Kids’ Gymnastics Info for Parents | Gymnastics

Kids’ Gymnastics Info for Parents | Gymnastics

When getting your child involved in gymnastics
you must understand that this is a very dangerous sport. The kid will be exposed to dangerous materials
in the gym, metals and pieces of equipment that are unstable. We do try to make sure they are all covered
and safe. It is very important to also understand that
the kid will be getting a lot of their energy so that’ll be helpful at home. It’s also very important that you understand
the student should not be performing any skills at home on the couch, on the bed, in their
back yard unless they have really successfully performed that in the gym over and over again. Even talking to their coach about them doing
anything at home would be necessary in order for their safety. Gymnastics is a great sport. The kid comes in and they’re in a class full
of peers. They learn how to work with other kids, they
learn how to be in a class, it’s very structured. They get good discipline. They get good conditioning for their muscles
and they ultimately always just have a blast. I mean there’s so many things out there the
kids love to flip on and we’re giving them the opportunity to do so and get them out
of your hair. So ultimately the gymnastics is a great sport
for kids to get into and I highly suggest it for anybody that is looking to get their
kid pushing some energy out getting them into a productive sport.

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  1. This gym works differently don't listen to it my gym encourages the complete opposite about training at home I'm sure he just means try a double back at home instead of don't try a cartwheel at home

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