LIFE BEYOND:  Chapter 1. Alien life, deep time, and our place in cosmic history (4K)

LIFE BEYOND: Chapter 1. Alien life, deep time, and our place in cosmic history (4K)

In all of time on all the planets of all the galaxies in space what civilizations have risen, looked into the night seen what we see asked the questions that we ask? What we see around us is staggering complexity. How is it possible? Living organisms are created by chemistry. We are huge packages of chemicals. And what are the ideal conditions for chemistry? Well, first, you need energy. But not too much. What we want is just the right amount and planets it turns out are just right because they are close to stars but not too close. You also need a great diversity of chemical elements. And you need liquid such as water. Why? Well, in gases atoms move past each other so fast that they can’t hitch up. In solids atoms are stuck together, they can’t move. In liquids they can cruise and cuddle and link up to form molecules. Liquid water is just so good for getting evolution going. Molecules can dissolve in the water to form more complex chains Now where do you find such goldilocks conditions? Well, planets are great. And our early Earth was almost perfect. It was just the right distance from its star to contains huge oceans of liquid water. And deep beneath those oceans are cracks in the Earth’s crust Fantastic chemistry began to happen. Atoms combined in all sorts of exotic combinations. Here on our planet microbes have adapted to survive the most hostile conditions. Arid deserts, the frozen Himalayas, in trenches under thousands of tons of pressure in the ocean deeps. In the vacuum of a space simulator lifeforms have been flourishing for years without oxygen. Very very quickly, as soon as the Earth cooled off after its formation, we know that life began here. Because it happened quickly here on Earth we think it’s going to happen quickly on other planets as well. We know that the galaxy is awash in water. It’s awash in organic molecules and complex chemistry. All of the things that we know were necessary for life to begin on this planet exist in abundance throughout the galaxy. Did something similar to what happened on our own planet happen on those other planets? There are more habitable Earth-mass planets in the observable volume of the universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth. The discovery of just one bacteria on Mars or any other party of the Solar System would indicate that the whole chain of evolutions — cosmic, chemical and biological is at work everywhere. In that case the creation of life anywhere in the universe would be more the rule than the exception. Within all of our lifetime, we are going to understand that there is life on other bodies in the Solar System. We are going to understand the implications of that for evolution of life here on Earth. We are going to find other planets around other stars that we can say we see potential signs of habitability in their atmospheres. That’s all going to happen in the next 10 to 20 years. How exciting is that? We are on the verge of things that people have wondered about for millennia: “Are we alone?” And here we are, on the verge of finding that out. The universe is nearly 14 billion years old. And our galaxy is something like 12 billion years old. So, there could be life out there that could be dramatically more advanced than the life that we have here on this planet. The only elements that were created in the Big Bang were Hydrogen, Helium, and a little bit of Lithium. All the stuff that makes your life livable — those elements weren’t created in the Big Bang. The only place they were created is in the fiery cores of stars and the only way they can get into your body is if the stars were kind enough to explode. 24° C Subtitles by the community

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  1. Yo guys. Tried to up my game with this one. A massive topic so there will be more to come if there’s an appetite. What do you think? Any questions for me??

  2. This is a master piece and so is this channel,
    which i do not want the mediocre crowd to discover at all .

    This is for the selected few not all can understand the beauty, essence and its meaning .

  3. It's not random that you are inhabitating your body right here right now out of all beings throughout all the universe. You are absolutely the most complex creation the universe has produced. We have it in our hands to develop Artificial Superintelligence and colonize our Galaxy and beyond within the coming century. We are it, we are the spark of intelligent life so beyond anything the universe has yet produced. There's nothing else like us. Read Max Tegmark Mathematical Universe or life 3.0, he makes the case for us being alone.

  4. Please I would love if Melodysheep put this glorious masterpiece of a soundtrack on Spotify? 😍🤩😱🤯😭🌌🎼

  5. Wow. I absolutely love your work. Mind. Expanded. Thank you. One thought was that thin slice of timeline from the big bang is just the visble universe, so what is outside of that cone, presumably the same in all directions in the invisble to us universe??

  6. This is seriously good quality and unique content. Being obsessed with the Universe as I'm, I've enjoyed every second of it, thank you.

  7. my english is not good but why is still war in our world. why war for oil and other ressources. why kill people other people.

  8. Could have been a good show.. aliens would almost be proud.. except you showed them theres still about 300 million retards using a primitive measuring system like Fahrenheit 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️and now no aliens wanna talk to us

  9. If you still think that there are no life out there remember that this vid was made possible thanks to 16 people (yes this was the first time i enjoyed the credits) Thank you guys! Greetings from Táchira.

  10. Robotics is the next chapter, indestructable, self programming never have to start from zero unlike humans at birth they can implement everything from the beginning, improving faster then the speed of light. No diseases, no space radiation, no muscle tissue loss in space, not aging, no need for food or water, guess that's our job and after we've done that it will be close to the end for mammals in general and "our' robots will spread trough the universe 🙂

  11. The time of the stars will only literally be .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of all time. It's insane.

  12. Nice video. Unfortunately, guys and gals we are alone in our universe. Numerous mathematical explorations of probability say there should be life out there. The big issue is really whether there is 'sentient life' out there, which functions in a similar intellectual capacity to us.

    All mathematical estimates have made the same fundamental error. What's that? They do not address the probability of recurrence elsewhere of a similar set of permutations responsible for carbon-based life like us evolving. Most people therefore have not considered how in all the permutations, Saturn becomes important in our evolution. The very configuration of our solar system is unique. But even that has evolved in other permutations that are not accessible by us.

    Then we must consider the formation of our moon as another key part of the whole thing. What an accidental collision that caused it to form! No moon – then quite probably no life would have emerged here. What if the moon was a little bigger after the collision or a 50,000 miles closer or further away?

    So – in order to create a similar set of conditions for the emergence of carbon-based life by a different set of zillions of permutations, is a very long shot that has not been calculated. I dare say the probability of creating the same conditions by a set of different permutations is exceedingly smaller than all traditional estimates.

    The permutations for us were the result of randomness and chaos in the universe. Those who study the depths of 'chaos' and complexity theory come to realise that particular probabilities, pathways and formations are almost impossible to recreate. Yes – I said 'almost impossible' only because nobody can be 100% certain of these things. What people may then do with that is to say "Ahhahhhhh.. so you admit that there could be a 0.0000000000000000000000000000000001% chance, or worse probability." I can't actually type out a number smaller that 1 in a few zillion centillions (10 to the power of 600). So wishful thinking prevails on the unimaginable small chance that there must be one more like us sentient life out there.

    What those not in the know then argue is 'Well life is possible from silicon or boron bases'. Well anything is imaginable – but those who fathom the limitations of different elemental bases to form complex replicating structures, are on a different kind of fishing expedition. The physical chemistry of other elements that may form chains and crystal-like structures would need extremely different sets of environments stable enough for long enough to evolve into sentient life sustaining combinations. Of course, these – if they exist would be unimaginable. If sentient life were to emerge from silicon base for example, I can bet it would look very very different to us and be supported by a crazily complex environment. Anything is possible in theory – via some set of unknown permutations that may create the right conditions. So – there is a lot of wishful thinking out there.

    But bear in mind I'm not really focusing on sub-sentient life. The evolution of sentient lifeforms is another level of improbability that is very difficult to explain. So, I'm sorry to defy the authority of the likes of the late Stephen Hawking and other great people.

    People then argue that it is arrogant to say that we are alone and 'special' in the universe. I don't see it like that. So, what if we are alone? All it means is that we are a very precious gift of the universe. We had better not as a race be so stupid enough to self-destruct – else we would not have even given ourselves a chance to discover whether we weren't alone.

  13. Each of your video destroye all in my head, it's juste amazing, after see your video, i can see the World and the univers like before

  14. I'm sorry, but humans are already extinct …
    They must thank their conscientious delay with respect to technological progress …
    Maybe next time…

  15. Great video, I just wish the parts that you have to read were instead spoken. Easier to pay attention to the video when you don't have to constantly read what is on screen.

  16. Copycatting unproven theories hardly qualifies for any advancement of knowledge but rather helps to embed the "facts" of these unproven theories in the heads of humans as KNOWLEDGE. A big bang?? Seriously?? Cosmology is in the corner not "on the verge". "On the verge" spells "more research funding needed". Most modern scientists are more like a bunch of junkies itching for more cash. A true research into the nature of things is being frowned upon and dismissed by the church-like "scientific community". More attention needs to be paid to the Electric Universe theory.

  17. I absolutely LOVE this channel!!!!! So much knowledge about space and time and matter that I never knew I was interested in! The visuals are great!

  18. We are so lucky to be able to watch this for free in 4K … I am so grateful. I have hope for Youtube again. Thank you so much for your work ! I hope there will be a next video. If I can just make a comment for the next one : if you can put more recent and more specific informations about things we don't know and the recent discoveries : it would be absolutely perfect.

  19. great video amazing editing and vfx thank you for such a awesome content. we are the last species on this universe that's all i know.

  20. If you wanna take a few bong rips, let your logical side fade into the shadows, and see some neat effects in HD, then this video is for you. Otherwise, it's a slurry of vague scientific sounding deepities, grounded on the illogical idea that our planet is perfectly set up for life. This is probably one of the most frustrating and ignorant interpretations of our 21st century understanding of the universe and our planet; the goldilocks principle. Yes, OUR current life(for the most part) has a essential connection with water. Hell, we are mostly made of H20. But this idea that life can only exist IN THE UNIVERSE with water and other ingredients we currently observe to be essential, is as closed minded as it gets. We don't know how we got here, where we are, or what we are supposed to do. But if we are to ever find the answers to these questions, having an open mind seems like the first step to me. That being said, the sound and visuals are great:)

  21. My theory about the universe it that intelligent life and space are in a sybiotic relationship. Space gives us the raw materials to survive and thrive and then we create after millions and millions of years univere-like simulations. The universe gives us life and we reproduce other universes from the one we came from. And then those other simulated universes have intelligant life that repeat the process. So the void of existance is basically filled with lots and lots of different universes or in other words dimensions. Not all simulated dimensions or universes will be successful so thats why when its our time to make that simulation we have to make sure that we give enough materials to that life for it to thrive and keep the circle of existance going. Monsters,ghosts,unexplainable phenomenoms may be creatures or beings from other simulated dimensions that figured out how to exit there universes and are now in others. We in a simulation could also explain wierd "glitches" and time parodoxes that scientists talk about. Big bangs may be a simple universally common thing that happen when simulations start to happen. Each universe with their own physics and properties. So in theory we could be inside some intelligant beings simualtion and later on in the future we could be reproducing the next set of dimensions. There is absoulutely no proof of this being true but its just something to think about you know.

  22. Aliens are ultra terrestrial (inter dimensional). There is no life in our cosmos. No matter how far you go in light years there is nothing but rocks. 👽

  23. I feel that there actually is a sign of supreme Intelligence through the cosmos. It is so huge that we miss it.
    The Universe itself. I mean how would all this exist if no Intelligence would create it. This is far too complex and amazing, in fact so complex we barely scratched the surface as said in the video.
    I call it God (Allah). Please don't hate me, I just used some common sense here.

  24. The question isnt if we will find life, but will it be Primitive or Civilized. Do we find it before it becomes aware they found us already.

  25. YouTube suggested this video and I’m really please it did! Gus-pumps I got watching it… really well made, music is awesome, tasteful and well narrated… thank you 💕🦄

  26. Why do people assume life needs water to exist? We have no idea what life, the nature of living, truly is. All we know is organic, carbon-based life like ours requires it. That doesn't mean life can't exist in other ways. Surprised people who actually think a lot about the existence of other life keep water as a must-have factor…

  27. Lifeform can exist even in the imposibble condition, because they will adapt with it, maybe there are rock golem kind, lightning bird or poisonus ivy

  28. Aside from the fact that you made an amazing video, I am still confused about the nature of matter which according to Quantum physics is made of waves that are collapsed when observed…right? If so who observed what you are describing to be the origin of our world??????

  29. The chances that intelligent life is out there in the universe is just too great. Hell, intelligent life has been achieved multiple times here on earth. Just unfortunate circumstances wiped it out. But again, and again, intelligent life formed, and here we are today. What makes you think this CANNOT happen anywhere else? Travelling the vast distances between planets though… that's where the (near) impossible feat lies. Nice show, subscribed!

  30. Why do I get the feeling that the person behind this Neanderthal's explanation of life and everything is made by a brown or black person.

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