and then we’ll do one left and then
one rotation scooping the hand underneath the body through that gap
between the mat and your body and the side of your waist. We are doing three sets of 18 total. Keep it going
and remember to breathe out as you lift, breathe in as you lower. Then breathe
out as you scoop. This is your last set, four more. You are doing great, one more and lower
the body down to the floor with control. Now over to! Comment below this video
and tell me which exercise you felt worked your tummy muscles the most! The
fifth exercise is the final exercise, the side-to-side toe taps where we’re doing
some lateral movement to really target the side of the waist to fix your
mummy tummy! Lie down onto your back feet flat onto the floor and take your arms
out to the side. Lift your right foot off the floor, exhale and then your left
off the floor exhale, lift your feet and your shins are parallel to the ceiling.
You’re going to take your feet down towards the floor to the right extending the feet
away from the hips and then bring the knees back up above your hips and then
turning slightly towards the left extend your feet away taking the feet down
towards the floor and then the knees come back above your hips into the
center so going over, back into the center and then to the right over and to the left into the
center breathe out each time and bring your belly button down towards your
spine now we’re doing three sets of eight. Be controlled with this one and
be sure to scoop out the belly button like ice cream as you take your toes
down towards the floor. Next set, breathing out as you take the feet to
the floor, last set for the sides of your waist, last one and hold it there.
Bring your knees into your chest for a stretch and take your feet down towards
the floor. Roll over onto your side. Well done! Now you have five exercises to
help fix your mummy tummy and a diastasis recti,
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  1. From this mommy tummy workout, which exercise did you feel in your tummy the most? Plus let me know which other body parts you want to work out.

  2. Fabulous Vicky … another great workout. Some of these I've had to skip because of my shoulder injury but it's recovering so I'm doing as much as I can.

  3. This is such a great resource Vicky – you offer so much value and the videos are always so clear and easy to follow. Every new mother should be watching these videos.

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