100 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo Pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger

  1. Everything that comes out of Trump's mouth is basically him bragging about how great he is. Jesus H. Christ, did no one hug him as a child?

  2. If Arnold become president,the first line in his speech will start with :
    The end of his speech :

  3. Okay, joking aside! We all now Arnold would be a fantastic President, the one the US needs right now -someone with balls to change what is, fundamentally, wrong with the American system. He rose California to heights nobody had ever dreamed of, so don't be so quick to judge 🙂

  4. Why does Trump ironically laugh just after saying he would pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger? Woww, then he and his supporters want us to be nice to him? He's pathetic!

  5. Things you'll never hear anybody say:
    Let's bring in millions of non-Blacks into EVERY Black country until Blacks become a minority.
    Let's give non-Blacks affirmative action and free health care in EVERY Black country.
    Let's promote diversity and assimilation in the media in EVERY Black country.
    Let's call any Black person who objects to any of this "racist."
    You'll never hear anyone say that!
    People only say that about WHITE people in WHITE countries.
    Diversity is a codeword for White genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  6. He says, "It will teach Mark Brunett not to bet against Trump", but he said that he had to leave the show to run for president. So, how did Mark bet against Trump? They re-cast the show so they both could keep making money off of it. This guy is petty and fcked, it's ridiculous.

  7. Can you guys impeach him already? Not because I think he's bad for the States and the rest of the world, just because I'm so tired of seeing him in almost every freakin' Youtube Video and Facebook post.

  8. The moron fails to realize, they don't hate Arnold, they hate the crap that came from him. Go back to being 2 bit conman and your crappy show.

  9. The rating did not go down because of Arnold. It's down because you are still the producer and we just HATE you to the bone.

  10. Only the trash admire their trash leader.

    Anglos hate immigrants so much, but why did they immigrate to America! Simple, the same reason why immigrants today come to the US. The US will never be Anglo only! The real owners of America are The Natives and that's how it will stay in the human brain!!! Unless you are Anglo and stupid.

  11. It's all a setup between Donald and Arnold. The response of Arnold was clearly scripted. It is a clever way to get the ratings for the show up. The people will go watch the show out of dispite of Trump. The ratings will then go up and Trump makes more money for him self.

  12. I'm just curious, I wonder what all you Trump supporters will be saying, once he starts a War, and family members close to you end up getting killed. I will love to see all you idiots going "TRUMPS MY PRESIDENT AND I SUPPORT HIM".. you sheeps.

  13. to be honest with you I think Donald Trump is just a genius, he's simply sparking controversy over the show… Getting people to talk about, thus getting people to watch it… and increase ratings. The guy may seem like a buffoon, from time to time but he's got a lot of hidden motives.

  14. If Arnold would take over as the president the US would go from black to orange to… red? That doesn't seem right, right? What comes after red then?

  15. Mockery. Trump makes a mockery of everything he touches — I mean tweets.
    I may not sleep comfortably for at least 2 more years. Hopefully the Dems can ramp up by then.
    Jimmy's prayer is more sincere than the Donald was at the Prayer Breakfast. My dad would be so outraged, as should we all.

  16. The audience Are not Trump fans lol and neither am I! Haha am I the only one that has a problem with prayer breakfast? What happen to the separation between church and state? Anyways… duck Trump.. yes the duck is intentional

  17. The audience Are not Trump fans lol and neither am I! Haha am I the only one that has a problem with prayer breakfast? What happen to the separation between church and state? Anyways… duck Trump.. yes the duck is intentional

  18. But hey thats a great idea if arnold would be president america would be the greatest country on the earth!

  19. Do you think that you're any better than Trump when you make fun of prayer on national television? When you turn it into a joke. You're no better than he is. I heard a puppy somewhere close to you was injured. You should cry about it on your next show. That would drum up some ratings for you.

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