LEGENDS — Full Commercial — Rogue Fitness / 8k

LEGENDS — Full Commercial — Rogue Fitness / 8k

♪ ethereal music ♪ In life there are the strong-willed, the innovators and the outliers. Those who turn right when everyone else turns left. Their passion is their compass. Their dreams, future stories to be told. It is this bold attitude that makes them, Legends. ♪ music swells ♪ They weren’t the first. And they won’t be the last. ♪ ethereal music fades ♪

21 thoughts on “LEGENDS — Full Commercial — Rogue Fitness / 8k

  1. look Rogue, we all know that adidas bought like 1000 of your bars, plates and racks for the crossfit games so therefore you have to put them in every one of your videos. Any legit strength athlete weather pro or amateur looks down at crossfitters. That you put Rich Froning even in the same category as Vasily Alekseyev, Bill Kazmaier, becca swanson ect. is disgraceful. Those men and women made strides and did feats of power thought impossible. All crossfit is a mashed together bastard child of many great strength sports. Don't sell out on us.

  2. Ijust got fired from rogue fittness tofsy by tony steve falsely im going on social media and in the community to get Rouge out of here

  3. The oeners dont care about there workers they just krep firing good workers za guy the name of tony fired me for no reason but here say didnt even bring in my acuser this goes on all the time they have ba bad rep in the black community

  4. I love this commercial so much, it reaches out to me and touches my heart and soul, I can feel it in the music and this mans voice 👌❤️

  5. all these people that talk shit about crossfit who don't even lift and fail to understand that lifting is a community that we all love equally

  6. Reminds me of all of the WWII vets that taught me how to lift at Olympic Health Club in CLE. I learned a lot about lifting and even more about life at that old gym.

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