I’ll be back | Terminator Salvation [Director’s Cut]

I’ll be back | Terminator Salvation [Director’s Cut]

What should l tell your men
when they find out you’re gone? I’ll be back. [GUNS N’ ROSES’
“YOU COULD BE MlNE” PLAYS] I’m coming for you. JOHN:
Come on, Marcus.

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  1. Terminator Salvation was at least decent it was the closest to see the future War continue off where Terminator 3 rise of the machines left off they could have done a lot better but at least it isn't as bad as dark fate

  2. At least Terminator Salvation tried something new and could have led to new good future war stories.

    Maybe a older Kyle Reese point of view of the war, stories of the members from John Connor's team. The Potential was endless… but oh well. I guess Dark Fate is what we got.

  3. Why is it that they keep giving this line to everyone who isn't Arnold? Its HIS thing, its not anything to do with the Terminator franchise

  4. I really don‘t get the hate for salvation. You can tell the people that worked on this movie are fans. With flashbacks like this and then the passion they had to use practical effects and animatronics and not aloth of cgi. Makes me sad that we never got a sequel. Best sequel since T2.

  5. Now I watch this this exactly what we basically wanted thankyou..I’ll watch this and keep it as the third film fuck that woke shit and just a heads up there killing luke sky walker and then Kylo ten to make the Rey a sky walker lmfao new woke shit is awesome lmfao

  6. They should've carried it on from here then the last movie ends with John sending Kyle back in time and we see terminator 1 it would've been the perfect way to end it but nooo they just had to produce that shit ass genesis and that ridiculous dark fate that made no sense at all,a woman taking John Connors place? Wtf? It was always supposed to be John right from the start not some sjw bullshit

  7. This is probably the only scene that depicts a terminator's reprogramming.

    Another point why Salvation is an underrated gem.

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  9. That bike John took after wiping out the terminator was cool as hell. If he had that back in T2, there's no way the T1000 could have caught him in that truck. Neither Arnold. He rode a Harley. John here was riding a super bike. Probably easily hitting 200 MPH.

  10. Dont tell me John Connor isn't an important cinematic hero. Christian Bale agreed to play him. Bale would not have even bothered if John Connor wasn't an iconic hero.

  11. And they make such a big deal out of it now that linda hamilton said it, like she was the first person ever in a terminator to ever say i’ll be back when bale was the first one.

  12. Terminator Salvation(TS) is the best Terminator after Terminator 2. TS's "universe" is the one to be explored, not this going back in time rehash stuff. Christian Bale is a fantastic John Connor. Common was good as well.

  13. T1,T2 legend yes but not that great storyline. They could complete the franchise with T4 Salvation.

    We wanted to know how Skynet concluded human beings must be extincted in details.
    We wanted to know a single man, John Cornor, becomes the beacon of hope by his deeds and actions after Judgement Day.
    The narratives of Terminators could evolve into another level. 20th Century AI-understanding is different than 21th C AI-understanding. Much more creativity and potential stories would come out with Post-apocalyptic scenes.

    Then Dark Fate comes out…

    Now the whole storyline becomes crap. Another assassination attempt… I was devastated when Sarah talking about Danny's womb. Was it really necessary? Sarah the mother and the warrior becomes a old-schooled stuck-up scapegoat to emphasize the importance of feminism…

    Hey producers… the only reason T4 did not make enough money is because it came out with Marvels and Transformers, not because it wasn't good. The competitors were just too big.

    Dark Knight didn't cast Jack Nicholson.
    MCU didn't cast Tobey for new Spiderman.
    Fantastic Beasts didnt need to bring all the characters back.
    You can make Terminators without Arine and Linda and Edward.

    To be honest, as character-wise I love Dragon mother Danny more than this Dark Fated Danny. Even though T5 is worse than this new one.

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  15. I remember seeing this in the movie theaters and was blown away by it. It was a full house and everyone clapped at the end. What the film got right was the action, visuals, atmosphere and cast. The story was simple, but it was very predictable and not very compelling which I felt hurt the film the most. That said, it still maintained it's dark tone throughout the entire duration. No cringe worthy moments, or silly dumb scenes like T3, Dark Fate and Genisys had… just a straight up sci-fi war film. At the time it got mixed reviews, but I knew as years past fans would realize how special this movie was.

    McG should be proud of himself, he was the only director who had the balls to make a future war Terminator film, and managed to pull it off for the most part.

  16. They wasted an talented actress like Bryce Dallas Howard for a stupid role. This movie wasn't an epic but definitely didn't also get its due credit then.

  17. I liked it there was just to much daylight it should have been night time Danny elfman scored this good actors just shit director

  18. I just wished they continued on salvation to close the circle on the terminator franchise. Instead we get reboots and same story.

  19. Shit, the significance of this. The T800 in T2 said it to John, not just as his protector, but also as a guide, a father figure. The adult John is like a leader, a father figure himself, to his loyal followers.
    Btw, a Moto-T can dodge falling debris while moving at high speed and rebalance itself, but can't see a stationary rope?

  20. All that activity at that base Skynet would be able to detect. Where’d all that gear and equipment and vehicles come from and how would they be able to move them around without Skynet detecting them? And once that motorcycle went down, it could’ve instantly transmitted to Skynet and others it was down & its whereabouts, Skynet would spot its location & immediately saturate that area with aerial HKs and ground units. And why the fuck would Skynet design its units so humans could take it and drive it lol. It doesn’t make sense. Skynet could’ve designed the cycle and remove components so no human could ride it. Put sharp spikes on the seats for Pete’s sakes lol. The whole movie reeks.

  21. This robot motorcycle isn't fragile the way a person is. It wouldn't be shocked or stunned. It should get up immediately on spider legs & be killing rebels even as it rises.

  22. Salvation despite what critics will tell you is a movie that has genuine effort, heart and passion put into it. Whether its Danny Elfman’s powerful and crunchy score, the muted war torn visual aesthetic or the new ideas it tried to inject into the series while still building on what was already there. It tries to be its own thing yet still respects the legacy of the first two, it’s the last Terminator movie where for the love of god I actually feared for the safety of the characters because in Salvation the Terminators are menacing as fuck, and I’ll largely attribute that to fantastic sound design and a brilliant blend of digital and practical effects. I mean jesus the film came out 10 years ago and it still looks more impressive than most movies of its kind today. I’m glad to see more people appreciating the film, if there was a Terminator film that deserved a sequel or two more than any it was Salvation. Who knows maybe we would have gotten those plasma rifles.

    For me, the Terminator Series goes

    Terminator 2 Judgment Day
    Terminator Salvation

    Every other movie I just don’t consider canon, plus watching these 3 movies in this order makes for a pretty satisfying Terminator trilogy.

  23. Doesn’t this and dark fates timelines conflict? don’t tell me if John actually died that early then that dumb bitch Wudda actually took johns place

  24. They should have continued the series from Salvation with 5th one being Terminator : Retribution which would actually show the full scope of the war with the machines on a global level. 6th one would be called Terminator : Extinction and would involve the end of the war and time travel.

  25. One thing I'll give to John, is that he was able to preserve one hell of a rock n roll cassette! Lol. Hopefully when humanity comes to an end, I'll still have all my cds and tapes!!!

  26. More good and logical references to T2 in ONE FUCKING SCENE than the DF shitstain.

    – G 'n' F'n R – YOU could be Mine, on his old stereo.
    – Hacking like the Pescadero bank machine.
    – Motorbike proficiency.

  27. All these bitch ass cry babies in the comment section saying they suddenly love this film when they were also probably the same person hating on it back on its release. 10 years later there would also probably an emergence of love for Terminator Genisys.

  28. I’m a terminator fan and I really enjoyed Salvation. I thought it was a great movie which depicts the future war. I did not like terminator 3 and genysis was ok. The should have stuck with this story line showing the future war and the terminator being sent back to 1984. Very underrated movie.

  29. So John now is the one saying i'll be back ha ha ha ha ha, but so cool John is using the music he used in T2 to get the Terminator Bike as bait

  30. Best terminator for me is
    1 salvation
    2 judgment day
    3 rise of the machine
    4 terminator
    5 genesys
    6 i didn't see dark fate

  31. I still think Rise of the Machines and Salvation were the best movies after Judgement Day. As its own movie, Dark Fate was decent, but Genisys seemed like a comedy in comparison.

  32. Imagine if they would've done this movie with Linda, Arnold and Christian…this is the only one where Arnold is not really in. Maybe that's why it also failed. Arnold's presence on screen as the teminator is essential for it to work.

  33. Man, all these comments suddenly defending/whiteknighting/looking back to this movie crack me up.
    Literally every positive thing said in these comments sections, I said when this movie came out; I even told all of my Arnie-cocksucking friends how we would get nothing but lame rehashes of the second movie from here onwards because of all the "muh Arnold" bitching.
    Terminator fans got their dark fate very well deserved.

  34. I enjoyed this film. Despite Christian Bale's shameful rant doing a scene, he still did a great part, as did everyone else involved in it.

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