Killer 40 Minute HIIT Workout // No equipment

Killer 40 Minute HIIT Workout // No equipment

hey guys what’s up welcome to my channel
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today we’re doing a 40 minute hiit workout I’ve had a few requests for a
longer version of a hit workout so here it is and best thing is you don’t need
any equipment for this one we’re gonna be doing 45 seconds of work followed by
15 seconds of rest during the work period you’re working as hard as you
possibly can it’s full intensity but you want to maintain proper form during that
45 seconds during the rest period just keep that body moving and get ready to
move on to the next exercise okay guys my timer is set I’m getting started
right now all you need to do is follow along awesome work guys you are done a
forty-minute hiit that was insane I hope you feel amazing if you do don’t forget
to give this video a thumbs up and comment below let me know what kind of
workout you want to see next also guys don’t forget to hit that link in the
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have a good one and I will see you at the next workout

100 thoughts on “Killer 40 Minute HIIT Workout // No equipment

  1. Well Well, am wallowing in my post workout high. The workout lives up to it's name: Killer. 😣🙈. I love this one too. Am glad I "bumbed" into your workouts Heather. They are spicing up my holidays. 😘👏💪

  2. Well Well, am wallowing in my post workout high. The workout lives up to it's name: Killer. 😣🙈. I love this one too. Am glad I "bumbed" into your workouts Heather. They are spicing up my holidays. 😘👏💪

  3. not a huge fan of having to do my own warm up before doing the actual program, can you do some 1 minute intervals and no music? the exercise music was awful, like most exercise videos, like being trapped in a grocery store or that smelly store at the mall

  4. Hey Heather, I am absolutely in love with your hair style, it is awesome for doing workouts!😊 And thank you for this workout it is one of the best I've ever done

  5. Great workout but DO NOT I repeat DO NOT do this after eating every time I did the lay down push-up I felt like throwing up

  6. Wowowow. Started off thinking "Alright, this isn't so bad. I can do it", then towards the second circuit, I was dying! LOL

  7. Wow finally what I was looking for ! A workout with great music! The others are good but very slow awkward silence. Love this!👍👍👍

  8. Wonderful Hiit workout and challenging repeatition after repeatition but I enjoyed It alots. Thank you so much for sharing…

  9. Omg, this is CRAZY! But I did it!!! Train insane or remain the same. 😊
    Now, I'm on to my yoga, then head out for a walk with my friend. Have a great weekend!!!

  10. New subscriber here! I’ve been working on my fitness over the past year. Working out 5 days a week. I’ve recently become much stronger so I’m looking for more difficult programs, and this one was perfect! Thanks 👍💪

  11. Sweaty mess….this one is great …there are 2 circuits then it repeats the same 2 tough circuits….I'm dripping in sweat

  12. I haven't tried yet but I m sure that I can only able to go half way through…o my!!! I m really 👵….must get train!!!!

  13. Wow!!!! This was killer!! I agree, I do wish there were just one more set for a little more variety, but I came here to sweat and be challenged, and you delivered, big time!

  14. El vídeo es muy bueno, solo le falta una voz de aliento que nos ayude a callar la voz interior que grita: "¡VAMOS A MORIIIR!!

  15. Heather don't you want to do a 1 hour hit work out 🙂 I'm upping my game been loving your workouts really well balanced nice blend of cardio vs strength ….top to bottom.Well thought out.

  16. Great workout, brilliant quality. I made it to 30 minutes, really happy with that. I modified some of the moves because I didn’t think I could do them with good enough form to protect my joints. Anyway, I loved the video will be doing more of your workouts.

  17. Oh my God, this is absolutely amazing! 2 days ago I barely managed 20min of it but today I pushed through! Thank you so much for this workout, this showed me what I am really capable of🔥

  18. You are a Beast! But in a sweet way😊. Catching my breath after completing this workout all the way from Nairobi Kenya, today being a Saturday. Thanks so much for a wonderful session Heather.

  19. Thank you! This was a nice one!! I really enjoyed it and also have to say: You're in a f** good shape! 🙂 cheers, mike

  20. Это лучшая программа за все время моих занятий !!!!!!!!!!браво!!!спасибо большое !!!

  21. love the work out completed it – would prefer not to see them all repeated – maybe a set, then a new set, then repeat the first set and repeat the second

  22. I can say this pushed me. Seeing you pause at times let me know you weren’t a robot but a human being. With trembling hands I pushed subscribe.

  23. Killer!!!! Clues in the title omg an audible sigh from me when have way through and dripping when I realised I've got to do it again. Wow insane indeed. Managed it though , 53 year old male

  24. I started doing some HIIT workouts since April and really couldn't lose weight! Then I found your videos and guess what I lost over stone since May! Love your videos! You are the best Heather! Thank you x

  25. Okay, so i remember complaining about too many repetitions in this workout couple months ago, but I keep coming back to it and over time I started to really enjoy it. It’s one of the very few workouts that still can make me incredibly exhausted. I love it and I do this one once a week. I decided to write down how many repetitions of each exercise i can do within 45 seconds and compare it to the previous week. I really recommend it, it’s a great way to see the progress and it’s really motivating. You’re doing a great job, thank you Heather!

  26. I was doing your 20 mins with weight, 12 mins intense, 10 mins abs and 5 mins plank everyday before. I decided to try this killer today and OMG! I am wrong. I'm dead and exhausted. I will keep working out with your other videos and try this work out later. Thank you. Now I know the true meaning of KILLER, it did kill me. LOVE your VIDEOs.

  27. Wow I didn't realize until after this workout that the YouTube workouts I've been doing have NOT been pushing me to my max. It's hard to judge intensity of workout by skimming video. I feel SO good after this. Would love to see more like this one! Thank you for pushing me!

  28. This is by far the hardest HIIT I've ever done but I managed to finish it! 🙂 Make more videos like this but longer 🙂 Your one of a kind! Thank you for motivating me. ^_^

  29. wowza super tough and challenging, but also fun. Not too repetitive, and the exercises are always changing so it does not get boring.

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