Joe Biden Goes Berserk And Challenges Man To Push Up Contest

Joe Biden Goes Berserk And Challenges Man To Push Up Contest

So yesterday at a campaign stop in Iowa, Joe
Biden absolutely lost his cool. When someone in the audience had the audacity
to ask him about his son and the entire Ukraine thing. Now before we show the clip, let’s take a
second here to go ahead and say that. Yeah, this guy was asking the question that
was based in pure fantasy and Biden could have just said, listen, you’re spouting Fox
news talking points. This is ridiculous. None of that is true. Thanks for your question, but instead this
was Biden’s response. [You damn liar, man. That’s not true and no one has ever said that. No one has. You see it on the TV. Now I know what do it by the way, that’s why
I not sent her. I don’t. I get up and let them go. Let them go. Fuck. The reason I’m running is because I’ve been
around a long time and I know more than most people know and I can get things done. That’s why I’m running and you want to check
my shape on. Let’s do pushups together, man. Let’s do, let’s run. Let’s do whatever you want to do. No. 2 Like I said, my son has not done anything
wrong and I did not, but any occasion, and no one has ever said anything wrong, I, you
said, I set up my son to work in an oil company and now what? You said, get your word straight, Jack. You dont hear that at an MSNBC. You did not hear that at all. What you heard. Look, okay, I’m not going to get an argument. Your mammo handle, mommy, you need to do it. But] you know, I don’t even really know where to
start with Biden’s unhinged tirade right there. Um, but I think I want to start by saying,
if that was literally any other candidate doing that, the corporate media would already
be calling for them to not just drop out of the race, but drop out of the United States
altogether. They would be calling for them to be crucified
on national television. If Donald Trump had done that, we would be
sitting here talking about it, saying what a horrible human being he is as with the corporate
media, but it’s Joe Biden. So we get nothing but excuses and vindication
saying, well, that guy shouldn’t have asked that question. Now that man, whether he’s a maga troll or
not had every right to ask that question, he had every right to ask that question. Joe Biden, on the other hand, did not have
every right to sit there and ridicule this man with his fat shaming because trust me,
as somebody who struggled with their weight their entire life, I have heard every single
insult that Joe Biden just threw at that guy. Let’s do a pushup contest. Let’s see how far we can run. Let’s race each other. Yeah, I’ve heard that when I was at, when
I was a chubby ass little kid in middle school, I heard that weekly and I know exactly what
it means and it is infuriating and Joe Biden is a piece of crap. Joe Biden is absolutely a piece of crap for
doing that to that man. I don’t care what that man asked. I take this personal, maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe that is my problem, but you know what? I’m going to take this personal on behalf
of every overweight person in this country. I’m taking it personally because I’ve heard
it. I’ve heard it my whole life, and I know exactly
what it means, but Joe Biden in that little tirade, especially at the end where he’s like,
look, fat look, yeah, my name’s Faron. I have had plenty of people say, Hey, a fat,
Oh, excuse me, Farron. Yeah, still happens actually. So I know exactly what he was doing. But beside all that personal issues aside,
let me go ahead and say this. We’ll buy it in. Did their shows that he does not have the
temperament to be the next president of the United States. We already have an unhinged, crazy, arrogant
guy sitting in the white house. We don’t need to replace him with another
unhinged, crazy and arrogant guy just because he calls himself a Democrat. They’re no different in their temperament,
and that is not what we want in the next president of the United States. And I will say it loudly and clear right here. I won’t vote for Joe Biden, not after what
I saw in that video. I’m not going to do it. I will not do it for the first time in my
adult voting life. I will leave that presidential spot blank
if Joe Biden is the nominee, That was despicable. That was disgusting, and I will never, ever,
ever vote for that disgusting, vile human being. May as well cast my vote for Donald Trump
if I’m going to sink to that new level of low, and I’m not willing to do that either.

100 thoughts on “Joe Biden Goes Berserk And Challenges Man To Push Up Contest

  1. Why are people settling for this answer? That this was debunked re Biden and son? It was investigated and nothing found? You mean the same way Barr and Sessions investigate the guy that put them in office?
    Atty Gen Loretta Lynch covered for the Clinton's and Bidens. Deep, long time connections there.
    We all know this. They put their privately owned fox in charge of their hen house.
    You cannot honestly know and say that Barr and Sessions cover for Trump then make yourself believe it's not true for Biden, Clinton, Obama. Lynch owes her whole career to them. Why do you think a Atty. General would allow her plane to be unexpectedly boarded by Clinton?
    Bidens son, Crack addict, should have been thrown in prison like all the brown people Biden made sure would go. But, he got to go to Ukraine and China and get billion dollar contracts and a board seat on a power company he had no experience for. With a 50G per month salary.
    So of course it wasn't pursued. Lynch had their back.

  2. I agree with you with almost everything but your stance on this is just wrong. Biden had every right to defend his family

  3. Welp… I guess this means Joe will not have mine. I don't abhor fat shaming, and it's grating when you have someone in power doing so… And we have one already that is known for doing so.

  4. Trump: Bidden doesn't need any help to hurt it's political campaign, he is doing bad all by himself. Elizabeth Warren for 2020,

  5. Berserk?
    Yea, we get that he's not your candidate, But your exaggerated claims are as bad as Trump.
    Whats next? Claiming Bernie is a "PERFECT" candidate?
    Dude, stop with the Trumpian grandiosity.

  6. I'm plus sized and yes, people like Joe Biden are absolutely horrible for fat shaming him. He also is showing that he's not capable of going after Trump who will lie about his family. Biden must think he's in his twenties. You're not. Your old as dirt. No one wants to see him stroke out trying to be a tough guy.

  7. Early into the Video it stop playing
    Am I the only one who is having a problem viewing the video in it entirely?

  8. We know you hate Joe Biden, Farron. I thought you were on our side. Joe showed great moxie for a guy his age. Trump is in for the fight of his life against Joe. I would be upset too if someone attacked me about my son. Joe is no milk toast.

  9. Farron Cousins, you hit the ball AGAIN out of the ballpark.

    You keep news fair and balanced and that is all I asked of
    any journalist.

    Also you are correct in your opinion about Joe Biden and a
    heck of a STAND-UP MAN for the little guys, that is what sets
    you apart amongst all other fake newsmen.

    It's unfortunate that this nation lacks in these areas of professionalism.

    Again, keep doing what you are doing because you sure caught my ear.


  10. Biden verbally took down a ignorant person and he was unhinged? That wasn't unhinged that was a FATHER defending his SON. We all know that Fox commentators parade themselves as journalists that they aren't. If Biden is innocent, then I would have NO ISSUE voting for him. But, unhinged? Not at all. You want unhinged? Look at Trump's Tweets. That is UNHINGED.

  11. Joe is weird. I’ve had more than enough weird in the last three years. Hope the democratic nominee is Bernie. Joe can go as far as I am concerned.

  12. If I were the big guy I would have said sure let`s do a pushup contest dwarf ahem Biden but you with 100 lbs-150 lbs additional weight on you to make it a telling, correct realistic strength comparism. You dwarf ahem Biden won`t do half of my pushups then because I would owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn you in a huge way …

  13. The revolving door between politics and business must be accountable…..if biden reacts to this guy in this manner, imagine in a debate against Trump.

  14. The last thing we need for this country is a white old man passing the torch to another white old man. I'm with you Farron! Fuck Biden!

  15. Biden is just as corrupt as Trump! They are the ones chosen by the rich elite and are of the same party! The GOP and DNC are the party of the rich elite. No, we have a Narcissist in the WhiteHouse who is a sociopath and pathologial liar! Biden is just another clown bought by the rich elite! The Next election vote for Criminal A or Criminal B as we have for the last 50+ years!

  16. The main difference between Joe being unhinged and Trump being unhinged is Trump would have been shouting at the guy. No, I'm not defending Crazy Uncle Joe.

  17. YouTube channel-" trumps war room" this scares me deeply. Why would you ask people to text ( join) or (trump) to a random number?

  18. Ahahah wacky old Malarkey Joe is pure entertainment. I know he’s a piece of shit so there’s a serious side to this as well

  19. You are absolutely right. We do not need a jackass leading a nation that needs leading. Well said and this is coming from a person who was bullied in school for 13 years straight while placed in a Special Ed care for 10. I will not cast my vote for Joe Biden either.

  20. Well said, Farron, but you didn't go far enough. "Disgusting and despicable", true enough. Also add: an (in) humanly BANKRUPT bully, coward and arrogant Egoholic.

  21. Of course Grandpa Biden call the voter “fat” after challenging him to push ups and to a run.
    If Biden has good health is in part to the premium health services of 8 years as VP and 45 years in the Senate, services he is neglecting to the rest of the US Citizens with his health policies.
    If that guy is overweight is perhaps because of lack medical advise or because a low wage cannot give you the same nutrition that a Senator can afford.
    This is more than a tongue slip and the stupid equivocations he often makes when his mind is crossing one of those recurring fog episodes Biden faces.

  22. Of all establishments candidates it is maybe better that Clinton comes into the race. I was asking for her go back to wandering in the woods but Biden is way worse not only by his evident mental decline but also as a person.

  23. Look, that’s the Joe Biden we know, “making friends” his way!
    Joe’s not interested if you don’t want to touch the hairs on his leg and jump on his lap.
    He’ll have no voters at the rate he’s going…

  24. That was cringe worthy! He’s a bully! No bullies in 2020! He doesn’t get my vote!!!
    Thank you! 🤬😡. Disgusting!

  25. Did you say none of it is true? Are you saying we should be okay with nepotism.this example of nepotism is particularly egregious due to the fact that he made so freaking much money and wasn't qualified to do so. Is that supposed to be okay with us? No! Not in this lifetime.

  26. Farron didn't even show the part at the end, where Biden tells the voter "you're too old to vote for me." WTF?!!? Biden is literally projecting, just like Trump does.

  27. A customer at the restaurant I work at called me a fat ass today over a packet of barbecue sauce. My boss ripped him a new one and threw him out. I've been fighting my weight since I was a kid also. I know exactly what Farron's saying.

  28. i disagree. where reason fails to persuade, satire and mockery win the day. fuck that guy. you saw how flustered he got under pressure. it works. also, fuck joe biden just on his own merits. i wasn't going to vote for him anyway, and i'm still not, but this was a good performance.

  29. Let's keep it real too…if Obama had lost his temperment at any point during his presidency over all the litany of ridiculous and unfair questions he got collectively from voters, representatives of government, and media pundits in the same way, he would have been labeled the, "Angry Black Man." Hell even if Tulsi Gabbard or Elizabeth Warren had reacted the same they would have been criticized as, "angry," or the common and disrespectful, "bitchy," accusation for berating voters.

  30. I feel you brother. And as a black man, I for one think it's time to stop giving Joe Biden a pass just because he's Obama's VP. This is the REAL Joe Biden. And those that still have him as the favorite, ain't no better than him. Same thing we say about Trump supporters, can be, and should be applied here too. #RoundOfApplause #ROF

  31. When you talk about his family, you Strike a nerve with Joe Biden. Yes Joe Biden did lose his composure and it’s not becoming of Man running for president but like anything Human he got upset and that’s natural. But we don’t need another man who loses his temper so quit. We have a nutcase already. Why replace him with another one.

  32. america already elected a man who mocked a disabled reporter, and now america is about to make the mistake again by doing the same thing but thinking it's right because it's a democrat this time. This is a test for the people.

  33. The truth will be revealed Monday on the i.g. report.Lets see of trump was spied ol n and gone after by some in our government

  34. VP Biden, in many ways, is the flipside of the POTUS Trump coin.

    Let's compare policies of all the candidates. Let's compare the temperament, experience, and character of all the candidates. I'm looking for a candidate with the desire and skills to engage and draw people toward goals, to make people stop, listen, and think.

    That's not VP Biden.

  35. He didn't go FN berserk. I kno Bernie's you guys bff but that fat f#&k was a 'plant' to get a rise out Joe. Joe DIDN'T SAY FAT TO GUY, HE SAID "FACT" either way Uncle Joe's a G n he stand up STRONGLY for his beliefs!!

  36. I honestly don't know why anyone would call u fat. You look fit, ur cute.
    Physically, from ur videos, I find u to be very attractive.

    Don't listen to haters, I r an attractive man. Not why I watch ur videos, but it doesn't hurt either 😉

  37. I have Nothing against Biden. He's my favorite "uncle". I knew from the get go I won't be voting for me. Biden behavior wasn't that bad. Lighten up.

  38. I’ve listened to you on YouTube for quite some time, but this rant is off the chain. To It’s this attitude that got trump elected in the first place and the fact that you’re in FLORIDA makes it even worse! I can no longer support you or your channel and I’m unsubscribing today. You ought to know better… you have major sway with this channel and statements like this are just plan dumb and completely irresponsible. Shame on you.

  39. Years of working with Obama don't seem to have paid off well for Joe. Obama was the classiest president, and wouldn't have sweated that dude one tiny bit. We have to vote trump out, but I sure hope Biden isn't our choice in the general. I think we still have to vote for him. Not voting for him IS voting FOR trump. But I definitely understand your point of view. This was SICKENING.

  40. Bad behavior but he has been hearing about his son and oil company all the time because right wing media speaks about it at every turn and I bet it's so irritating.


  42. The other options in the nomination race are good, but they are too good for some of the American who voted for Trump, but could be swayed to vote for a Democrat next time

  43. Slow down there Farron. I'm a fat guy, and I hate Biden as much as you do, but I don't think he was fat shaming the guy. He was just trying to act tough and be manly, something which he failed in doing. And I don't get offended or upset if people make fun at me, I joke about It all the time

  44. Anybody would of been offended if some guy spouted some false talking point and implying you got your son a job at some corrupt gas company being investigated for corruption! He even told Biden he heard it on MSNBC but that is a lie because MSNBC has never played it like the way the man phrased it! That man heard it on Fox News and he is probably one of the Trumptards sent to trigger Biden just like that Trumptard was sent to AOC's town hall saying we need to eat babies to fight climate change! If you love your kids and your sick of people spouting lies about him and you, you would of gotten offended and gave that man a piece of your mind too!

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