Krusty Gets Busted Again

Krusty Gets Busted Again

Hello? Mrs. Simpson? I’m sorry to inform you that Krusty will once again not be joining Bart for dinner. Oh dear, this is the fifth time he’s cancelled. How can he hurt someone who loves him so. I’ve wasted my womanhood asking that same question. Now what do we say when we get to the ticket booth? We’re under six. And I’m a college student hehe. Kids, I have some bad news. Krusty isn’t coming to dinner again. Oh man… Oh… Oh… Dear Krusty. This is Bart Simpson. Krusty buddy number 13602. Respectfully returning his badge. Oh.. Don’t worry. Daddy’ll fix it. Why oh why? Delilah? Brrr… [Humming] Time to make 50 bucks. [Humming] And now to help introduce our fantastic new burger, Krusty the Clown! Why you little! Stop! Stop! He’s already dead! [Struggling] Krusty the Clown everybody. And big red hair that came out to, yeah, yeah like that. Well it is simple charcoal rendering, but is this the man? Yeah. Earlier this evening, the Springfield SWAT team apprehended the TV clown… …who appears on a rival station opposite our own Emmy award winning Hobo Hank. Wow dad. Homer, can I get you a beer? No, I want to get him a beer! Kids, kids, kids, you can each get me a beer. Artists sit in jail on a lifetime hitch, the only way out is to become a prison snitch. Oh why did I sing that out loud?

100 thoughts on “Krusty Gets Busted Again

  1. I thought this was a clip from a real episode at first, then I looked at the channel. Such a seamless edit 😂

  2. Everything's going homers way lately. I'm guessing that he's killing fat Tony's subordinates to get back at him for killing his dummy. And what better way then to get immunity as the mayor.

  3. Homer: I'm not krusty! I'm homer simpson!

    Fat tony: the same homer simpson who crashed his car into our club?

    Homers brain: ugh, you can stay, I'm leaving! (Leaves homers head)

    (Point of view from outside the mob car)
    multiple gun shots

  4. This reminds me of that one Family Guy episode where Peter impersonates James Woods and tries to ruin his reputation – Seemless edit as always!

  5. Krusty: … the only way out is to become a prison snitch.

    (Prisoners look at him)

    Krusty: Errr I mean BITCH.

    Other prisoner comes from behind and starts message Krusty’s shoulders.

    Krusty: I should have said stretch. Could have rhythm it with wench… oh wait!

  6. I like how Homer is apprehended by Krusty Burger staff but in the next scene he's managed to escape their clutches, remove his disguise and slipped back into the crowd as an eyewitness without a trace of suspicion.

  7. I was expecting such a different scenario. I was expecting Homer dressing up like Krusty so his son is in the mood to have some alone time with his dad and then somehow the actual Krusty is caught as a sex offender.

  8. Plot twist: The Krusty Burger staff restraining Homer after he killed an innocent man was in on the plan to frame Krusty for murder, because they hated Krusty for paying them below minimum wages to sell his burgers.

    I mean, how else did Homer manage to get out of his disguise and give a false statement to the police while no one was looking?

  9. Anyone else wondering if Home gave Bart the Mr Plow treatment before the shower to cheer him up? Also you think Whinne the Pooh can hear Homer when he says "Hello! China?!"

  10. "Artists make a living dressing up like a falafel, artists shed a tear when they're called something awful…"

    "You ain't no falafel!"

  11. This is why you only try to get away with murder if you're the main character. And even then, make sure the story isn't from the investigator's point of view. How many innocent villains have been put away at the bloodstained hands of that Columbo, or those merciless kids with their mystery machine?

  12. Plot twist: Krusty the clown is now once again at the court to prove that he’s not guilty but he reveal that homer is attack him with the hammer to being a career as a clown, Krusty is now finally free but homer is arrested for making a unprofit business at the Krusty burger and abused their company, homer is now sentencing life in prison without any parole

  13. The testosterone levels of a Homersexual.
    Also, "he's already dead" because he killed him 5 times before he hit the ground.

  14. Says a lot about Zombie Simpsons when the only meaningful use out of their show is to be used as clips connecting clips from the original Simpons in a Youtube parody channel.

  15. All of this could have been avoided if Krusty had just come to the ol’ Simpson place for some of Marge’s famous Cheeto dusted porkchops

  16. Homer does not deserve two beers! He deserves two bottles of premium Duff and a large pretzel with large crystals of salt, with a extra creamy doughnut as a sign of love 😊.

  17. Almost thought it was going to be more darker like if the authorities sentenced Krusty to death by pushing him to tree shredder

  18. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I loved the part where Homer is singing Delaila And that Brrrrruh caught me by surprise

  19. Your editing ability gets better and better every episode. Also, contextually I'm a tremendous fan of setting up people for murders they didn't commit, so this fit right in my wheelhouse. Thanks!

  20. Love that part with the Krusty Burglar staying dead! Honestly should have stayed that way with him if the kid said he was already dead earlier on.

  21. I thought of a concept that could be cool for you to try: what if Mr. Burns died whilst Smithers was seemingly the suspect of his shooting, and never got the investigation to go to the Simpsons?

  22. Krusty was actually gonna be homer's alter ego, but they discarded it because it was too complicated…but what happened if it didn't?
    If Homer framed krusty, then is homer framing himself?
    But who was that man who came out the limo?!….was it herb?!
    Or was it just an illusion from homer's stupid brain?
    All these questions will be answered on tomorrows episode of "Dark Simpson's" Only on Fox

  23. I'm not surprised that Krusty the Clown, who is famously Jewish, did not want to come over and eat all those pork chops with the Simpsons.

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