Lt. Traxler’s Arc | The Terminator [Deleted Scene]

Lt. Traxler’s Arc | The Terminator [Deleted Scene]

– Let’s see how this guy likes hardball.
– Fasten your seat belt, Ed. Go! Go! He’s got her! Nobody goes home. Nobody else comes through. It’s just him and me. Come on, Ed. That was moon talk. The guy’s a wacko, right? He’d better be. Reese! She’s got to stay alive, so… here. Do whatever you have to do.

33 thoughts on “Lt. Traxler’s Arc | The Terminator [Deleted Scene]

  1. One of the things hollywood does is remove/change scenes that would make great movies brilliant. Why?. idfk. And this is not just with regards to Terminator but a pantheon of other films that directors and writers complain about.

  2. To this day, I want an uncut version of this film like how Terminator 2 had an uncut version by adding missing scenes. Too bad I wish they kept the scene of Sarah's narration while looking over adult John playing with his daughter.

  3. Traxler handed Reese a hand gun?? Y?? Didn’t he jus notice that the terminator is destroying the entire police station and the weapons ther using hav no effect on him?? Reese should of gave it back to traxler n sed.. oh now u believe me??!! This gun is useless!! N get the fuck outta ther!!

  4. On the fake news the following day, "Authorities are asking for your help finding this man, Kyle Reese, an EVIL INDIVIDUAL that slaughtered an entire police garrison, kidnapped Sarah Connor, killed the Lt. and stole his side arm." He also shot an unknown, muscular individual, multiple times." "If you see the unknown muscular hero, and have a moment, give us a call so we can award him a medal for trying to stop Reese."

  5. Yeah this scene….it seems out of place. It slows down their escape and relieves the tension. Smart move James👍

  6. Rip Paul Whitefield,his role as lt traxer was ok and does believe Kyle Reese that is the terminator is real and unstoppable killing machine.

  7. How would it be if we saw something like this in the DCEU with Cyborg fights against Grid, Kilgore and Gizmo even though he's not gonna get his own movie?

  8. These deleted scenes with Lt. Traxler are awesome. They flesh out his role and character development throughout the film, and even show him almost believing Reese's story before the shootout, and 100% believing afterward. He tells Reese to protect Sarah at all costs and gives him his gun before dying. It also explains where Reese got the gun from. With all that being said, I can see why James Cameron cut them from the final version of The Terminator. Still pretty awesome

  9. Instead of the terrible sequels, they should of made an alternate storyline film…Traxler & Company, Terminator Hunter

  10. "Nobody else comes through. It's just him and me." I see why they cut this bit out: otherwise no potential sequels.😉

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