1. Mike is cool.
    But Chris, make some videos with some advanced calisthenics athletes, like Vadym, Stipke or Larosa.
    I think that'd be fun!

  2. "Mike motherfucker Rashid"… Don't get carried away to look awesome … I didn't like that thing you said like an illiterate guy … It doesn't looks awesome

  3. Whatever exercise does Chris heria do its look complete and perfect … But Mike Rashid exercises look incomplete and stiff

  4. Not for me i dont say its easy. I say its hard asf. But thats because im a person that is too stubborn of a man to allow anything to hold me back ill always knock it down untill i trully cant keep trying and thats when im dead. Keep that in mind as a warrior. If im breathing ill keep going

  5. Even when you big their are stoll muscle needing to train but thats exciting it can always get you that extra inch

  6. "In one of my youtube channels" – well, this is one channel, and you have a number of future youtube channels, so I think it is correct to say it the way you said it.

  7. He is doing more reps than you, but the biggest mistake is he is not doing even one exercise properly as you are doing. He just wanna show how strong he is. I didn't like him. He is showing off.

  8. Ahaha people saying the black guy is weaker because he does less and doesnt always get his chin over. Even tho hes 100 off point bigger then .the white guy

  9. The reason I just became a fan of Mike is because he was pushing Chris I like that and that whole speech he said about mind over matter I like that. Keep it pushing i love y'all and thanks for the videos fr Imma one day thank you in person cuz I'm taking this with me into the military 😎💪🤙

  10. This should be titled “looking strong vs being strong” lol
    I love your videos bro. your app is definetly a big help at the gym. Thanks

  11. Calisthenics and bodybuilding are two different side of same coin.
    But I would prefer calisthenics over bodybuilding.i find it more engaging for my body

  12. I took his advice on thinking something is hard and smashed my pushup record of 30 legit push ups in a row. Next is 35!

  13. Yall mf workout and talk shit like Mlilitary do 😂 “you gotta show off?” Next workout *100 times harder. (11 left to go for first rep)

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