Meet the 6’8, 400-lb World’s Strongest Man

Meet the 6’8, 400-lb World’s Strongest Man

(slow rock music) – [Brian] I have to own my size. I can’t go and be like, “Well, I wanna trade my body in. I wanna be smaller.” It’s not gonna work. Right now I’m 6’8. And about 400 pounds. My name is Brian Shaw. And I’m the World’s Strongest Man. (upbeat music) The heaviest I would
compete is about 420 pounds. – [Interviewer] What do you have to do to maintain that eating wise? – [Brian] To be honest,
it’s a lot of eating. Gotta have the peanut butter. I’ll buy at least close to ten pounds if not more of the meat. I end up pretty much buying
everything they have. You know, on a typical
day I’ll probably consume at the very low end 5-6,000 calories a day and the upper end would
be about 10,000 a day. (whirring) – [Interviewer] We saw the video of you going through aisle on the plane. – [Brian] Yep. – [Interviewer] Are there
any moments like that on any day-to-day that
you have to deal with? – [Brian] It does happen. Fitting different places, and it can be challenging. I find it a little bit
hard when things are tiny. Like I definitely like
my utensils to be bigger. My wife and I have different spoons, we have different forks that we use. Because my fingers are so big, typing is a little bit harder. You kind of learn to adapt to it because they’re not gonna make a keyboard bigger just for me. The reason I actually
sit like a lot in these folding chairs is ’cause
a lot of office chairs have arms on ’em, you know, and I can’t fit my hips, ’cause you can see I’m
kinda off of this chair. So that’s what works. – [Interviewer] Do
people kinda look at you and be like, “Wow, that’s a huge guy.” – [Brian] A lot of people do look. It’s kind of funny because I don’t really notice it anymore. I like being big. I’ve kind of embraced it. I’ve always been able
to do stuff with my body whether it was playing
basketball or strong man or really anything. But it’s a positive thing, too. (light music)

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  1. Me: I’m strong

    Thanos: I killed everybody

    Man: I don’t think so

    Thanos: sh-

    Man: commits snap

    Me: he ended his whole career

  2. We all came from the same ancestors because there are 3’9” people with bronze-skin in villages in China and 7’ people with cream skin in Europe/America.

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