Ido Portal on Paleo Diet, CrossFit, Gymnastics, Motivation

Ido Portal on Paleo Diet, CrossFit, Gymnastics, Motivation

oh yeah my name is IDO portal and I grew up in Israel born and raised first I don’t do fitness my friend that’s not what I do I talk about movement yeah Fitness is a small small small world within the universe of movement I view it as a limited world a world with many problems a polluted world Gymnastics and yoga and box him in mind/body methods and other martial arts and in various sports and ballot and hand balancing circus arts a lot of things but actually people who practiced movement never missed anything it was always there its movement that I’m passionate about and the last three years have been on the road teaching my point of view to be able to move around invert yourself crawl on the ground lift climbed brachiate flip twist you know just have this freedom it’s for everyone it’s fun it’s it’s the best it’s just a what do you think about CrossFit well CrossFit it’s an interesting beast nobody can ignore CrossFit CrossFit in my view has done more good than bad it’s not perfect it’s evolving it’s changing but it brought back a lot of good stuff like Olympic lifting gymnastics rings there are many ways to skin a cat there are CrossFit gyms and there are prosper gems and some facilities are doing amazing work and our movement geared and quality geared etc etc people want to move they want to flow on the ground they want to do handstands and they wanna they want to be mobile they wanna be flexible they don’t want to they don’t want to bench press so much a moment of realization in the market are we training for it never arrives we’re always preparing and training we want to do it we want to move you know we’re training for what and what we do is very immediate it’s the moment that’s what you are you are not training you are moving and if you cannot move your body and control it this self dominance that I became known for then what business do you have moving other objects outside you know if you cannot control your own self who has been some of your inspirations or who do you look to for inspiration I make everyday hours for motivation I motivate myself I make time I make appointment with myself to motivate myself and inspire myself I don’t wait for it to come to come from the heavens and to follow me I do Olympic lifting I practice Olympic lifting and I do some prehab rehab shoulder stabilization work which requires a bit more accuracy and with weights and I also use weights mainly to stretch nutrition must come in a big big part yeah definitely yes I’ve always been the nutrition guy but I’m a follower of the Paleo diet a big advocate of Paleo diet but I’ve been doing it for 15 years I’m a ya meat and veggies you know make mostly animal protein and some leafy mostly the most well-rounded complex difficult demanding sport I ever run into is gymnastics yeah I cannot think of anything more more complete more holistic is it perfect no gymnast for example can’t jump for they’re vertical jumps are terrible and they are rebounders they rely on a surface that has Springs which means they don’t develop their own Springs they can do what you do almost as good as you but you can do what they do at all you you won’t be able to you cannot even play with these kids these kids are in an elite team and you understand that these people are superhuman really this guy’s doing workouts on bars and they’re getting like hundreds of thousands maybe millions of views on YouTube and there and there’s this big hype about it but any gymnastic that you could pull out from any gymnasium could do it probably better much better it’s actually all that they do with respect they’re doing amazing things but all that they do is actually broken up gymnastics the reason for our brains is actually the developmental of movement complexity that the development of movement complexity we don’t even after I trained six hours a day I will still try to climb the stairs only on my big toe you know walking up to my apartment because I want to to condition this for climbing to create this platform so you know how to dogs meet each other on the street and they they kind of start to wrestle around a bit and smell each other imagine it was us imagine we headless we were walking down the street and no hello nothing just a complete stranger start to play with him start to you know wrestle around no but we’ve become so distant move move because you can if you want probably you won’t be able to use it or you’re gonna lose it and it’s gonna be a bad day when you lose it move move not right away and I’m taking names do you speak to me like I speak to God all of the love and understanding between the father and the son

4 thoughts on “Ido Portal on Paleo Diet, CrossFit, Gymnastics, Motivation

  1. bro, how does this only have 748 views! omg, love it…. @ 2:40…. perfect!!! Thanks for taking the time to plan, execute, record, and SHARE THIS! thank you so much!

  2. Great athlete but too much guru talk for my taste. The fact that he answered the question "who do you look up to" basically with "myself" is a bit of a deterrent. I could be easily convinced of his movement by seeing him move but the fact that he takes himself so seriously makes it harder again.

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