Kota Ibushi will bring the fire to Okada Jan.4! #njwtl

Kota Ibushi will bring the fire to Okada Jan.4! #njwtl

Can you really become a dual champ
if you keep going on like this? Keep this up,
and you won’t leave with anything. January 4th, come at me like you can win this. Ibushi charges the ring, and fakes the attack. I though he’d go for a dropkick. He faked him out.
He put the champion on the mat. Okada… You’re really talking about yourself, aren’t you? Who will walk out with no titles?
Which one of us? Let’s fight. It’s already set. Absolutely, I will win. Goodbye, for now. Kazuchika Okada… And the Jr. TAG LEAGUE 3 time winners,
SHO & YOH… I will be the future of New Japan. Someday, I’ll beat all of you guys. Last night and tonight, I got to face
the champion, but that’s no honor for me, The fact that we lost,
and that I couldn’t even phase him, No matter how hard I attacked, he countered.
It can’t get any more frustrating than this. Right now… Okada and Ibushi are feuding… But soon it will be all about me.
Thank you. Just like I said,
which of us walk out empty-handed? I only have this briefcase,
but I think of it like another title. So, I’ve got something that I’m
putting on the line. So, I may lose this briefcase on that day… Which of us will be the one to take
both the IWGP and Intercontinental titles? Who will it be? Who? It’s been a while… To have this much genuine fun. This match fired me up. The Young Lions are full of potential. Uemura’s so competitive,
and Tsuji’s dedicated to his physique. They have me hyped for the Dome.
I’ll take this to infinity. We’re only a month and a few days away
from the Tokyo Dome. But we’ll keep fighting on the way there. Right before the Tokyo Dome,
we’re facing Young Lions, who lack experience, What does that say?
I want them to make their statement. This proves that New Japan’s wrestling
is of the highest level. We can’t just be satisfied with our three-peet. But even holding this ground takes everything. He likes to provoke, doesn’t he? But I’m not scared at all. It made me laugh. Well… Honestly, I don’t understand the
desire to become a dual champion… But I am glad he has high regards for this belt.
But is that how he shows it? He could have dropkicked me.
I would have let him practice.

25 thoughts on “Kota Ibushi will bring the fire to Okada Jan.4! #njwtl

  1. 0:00 you could really hear the disdain for the idea of dual champion in Okada's voice.

    WrestleKingdom couldn't be nay more hyped.

  2. You can feel the tension for the 3 matches that will change the course of New Japan Pro-Wrestling forever come Wrestle Kingdom 14. Ibushi is sure of himself. Okada is growing to disdain the "dual champion" idea even more. That is so him in character.

  3. Its Ibushi's time, he's gonna be the dual champion. This is literally his wrestling characters destiny. The crowd is behind him, he is no longer a ronin and he's finally gonna take his place amongst the greats as a world champion making history at Wrestlekingdom. Okada, while still the top guy, is feeling his mortality when looking at Ibushi, as well as his disdain for the present politics of NJPW with the double champion idea, thus represent the old guard/king archetype while still being the young current face of NJPW. The only other person that has the storyline in their favor is Naito but Naito had his day. He is the old gunslinger looking at one more chance for glory but Ibushi is the young prince genius whose time has finally arrived.

    Wrestlekingdom is gonna be incredible.

  4. オカダの倒れ方ダサすぎやろ

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