John Connor vs T-600 | Terminator Salvation [Director’s Cut]

John Connor vs T-600 | Terminator Salvation [Director’s Cut]

Olsen, something’s wrong up here. OLSEN [ON RADlO]:
Topside, come in. [JET ENGlNES FlRlNG] JOHN: Outbound enemy aircraft.
I’m in pursuit. There’s human prisoners
aboard that thing. Get after it! [GASPS] OLSEN [ON RADlO]:
Data transfer complete. Connor, we’re joining you topsi– [ALARM BEEPlNG] [JOHN GRUNTlNG] [GRUNTS] [BREATHlNG HEAVILY] JOHN:
Bravo 1 0, do you copy? Over. Eagle 1 to Bravo 1 0.
Bravo 1 0, do you copy? Over. Bravo 1 0, Bravo 1 0,
do you copy? Over? Here. MAN [ON RADlO]:
Bravo 1 0, identify. Over. [SHOUTS]
Connor. MAN [ON RADlO]:
We’ll send units to the extraction point. How many survivors are on-site? Over. One. MAN [ON RADlO]:

100 thoughts on “John Connor vs T-600 | Terminator Salvation [Director’s Cut]

  1. Terminator 1 and 2 parts was the best, the third part was not so good, the Terminator Salvation and Dark Fate was the perfect Terminator movie after both parts, and the Terminator Genisys was the worst and bad movie in all Terminator movie time.

  2. I hate time travel unless it’s anime because using time travel in action movie too many times pisses off your fans and writers could do what ever they fucking want with the story like “hey remember that kid who was suppose to lead man kind, forget about him he’s a terminator now because why tf not”.

  3. One cool thing about this movie are those human machine-hybrids standing in the window in Skynet controlled San Franscisco. You can only see their shadows but, still makes you wonder who those guys were.

  4. Whoever programmed the terminators on how to kill humans is fired. Why throw the human around when they could give a super bear hug breaking every bone in his body, maybe popping their head like a grape. Absolutely stupid!

  5. We failed this franchise by not loving this movie. I loved this movie when I watched it. It came out when I was in the 8th grade and grew up watching T1 and T2 when I was a little kid and T3 in the theaters when it came out. Then we get Genisys and Dark Fate- where the fuck did we go so wrong.

  6. why so many people here have the audacity to say this movie was great when 10 years ago they said "fuck this move, this isn't terminator!" Guess Genesis and dark fate screwed up that bad.

  7. The blue hue wasn't necessary just for nostalgia sake, but to accurately represent the nuclear winter fallout post judgement day. We see that getting a mention in the second movie.

  8. I don't see John Connor ever put on a seat belt when he starts finding that helicopter. Am I the only one seeing that?

  9. It's a shame Salvation wasn't very well received. I thought it was a great movie with some awesome CGI and action scenes.

  10. They really like to throw humans around don't they, it would make more sense to just crush corners collar bone and shoulder when he grabbed him with that 4x sneak attack but decided to throw him and chase him again an again

  11. Cool sound and visual FX. But the story stupidly revolved around Marcus Wright. Marcus Wright should not have been the main character. Should have been focused on battles between the resistance and the Terminators. More scenes like this one and it would have been incredible Terminator movie.

  12. The one thing that kills the action for me is how the terminators have and endless well of opportunities to kill the humans but just toss them to the side instead of ripping their limbs, cave their heads in or break them in half.

  13. I actually Liked this movie, I think it didnt make it to the Trilogy because ppl didnt understand this was the early days of the war, when the humans still could go out in daylight and had regular weapons to take care of the robots, before skynet make the hyper alloys of the HK tanks and T-800 endos.. ppl thought they were getting the Purple laser war from the James Cameron flash backs, but this was set before that, I even liked the idea that John Conner wasnt the leader of the resistance, just a soldier on the front line, the sequel to this movie could of been his epic rise to leader, after the resistance sub got wiped. but oh no every one blamed McG and it wasnt his fault, its just a missunderstood movie,

  14. Skynet needs to do some reprogramming.

    Needs to teach these bots to crush some necks instead of throwing. Much more efficient.

  15. That Huey's got a magic, self-fastening harness!
    I do actually like this film. Would've liked to have seen more of the war on film.

  16. I like how superpowered enemies always throw the protagonist instead of simply ripping them limb from limb and ending the fight immediately. Stupid villain cliches are always the cheapest plot armor.

  17. I really cannot accept that black fate is the official sequel to T2. John Connor is always our hero in the future. I like Salvation more. Dark fate is just a dark history of the franchise that should be erased.

  18. Does Skynet need crowfunding to repair that clear glitch of terminators not being able to kill humans? I think I read it in a comment but is amazing that a terminator without legs think is a good choice to throw its target out of its reach…

  19. Dont get it why Terminators when they have the perfect opportunity to punch through flesh and get instant kill their target….they choose to throw them around instead 😑😐😑😐😑😑👎👎👎👎

  20. Все познается в сравнении….вот глядишь и "придет спаситель" охрененный фильм то оказывается по сравнению с дарк фейт.

  21. @1:49 smh 🤦‍♂️ see this is what I mean.

    Real Terminators don’t throw their targets around like rag dolls and this film seems to not understand that essentially motif.
    Director MCG obviously watched too many comicbook movies.

    This is my main gripe with this film, yes it’s gritty, yes it finally adopts a fresh new narrative and puts a different spin on the series but throughout the entire film all that these machines do is just throw humans around. NONSENSE! It’s terminator not throwanator!!!

    It gets really bad when CGI Arnold who is the first newly distributed T-800 makes its debut later on in the film. Again it wastes like 5 mins throwing John and Marcus around.

    People are hating on TDF but at least in that film the Rev 9 is genuinely trying to kill dani, grace etc. It doesn’t waste time by throwing them about!!

    There’s no logic in this fight scene because this T-600 should have been strong enough to punch its arm right through johns chest!
    Film over. But no plot armour and the PG-13 rating prevails as usual. Not impressed.
    Smh 🤦‍♂️

  22. This film went in interesting directions when it came to the Terminators. This took place long before the war we had seen in 2029, when Humanity was still using bullets and missiles against the vulnerable T-600 models, Terminators which had outdated servomotors when compared to the T-800 and made a lot of deep mechanical whirring noises when they moved. This served to make them more menacing.

  23. lol the T600 gets destroyed by tiny tiny machine gun.*later reads that it shoots 20mm bullets* Oh sorry T600.PLS DONT REKT ME.

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