LGR – The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff Review

LGR – The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff Review

[jazz music plays] Oh good, another Sims 4 Stuff pack. Just what I always wanted. This time it looks like it’s about… fitness! Oh, goodie. What do you think, Ralph? [jazz piano interlude] Yeah, I thought so. Well, thanks yet again to the folks at Maxis for sending me a review code for this pack. Because, man, I did not want to pay the $10 asking price for this one. Aright, let’s dive headfirst into the nonsense, starting with Create-A-Sim crap. You get a handful of haughty hairstyles. They’re fine, I guess. You get some shirts and pants. Those are also fine, I guess. And you also get a pair of shoes and leggings, and that’s fine enough, too. I guess. There’s also some new Buy Mode thingies like a couple windows, doors and wallpapers. There are two new chairs and a lone lounger that works exactly like a chair, a small selection of rugs, shelves, wall ornaments, and tiny mirrors that Sims can’t use as a mirror, followed by a bulky standing mirror that helps you deal with the
bulk of your Charisma problems. Four tables with translucent bits and corners that appear lethally sharp. Some predictable bathroom items
for your predictable bathroom. That plant covered cement thing with a hole in it. Three lights of different heights
that all look exactly the same. And a rock that lights up and
looks suspiciously unfinished. Oh, and there’s some workout stuff, too, 66% of which you already have in another form and can pretty much completely ignore. There’s a remodeled treadmill and weight machine, but who cares, because the
main thing you’re paying for is this gigantic rock climbing wall. or rather, it’s a gigantic climbing treadmill, complete with multiple workouts
and challenges to endure. This works a little differently
from the other workout items in that you don’t initially have
access to everything it can do. You have to build your way up to it. And I thought this was a pretty cool idea since it seemed like the outcome of
each climb and the unlocking speed was affected by your Fitness skill. But the more I played it, the more
it seems entirely up to chance. Even with a maxed out fitness skill, my Sims were still failing climbs left and right, which made unlocking things
more annoying than engaging. As you clumsily unlock climbs, your Sim will set a time which
other Sims can attempt to beat. And I thought this was pretty neat as well until I realized it is once again pretty random. Much like bowling scores in
the Sims 4 Bowling Stuff pack, your climb times aren’t something
you can do much about directly. You just click on it and eventually a message pops up saying how you did in the form of a time. Kind of makes sense, seeing as Sims
exist on a wibbly-wobbly time scale that doesn’t really match the real world. But still, I would have liked a
little more involvement than this. Ah, well, at least Sims can be burned alive if they’re not careful with the hardest climbing mode, which spouts fire at them for “motivation.” Ah, this is some straight-up
mad scientist-style evil right here, and I welcome this flame-broiled chaos with open arms. And mine aren’t the only arms opening since there’s a new set of workout
videos for Sims to boisterously mimic and bounce their booty at. These are the kind of animations
I expect from fan-made mods, but seldom see officially. Remember the twerking mod? Pepperidge Farm remembers. I also like that they have added earbuds to the game, which can be ordered in various
colors from the Sim Internet. Or they’ll just be thrust upon your Sims at Random by a desperately forceful marketing intern. On the other hand, are these not
the loudest ear buds on the planet? Just listen to this! (rock music volume increasing) Oh, my condolences to your Sim’s hearing because I imagine it is going to be utterly destroyed by these 2,000-watt earbuds! I guess they wanted you to still
be able to clearly hear the music, but I think it should sound more like this personally: (tinny, muted rock music) Yeah, didn’t that sound more believable? I don’t know maybe it’s just me. Anyway, that’s The Sims 4: Fitness Stuff pack. Is it packed with enough stuff
for you to spend $10 on it? Well I sure don’t think so. You’re basically paying 10 bucks
for a nefarious climbing wall that attempts to kill your most-skilled Sims, some yoga pants, some animations
and a few pointy tables. Granted, I do like the look of some of these things and mostly because of the wood grain. And while I can definitely
appreciate a good Sim-slaying device that breathes fire as a reward for failure, I cannot possibly recommend paying full price for it. Stuff packs are almost always pretty forgettable for me, but this one is really high up
there in the forgettable spectrum. So much so that I already forgot
what I was talking about. Was it hamburgers? Mmm, burgers! Yeah, go buy a $10 burger instead. I think you’ll be happier. (Latin guitar music) And if you got some use or enjoyment out of this video, perhaps you’d like to see some of my others. They’re linked to here and there’s always new videos
coming out every Monday and Friday here on LGR. And I thank you very much for watching.

100 thoughts on “LGR – The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff Review

  1. It's actually not the fitness skill that decides whether your good at the wall or not. It's actually a secret skill that goes up the more your on the wall. Sorry I'm late, I just thought you'd like to know. It was in the Sims broadcast.

  2. I used to enjoy your reviews, but you always sound so negative towards the sims 4 lately. Even though they have made big improvements since launch.

  3. wait i came back here and I just realized

    this was posted in my birthday oh god now i will remember my birthday with EA getting burned by LGR

  4. Just waiting until a new simulator of real life game for pcs jumps out and has cc also. So ea can wake the fuck up of their lazy asses. Anyone else?

  5. Maybe they are experimenting at this point fitness stuff should be $7.50 it barely comes with anything and the climbing wall doesn't look very fun just imagining my sims on fire can they actually die from being on fire? Oh… Idk but the earbuds are cool if they turn them down a bit maybe a future update????

  6. Well.. I like some of the stuff as to have new activities to do or new ways to decorate your home in Sims 4,
    yet 10 bucks for these few new things?.. well… I would maybe think about buyin' it if it'd be for 5 bucks~

  7. Well…definitely WON'T be buying the fitness pack. The tables look cool enough and the ear buds could be handy BUT it's not enough to make me want to buy it. Why the fk do they call it a fitness stuff pack when really there is a lack of fitness equipment? I've just been reading about EA and their shady business practices and lawsuits and it surprises me that they are still around although not so surprised that they are pretty much a hated company. Rightly so in my opinion if their history as a company is anything to go by.

  8. Imagine how many fun things they could have added to this. I mean there is so much you can do working out and doing sports. Instead they pretty much just gave us a climbing wall.

  9. I enjoy your reviews, and nearly always like them. However in this particular review I felt that you were taking away from the overall additions to the pack. The animations and custom TV channels are a realistic and needed concept for stay at home moms and so on. While I'm not a fan of the wall itself I still think it was a fun idea. As for the additional fitness equipment there should be better and more stylistic versions even if we already have something that works. All that said, I'll always watch your reviews first and I'm also aware your not a big fan of stuff packs in general. Thanks for taking the time to give a review on the pack all the same.

  10. They could have added so much more into this pack and also being able to own your own gym. That would have been perfect honestly but no. They had to screw it…

  11. After reviewing the Sims 4 Pets..I have admit that EA is really starting to suck at these packs. Thank God for cc and mod creators! frfr

  12. i'm mostly annoyed that u can only listen to two (2!!!!!!) stations in the headphones,,,, i want my sims to listen to some s-pop!!! it would've been rlly cool if they added podcasts for them to listen to as well!!! they don't even have to be skill building like in sims 3, they could just be the equivalent of the talk radio station

  13. When you notice a pattern of stuff packs including what came in the Sims 3 base game face palm
    For example, I remember my Sims in Sims 3 could work out to the TV without needing a stuff pack to achieve that small feat. To music too, I think.

  14. The Sims 4 would be so damn cool if Sims 1-3 didn't exist. Our expectations and knowledge of what they're able to achieve are too high for EA to fool us now 😂

  15. Ngl I really like the furniture that comes with this and the rock wall thing looks cool but man EA is just shitting out stuff pack ideas now lmao

  16. Earbuds and working out with the tv should’ve been added as freebees. They are everyday life stuff. This isn’t worth $10

  17. Actually I want this if only for the Earbuds! You wouldnt believe how much I hate not hearing my favorite music when my sims enter another room!

  18. I just wonder, does EA still sends you Sims expansions to review so harshly. Not that what you said is not true, this DLC is really too expensive for its content, but imagine the feel of the creators 😀

  19. Also, if you live in an apartment, neighbors get pissed off because of the headphones thingies.
    Apparently, these are too loud.

  20. The more of your Sims videos I watch, the more intrigued I get about the series in general. Seems widely popular with soccer moms and MLG pros alike, and I can't help but wonder why.

  21. This pack was such a let-down. I was hoping for completely new fitness items. Like a pull-up bar, a rowing machine, stationary bike, etc. No, we got the same items that we got in base game and spa day (for some reason – I have never seen a spa which included fitness items so that was weird). I liked the climbing wall but that's it.

  22. That’s why I just love your reviews ! They actually determine if I buy the damn thing or not EA should pay you ! Lol you just saved me 10 pounds !

  23. I liked how I could buy individual items in Sims 3 on the store, like the climbing wall. I don't want to pay ten dollars for a stuff pack I will rarely use. I just want the climbing wall!

  24. originally I got this thinking I was just paying for a rock wall but honestly I was pretty happy with the aesthetic of the furniture and the light fixtures. I think they are def over charging for some of this content when they could instead be saving them for larger packs…like if they had done this right they could have combined this with the spa pack and even maybe include other fitness options that aren't just the same as what we already have. Maybe a wii fit type of thing would have been neat or maybe include workout with a tv show option. like they really cut themselves short and in the end these don't feel worth it.

  25. What i like about this channel is that no matter how much they bribe you with codes, you will keep slapping the truth to their face 😂👌 10/10 review

  26. im glad that the fact ea essentially paid you to review this pack doesnt mean youre not going to be critical of it. cause WOW they are milking this game for every last dollar huh

  27. They had so many opportunities: Dumbbells, terra bands, barbells, rowing machines, smoothies, supplements and so on and so forth. And what we get get is… this.

  28. EA could really go more further with this stuff pack, I mean, they could've added more machines, more exercises, the Sims could become personal trainers and work in a gym or dance teachers.

  29. Right now on PS4, this and some of the other Stuff Packs are FINALLY on sale for half off. I think they may be worth it at this point,

  30. Lol, i rather download this game pirate than buy this stuffpack that supposedly exist in base game. You dare to force us buy your expensive expansions? screw you, we got Captain Jacksparrow!!!

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