Jay Cutler’s Training Tips: Dumbbell Shoulder Press Technique

hey everyone it’s Jay Cutler and I’m here at
muscle & strength headquarters in their home gym and I’m here to demonstrate a
couple movements and this may be a basic exercise I’m going to show you the
shoulder press using dumbbells you might say to yourself you know what I know how
to do that exercise I’ve done it a million times well listen I have to but
I see so many people in the gym doing this exercise wrong okay what we’re
going to focus on with this I’m going to show you the point of the top of the
contraction and then a lower portion I see too many people in the gym doing
short range of motion either locking out which is not the right thing to do or
coming down not far enough really getting that contraction out of the
shoulders okay so we have an inclined bench okay which you can use any kind of
bench that has a back you know back top here you can basically just anything to
stabilize the back it’s a lot easier to press I mean sometimes I do presses
without any stabilization of the back so what we’re going to focus on with this
exercise okay solid foot position okay give yourself
remember everything starts with a base start with a dumbbell is okay starting
position we’re going to come up we’re going to come and really contract okay
only to about here now when you’re coming up a lot of people tend to click
the dumbbells together or extend too far work the triceps into movement not the
right thing to do okay so I’m going to demonstrate the right way to perform the
exercise to get the most contraction out of the out of the shoulders with less
amount of the other body parts coming into play okay so we’re really going to
come down nice and far get a nice contraction but the main thing to really
come down deep enough to get that contraction in the shoulders no short
reps no cheating lighten up the weight if you
can’t perform the full motion of the exercise we’re going to focus on 10 to
12 repetitions getting the most out of the shoulder contraction and move on
from there ok so starting position okay like I said footing a big good
platform starting position here up ok come all
the way down almost to touch the shoulders and up as you see I’m not
locking out at the top that I’m really just coming up really getting a
contraction keeping constant tension on the shoulders okay full controlled
repetitions okay I see too many people not coming down further enough and then
going too high with the top of the movement not touching the dumbbells
together now treat it like it’s almost a barbell and that’s the right way to do a
dumbbell shoulder press

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