Meal prep as a college student! Bulk/Shred

Meal prep as a college student! Bulk/Shred

Oh how's it going y'all so if you've already seen my last video welcome back and if you're a new viewer welcome to my channel so just recently I decided to become a prepper I decided to become a mule prepper start prepping my meals for the week and I feel like it just makes things a whole lot easier especially being a college student and not always having time to cook specific meals that are gonna have the calories the carbs the protein and everything else that I'm gonna need throughout the day so seeing as I'm currently bulking all of the portions that you're going to see in this video are gonna be high calorie high carb high protein portions but you can always exercise portion control and just modify this to your liking in the description I'm definitely gonna have a link which is basically gonna have the ingredients they're macros and just everything that I did in order to prepare these meals just a little helpful tip before I continue for those of you that are bulking keep in mind that the amount of calories that you're taking in is going to need to exceed the amount of calories that you expend throughout your day basically you're always gonna want to be in a caloric excess throughout your day so I don't know about you guys but the whole black pepper salt on chicken breast every single day does not work for me I need to mix it up I need something new each day that being said these meals are gonna be quick simple and very easy to make while still being tasty all right so let's head to the kitchen and I'll show you guys what I picked up for today's meal prep ok so here's everything that I went ahead and picked up for this week's meal prep we've got a bunch of high quality protein sources I've got some chicken breast some pre-made meatballs and some turkey some ground turkey Tom and then I went ahead and got some frozen caught just because I wanted some fish in the meals we've got our greens behind here I already got broccoli because broccoli believe it or not is all that I like got some rice some potatoes some beans and then some seasonings one thing that you're definitely gonna want to have when exercising portion control is going to be a scale I got a digital scale just because it was the cheapest one that they had at Walmart and it's worked perfectly ok so first we're gonna start off with the chicken what I'm gonna do right now as you can see with these is cutting off all of the fat on the chicken this is gonna allow you to regulate your fat intake you're not gonna want to take in all the fats that come with this chicken for sure so you're just gonna cut off the majority now it doesn't have to be every single piece of fat you just want to get all the big chunks like this one right here and I'm fine alright so we're gonna get a pretty decent sized bowl put our three cuts in there and then I'm not a very picky eater so I'm just kind of gonna throw in whatever I feel like I'm gonna use roasted garlic and herb hopefully that focus is very herb but yeah this is what I'm gonna use to flavor this chicken alright guys so this is what its gonna look like seasoned I'm gonna go get the other meat seasoned and then we'll get right back to it so we've got our fish seasoned our turkey seasoned our chicken seasoned and our meatballs are gonna come pre rolled and pre-seasoned if you guys haven't realized by now everything that i'm using is going to be complete so all of the seasoning is gonna be within the containers and they are all sold at Walmart everything that I've got today was at Walmart and really only takes a few minutes to get prepared so I'm sure everyone knows how to cook rice it's pretty simple since I'm not measuring anything out as of yet I'm just gonna dump the rice in and then now once it's all boiled our rice has reached a boil so we're gonna turn that down to a simmer and let that simmer for a few minutes so the chicken and the ground turkey are gonna be done on the stovetop the meatballs in the cod are gonna be done in the oven so we are going to preheat our oven to 400 degrees and let that heat up so as our pans heating up we're gonna spray that with a little bit of pan then you're going to add our chicken breast now optionally you can put this in the oven but I like the grills flavor on mine so I'm gonna grill it for a little bit and then stick it in the oven after the turkey and meatballs are done we're just looking for this nice char on there we're gonna stick that baby in the oven this way chicken is done and in a pan waiting for its turn in the oven and now I'm gonna get started on the ground turkey so now the pans heated up we've added the ground turkey and we're just gonna slowly break it down into little chunks now ground turkey does not take long at all to mate I've only been standing here for about 10 minutes on low heat and you're basically just gonna cook it until there's no pink left so if you break one apart there should be no pink left on the inside of it all right so turkey is done the rice has finished boiling and now I'm gonna get started on the potatoes and the beans so to start off with these potatoes what you're gonna want to do is thoroughly wash them and once you've washed them you're going to quarter them and then I'm going to add some salt and some black pepper tins so I put the meatballs in the cod on two separate baking pans just because the meatballs are gonna cook way faster than the con is so I'm gonna have to remove that a bit earlier but now that my oven is heated up correctly I'm gonna put the cod in the meatballs in and get those started and I did forget to mention that the cod is only going in for 20 minutes so the cod is done and the meatballs are done I cut a few of the larger ones open to make sure they were fully cooked and now I'm going to add the potatoes and the chicken to the oven okay so the potatoes and the chicken are in the oven at 400 again the potatoes are only going in for 20 minutes and the chicken is going in for 30 so I'm gonna start cooking the black beans and the big time [Applause] gonna cook them one by one and I'm gonna do two cans of black beans and then one big can of baked beans so chicken is done potatoes are done beans are done and everything is finished and fully cooked and now it's time for my favorite part prepping them and putting them all in these cool little containers this is where your scale comes in I'm gonna be weighing virtually everything with the exception of the rice beans and broccoli so I am halfway through packing and this is the finished product guys this is what its gonna look like little tip I wouldn't recommend putting the beans in with a fish or letting it touch anything else since it's gonna kind of get it a little soggy it does have a lot of moisture in there so what I did is I got some separators for beans I forgot to get the separators for these so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to keep the baked beans in a little ziplock tight container and just add it whenever I'm starting my next meal ask for the veg I have a bunch of these little steamer bags they only require five minutes in the microwave so rather than a thaw ball out I'm gonna leave them frozen and then just blast them in the microwave and add them to my meals as I go so yeah guys that is it I will have links with the macros as well as other nutrition facts about these meals in the description as well as on the screen I would really recommend you guys try some of these recipes out there quick easy and delicious I definitely cannot wait to try this card it looks freakin amazing but yeah guys as I said links to everything will be in the description this did not take me long at all so that's all for today guys thank you so much for watching and stay strong

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  2. You're using a metal spatula on a non-stick pan and then you cut your potatoes directly on your metal trays…
    You're really putting yourself up for bad health down the line.

  3. 2:10 broccoli is the only vegy I like!!! 3:13 Now I'm not a picky eater 7:50 don't let the fish touch the beans

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