méfiez-vous du gingembre🌱 ne le consommer jamais Si vous avez l’un de ces cas de figure

méfiez-vous du gingembre🌱 ne le consommer jamais Si vous avez l’un de ces cas de figure

do not consume it
never if you have any of these cases Cuckoo but loves I hope you
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because here it is at the heart of well-being be it beauty tips, life tips
great mother’s tricks trick houses anything that can
affect your well-being in general go right here in the heart of well-being beware of ginger never consume it if you are in any of these cases
this is with pleasure that I come today
you share in which cases you do not should never have eaten ginger then
although it also contains several health benefits
ginger is a very plant beneficial to our body in traditional Chinese medicine it is used for more than 2000 years to
treat the problems of diarrhea decreased libido of migraine colic
nausea of ​​attrition and many others still it is consumed fresh dried you can just enjoy from his excerpt please watch
the video until the end not to miss no details in order to know in which
conditions you do not have to consume ginger is to know what are
its benefits also for health it is a very good home remedy
natural remedies to do tricks of grandma and well
still others the benefits and the jem properties
you can regulate the traffic sanguine
thanks to its zig and man your content man and contains two properties
antibacterial it is also a powerful antioxidant
it can reduce nausea because it is an anti-breakage a natural anti-emetic
to effectively combat nausea problems women
pregnant who are suffering from this problem find their account
also it improves the metabolism thanks to its properties and homogenic this
which reduces inflammation in the intestines and accelerates digestion it
can reduce stress levels by because of its signol content
make up and that produces an effect relaxing
yes my dear ones and you migraines case they block potash production
glady a substance that ignites the blood vessels
it can improve the absorption of nutrients by increasing the function of
enzymes and stomach simulation that for contraindications
ginger mecheri before we go further on I beg you first of the
crate is empty and also breakdowns we comment on it if you
also know some contraindications of ginger
which might not be included in this video because it will help certainly well
others and especially to share it at maximum on social networks but
shihri case she will help well others the fact that you will play the video
you commented news to share also encourages us to income
always with bellevue two like it’s a website to help you take
care of your well-being center 100 natural then in which case you are not going
never consumed ginger when you take anticoagulants
if you take aspirin for example from the profane level or the next no or
any other anticoagulant consumption ginger and is not recommended
because this plant has the same effects as this medicine
if you combine these drugs with ginger you will definitely
increase the risk of chip noz or bleeding in terms of
nigen benefits already joined cited more high but darling so only if you
are in this case and it’s not all the gym has also
is proscribed for those who suffer from hypertension problems
yes but schirrhein we what they do not know how
proceed own person ginger or for those who are completely ignorant
what is the best method know that the young group consume
cooked will be more concentrated in antioxidants why because cuche
you’re cooking ginger over the antioxidant concentration will be more
elevated then my darlings if you tell yourself see many of us sugar lounger
for you want to see what I’m going finally done with his immense and of
garlic ginger that this video maxime have shared it so that the number of
lakes are numerous and that encourage me to come quickly with everything
what you need to know with cm1 cdg enters the heavy machinery
but if just to have helped series 2 until the end we will take
in an upcoming video like usually but before anything there that
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bevel jewel havana

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  1. Merci beaucoup, je croyais que c'est mauvais pour les hypertendus, d'ailleurs j'ai arrêtée de le prendre depuis que je suis touchée par ça

  2. Bonjour Mon Cher Frère Dangani…Vous ADMIRE beaucoup au travers de Vos multiples PUBLICATIONS…Puissiez-vous en Faire Un LIVRE pour Nous Les VENDRE ?…Ce serait mieux à Mon avis…Merci bcp et DIEU vous INSPIRE davantage…A . K . E…

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