Kinobody One Arm Push Ups Tutorial

Kinobody One Arm Push Ups Tutorial

This is the Kinobody one-arm
push-ups tutorial try-out. One-arm push-ups. Please, like and subscribe. Thank you. This four variations going to teach you to systematically progress you up to a one-arm pushup
feet elevated on a bench. you want to get up to doing 10 reps with ease when you
do 10 reps of this you ready for the next variation which is to start to
build some of that one arm strength so instead of doing two arms the same time
we’re going to go side to side and as you go to the left side using more
strength on this side and less from this side back and forth so the goal again is
to get 10 reps on both sides so the third exercise is when it gets a
really challenging I’m gonna need a ball for this one so so before the side aside
using about 70% strength here then I’m going to turn it up to about 90% and 10% so now I’m gonna show you the one-arm
push-up and to do this with perfect technique what you want to do is you
don’t wanna have your feet to why that’s cheating
a lot of people do this they turn to the side that is a easier when I push up you
want to do a real one I push up with your arm is directly behind your lower
back and you avoid twisting away you keep your chest Square to the ground and
it’s gonna actually take a ton of chest right shoulder strength and triceps to
strength but it also requires a ton of core stability because your body wants
to tipsy have to use your obliques and your entire core to keep you stable and
that’s why people that can do one of push-ups have crazy ab development one
more thing if you want to freak people out and build an incredibly strong upper
body and core you know on parallel with a gymnast or any lifter in any gym then
you don’t want to pull out to the feet up on and push up 28 years of weight
training and I can hardly do this damn still a lot of work to do but okay I
have a goal to work towards thanks to Greg o Gallagher from Kinobody for this
excellent tutorial Congrats man

48 thoughts on “Kinobody One Arm Push Ups Tutorial

  1. whew dont think I could do that one arm pushup
    👍like thumbs up 👍AU 👀 full viewing 👀 support to each other✅

  2. Very cool. I've been doing a different push up each day in March in a twitter fitness group I'm in. Have you tried one hand on the floor and one on the wall? Harder than the ball but easier than 1 arm I think but just a different feel. Are you putting more body weight training in your program or just doing something fun between weight workouts I know you posted a workout in the park a few months back.

  3. Really great tutorial my friend, you did amazing. Don’t think I could lol but definitely something to work towards 😊 great job and video

  4. Super one arm push-up tutorial👊
    Steve, you have the strenght but I think you have to work on the technic.
    Because he was talking about core strenght and so on.
    Stability, core and arm muscles have to work as a synchronised team.
    Watched in full👍
    I love this kind of video's🤗

  5. Awesome video my friend! Wow one hand! BEAST MODE ON!!
    Keep going the hard work! Love to see this type of training!! I’m a big fan
    Groetjes vanuit limburg
    Greetings 👍👍
    ( volledig bekeken ) + aanbevolen

  6. I used 2 do these all the time because it helped me become a killer in arm wrestling like facts….. your form is crazy on point ace great job

  7. Great video friend. Adding this to my playlist. I'm making this a goal to my friend. Hope to post a video of me doing that one day 👍👍

  8. Great Tutorial – many thanks my friend – like 54 – all the best – have a great week – warm greetings Petra

  9. Congratulations on your monetization 💋oh I can't look at those bodies lean I wish I could do that I will one day

  10. Oh my goodness one arm push up! Im guilty about fitness or exercise, i am too lazy to do it that's why maybe i always have back pain and i also have sciatica. If i carry heavy things from the floor and up my lower back hurts so much that its hard to sit at lying down 😭

  11. Man!! You’re a beast!
    One comment – it’s not the strength, you already have it; likely you need neural pattern to develop for such an unusual movement.

  12. OMG! My arms would fall off like Spongebob's did haha, but I know this is totally possible. Just mind over matter and building the strength. Great workout!

  13. Pfffff. dat ziet er echt heel zwaar uit! Nu nog met 1 been op de grond 🙂
    Ik ga het zeker proberen (niet met 1 been hoor)

  14. Try assisted One arm handstand push up back facing the wall similar to one arm assisted push up but way more brutal for the shoulders triceps lats obliques.

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