Lean Bulk Workout For Maximum Muscle Gains

Lean Bulk Workout For Maximum Muscle Gains

Hey Guys Kevin Kreider with Pursue and in
this next YouTube video I’m going to show you my new maximum muscle program that I’m
coming out with. Its combining power and strength all in one. So you get that maximum muscle with adding
as little fat as possible. So I’m here in California and I’m going to
go to Venice beach and I’m going to hit up that workout and show you what its like. I’m at venice beach, this is muscle beach
right, yeah? I’m going to take my shirt off, first time
I’m working out without a shirt on outside. I feel a little self-conscious. I shouldn’t have eaten all that food last
night. So guys you want to do a power movement for
power body. So my power lifting for maximum muscle and
strength includes reverse pyramid training and pyramid training. Today I’m doing reverse pyramid training where
I’m starting off with my heaviest load first. And then I’m going to get a low amount of
reps. And then what I’m going to do is decrease
the weight and increase the reps. So I’m going to do that for 3 sets. So I’m doing it with all pushing motions such
as the incline bench press. I’m also doing the flat bench press, overhead
press, triceps pushdown, and dips. So we’re going to do the incline press, trying
to get 6 reps with this. Ah the sun! So were just some of the exercises I wanted
to show you. The rest is the military over head press followed
by tricep pushdowns or the overhead dumbbell triceps extensions. The full program where I’m in the gym is going
to be out soon as well with some reps and some schemes I’m going to place it down in
the description later. And thats actually going to be a regular pyramid
set you are going to do. This is the reverse pyramid so your going
to start off with heavy weight first and go low in reps and then next set, high reps,
take off a little bit of weight, third set same thing. So thats whats going to be in this workout
you are going to do. Its a day 1 and its a pushing motion. And also too guys if you liked what you watched,
please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Like, comment, and I’ll see you soon.

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  1. Hey Kevin, any tips for sticking to the nutrition routine through the holidays? They keep bringing cookies to the office!!!

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