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Hey guys! Today we are in one of the most impressive places in Kiev – Hydropark We planned to make a photoshoot of new t-shirts for my site But it started to rain so it ruined color correction for photoshoot So we decided to make a training video while it’s raining it will be a hard one Today we’ll make back squats, deadlifts and overhead squats And we’ll find out what’s new in this place ’cause I haven’t been here for 2 years. Let’s start! It’s impossible to add 5 or 10 kilos here Here are standard weights only So we’ll use this standard barbell only But firstly I have to lift it That was my training (laughs) Once I showed excersices with a rubber band when you put rubber bands on a barbell to make you movements unstable with these chains you don’t have to invent something new Back squat Will I lift it? 5 reps? Tatyana is here for the first time As you can see Here is a most common mistake She sits down too fast But you have to go down slowly and stand up quckly That will do, Tatyana I won’t be stopped We’ll do couple of sets to warm up and go to make a deadlift Back in the days as the athletes we were so angry when the weightlifting platform wasn’t perfect But to compare those weightlifting platforms and this one and the angle here which appeared here in 30 years I shouldn’t have complained about training conditions back in the days I would say to myself: Shut up and train! She does it beautifully: chest to the front Knees are in the sides And smiling You should train only in such a good mood especially while it’s raining Tatyana decided to add some extrem weights so the next step from 45 kg to 55 kg and there will be 105 kg Young people from Kiev ask me where can we train? You can do it here, guys! It’s not an Eleiko barbell, but at least you have something the rain is getting heavier so as the weights on the barbell When you do back squats you sit down slowly and get up quickly The next excerсise is a deadlift (almost) About straps…when you train while it’s raining it’s better to train with the straps especially when the straps fit your clothes (dresscode) Let’s add some weights Perhaps it will be my last rep…Dangerous trick This is the last rep of this season It’s a bit unbalanced Try it yourself! It’s easy with the straps I’m serious I won’t lift it…Straps will help you…I won’t lift it Try to roll it in the begininng I’ll try to roll it back You need some help? Yeah It’s our new PR oh! about the grip: How to determine your snatch grip width Fix your hand like that (in parallel with the surface) and raise up your hand like that and when you hold a stick that will be your snatch grip width We don’t have a stick here so I simply remember my snatch grip width One more rep and we’re going to make some legs excercises One of the most common questions is What is the most important excercise in weightlifting during warm up? This is also my favourite excercise. It’s hyperextension Today we will do it in a very strange place and not with the standard equipment which you usually use in your gym We have one attempt only so let’s see what will happen It’s a good quality leather as you can see You can even change the incline And as you can see the extra weight could be this balloon or a stone Make your choise! When you do hyperextension you go down slowly and get up quickly if you want some extreme you can make a little stop here a few seconds and then go down again 2-3 reps 10 times before your training it will be enough even without additional weights Now we’ll train our knees…it looks like… it’s a throne I wanted to say it’s like a gynecological chair equipment I don’t know how to choose weights here but we have handles here Six years ago I had an ache in my knees because of huge weights I didn’t have enough time to recover I tried to be a half an hour earlier before our training to make 1 rep of this excercise with a little weights may be 5 kg and then I did a minimal movement of each leg Because I read somewhere or somebody told me that when you do this it stimulates the secretion of the liquid in the knees so it helps to recover the knees. Do you know that I’m aerospace engineer? that’s why we should check how it works It was a little scary! I do this excercise one or two times a month especially after trainings with big weights after back squats, lifts and it’s necessary to have the rest day afterwards So our training is coming to the end Sometimes to train you don’t need to go to the gym you can visit a simple outdoor sports ground and use the equipment available here I wish you a good metabolism See you in my next videos Bye now it’s hard to leave The weather reminded me of a talk with my wife. Last week it was also raining My son wanted to jump in the puddles and my wife allowed him She said: “Myron, go and have fun in the puddles… you won’t have this chance when you grow up So I wanted to prove to myself that even when you’re grown up you can have fun jumping in the puddles and even doing burpee I’d like to see your videos with the burpee in the puddles! Share it with a hashtag #TorokhtiyGang! Bye!

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