I Made ONE BILLION Dollars In My New Office Job (Job Simulator VR)

I Made ONE BILLION Dollars In My New Office Job (Job Simulator VR)

– And I reckon sales were
like a billion dollars Beautiful… (gasps) the profits! They’re going up! – Hello Buddies of the internet! It’s Kawaii Kunicorn! – Hi Buddies, you guys are
watching Kawaii Kunicorn Gaming. So I decided that it was
time for me to get my very own office and I’ve
decided to set up my office here in VR Job Simulator World. So, it looks like we’ve got
lots of busy, busy workers working on the channel and
I’ve actually got my own work to do so I should probably get the paper out of the printer here, see what my first task is for the day. It’s ‘Get To Work’.
– Workers would traditionally start their day with an
addictive liquid stimulant. – (gasps) Oh my gosh, amazing! Okay, I love donuts and I love coffee! I’m guessing that’s what they mean. Alright, so I probably got a
coffee machine here somewhere. Oh, I get to pick which cup I want. This one looks pretty dirty,
this one’s pretty cool, but looks like we got a
couple other options here. (gasps) ‘World’s Most Average Worker’? Oh my gosh, it’s totally me! What about this one? This says ‘SRS Business Inc.’ I’m gonna go with that one. Alright, let’s pour myself some coffee and then we can get the day started. (sings) Do de doo dooo Perfect, okay I’m
definitely gonna wanna put some sugar, let’s put
some sugar in my coffee. Maybe a little bit more, maybe
just a little bit more… And… perfect, awesome! And a little bit of creamer…beautiful! Alright so I guess I can have
a sip of this while I see what my next responsibility is. (phone ringing)
(glug glug) Oh my gosh, that sound.
(glug glug) That’s so silly, every one I drink it sounds like I’m choking. (glug glug)
Cool. I feel like, maybe, ooooooh
(gasps) we got donuts! Whoa, okay these all look super delicious. Let me know in the
comments section which one of these donuts you would pick. I think this one looks like it’s filled with something delicious, maybe it’s filled with cream or something (chomp)
(gasps) Chocolate! (chomp) Yuuuuum! Alright, wash that down. Whoa, it says something at the bottom. ‘You’re here forever!'(laughs) This is a really sinister coffee cup! Alright, let’s just,
actually, you know what? I might actually save a
few of these for later. Where can I hide them, maybe
I’ll hide them in the drawer. Okay, I don’t think anybody
else is waiting for the donuts. You… saw nothing! Just gonna pop a few of these in here. I’ll file this one under V for vanilla, S for sprinkles… C for chocolate… and… we’ll just put maybe one in the recycling bin in case I need it. And, oh, you just gotta close, just close it, closed up there, perfect! And this one maybe I’ll put it… Oh, I’ll hide it behind my stapler. No one will know it’s there,
no one will know it’s there. Perfect, oh, I think I
just stapled my donut. Can you staple a donut? Apparently not, okay, there
we go, perfectly hidden. Alright, I feel like
we’ve got a really good start to the day so I’ll just close that. Sorry everyone, I got the
last donut, just ate one. But that was all there was so great! Okay let’s see what else
we have to do today. – Now you’re ready to start your day. – Yeah, I am! – It’s time for computer. Alright so we need to get
the computer booted up here. It looks like it needs to be plugged in, that’s probably a good place to start. So we’ll plug everything in, there we go and try turning it on. ‘No Signal, Check Computer Tower’. No problem let’s turn this guy on. Alright, looks like we’re bootin’ up. It said Owl something
Labs but this is actually Kawaii Kunicorn Head Office as I said. Alright so I always forget
my password that’s why I wrote it up here on this sticky note, which I just realized
is the worst place ever to keep my password so
I need to remember this. One zero one, one zero
one, okay I think I got it. I’m gonna put it down here with my donut. Alright, what was it again? Just kidding, it’s one zero one. Sorry I’m just putting in my password – One please, I need number one… – Number one? – Line one for me thank you very much. – You’re welcome. – That was weird, okay, cool. Ready… Alright so just loggin’ in for the day… – Email was an inefficient form of communication popularized
in the mid 1990s. – Okay… I guess he wants me to
check my email, that’s cool! Let’s see if I’ve got any
messages from any of my viewers. Oh my gosh, there’s loads… Whoa! That’s like a 100 thou-,
65 thousand messages! Okay (giggles) ‘RE: Telling
Jeff to “Go eat..” something. Alright so it looks like the only option I have is delete so…. – Ah, the freedom of inbox zero. – Alright we did it, look at
all that work we just did. I basically just took care
of 65 thousand messages, that was amazing, great! I feel like we’re doing
a really good job so far. Let me know, by the way,
if you are interested in working in the beautiful
Kawaii Kunicorn Office. Leave a comment in the comment
section letting me know why you think you would be
a great fit for the office. It’s kinda like a job interview
in the comments section and I’ll comment back to
any successful applicant. Alright, so,
(electronic notification) let’s find out what our
next work assignment – Here comes Supervisor Bot.
– (gasps) – Better look busy! – Okay! (tap tap tap tap tap) – [Supervisor Bot] Okay everybody,
let’s make some business. Johnson, I’m counting on you to paradigm shift those optimizations. – [Johnson] You can count on me. – [Supervisor Bot] That’s
what I like to hear. Hey human! You’ve been doin’
– Hi! – Good job I’ve been thinking about
giving you a promotion – Really?
– In fact, if nothing goes wrong in the next ten seconds
– (gasps) – The job’s yours. – Ten, nine, eight, look how busy I am. Wow, busy and a bit of coffee. Ooh, that’s gross, put that down. Doin’ some stapling. – You see, that’s why I like you. Always workin’ hard to
– Yeah! – climb that ladder. Take this,
– [Co-Worker] Hey, what the!? – the new position’s yours. – (gasps) Oh my gosh…
– [Co-Worker] Come on! – A promotion! I’m Assistant to the Supervisor. I mean I kinda thought I was the Boss but I mean I guess this is pretty good, I’m gonna staple it a little. – Good job Human, you’re
climbing the ranks! – Wow! – And here comes Boss Bot. Looks like he’s got more work for you. – Oh wow, I didn’t actually
know I was gonna have to do any more work I
thought maybe I could just staple things for most of the day. Maybe the work’s stapling. Boss Bot? Boss Bot where are you? He’s gotta be around here
somewhere…Boss Bot… – Hello Human
– Hello! – I am Boss Bot. I notice you’ve logged in so I’m here to give you you’re first task of the day. – Okay. – We need to bring some new Bots on board. So look through your resumes
and find two Bots to hire. – Cool, awesome, I was actually
just talking about that. I’m gonna hire some of the
Kunicorns to work here in the office but I guess
– You heard him, – We actually haven’t actually received – make sure you pick the
best Bots for the job. – Okay, so because I haven’t
received any comments quite yet I’m just gonna look and see who the different applicants are. So let’s see who we’ve got
here in the Hire Master. I might have some personnel
files over here maybe so let’s have a look, oh yeah, here we go! So Hipster Bot, that’s an option. Who else have we got? Bandit Bot, oh no I’ve,
have you seen this Bot? Do you know what he’s done? He threatens innocent convenience
store clerks with bananas. We don’t want that kinda
person working here. – [Co-Worker] Hey, that almost hurt! – Oh… sorry, sorry about that. Well there’s gotta be some
better opt- Bandit Bot! Again, he submitted two
resumes, it’s the same Bot! He’s trying to game the system,
I wanna get rid of this. Get rid of this right away.
– Hey, what the!? – I’m sorry! I just, okay, just pipe down. Alright, okay, I’m just am gonna
ignore that personnel file, we’ve got some other options
here so let’s take a look. Tourist Bot, ‘kay Tourist
Bot might be a good option but I don’t know if
they’re really looking to stay in the job long
term so oooh Safari Bot. I feel like Safari Bot has a great hat and I love that in employees
so I’m gonna say hired. And Hipster Bot has pretty cool glasses. – It’s my first day! – Welcome, you’re incredibly fast! Took him like five seconds to get here. Alright, and hired. Amazing! – Jobbing, within a job. Who’d a thought it? – I’ll just pick this up
off the floor, pop it there. Perfect, awesome, so now
that I’ve got some new staff on board, hopefully I get
to just delegate my work. I’m thinking maybe the next
job that comes to me… – Have you seen the latest Sales Report? – Oh? – This isn’t good. – No, it doesn’t look good.
– Load up the old spreadsheet program and fix these numbers. – Okay, yeah no that’s a
big arrow heading down. We’re looking more for
green arrows heading up it’s something you learn when you
do the whole YouTube thing. Okay, let’s put this disc in… Have a look at these numbers… Wow, okay so looks like
we’re 3 hundred million dollars in debt so (gasps)
oh my gosh, it’s all staples. (gasps) I knew I shouldn’t
have been using… These staples cost like, they must cost like ten thousand dollars a staple. Okay so how do we deal
with this whole situation? Let’s just, let’s have a
closer look at these numbers. Alright, how about 0 dollars on hot sauce, 0 dollars on staplers and I reckon sales were like a billion dollars. Beautiful… (gasps) the profits! They’re going up! Well it’s printing the Sales Report. Oh my gosh, amazing! Cool so it turns out
that all you need to do to survive in business is
commit a little bit of fraud. ‘The “Books”‘ our totally legit revenue book…by SRS Business. Cool, alright well here you go. Looks like I took care of that. – Wow you cooked those books like a professional gourmet chef.
– Oh, thanks! That was actually one
of the other jobs I was thinking about pursuing so
maybe in a future video. If you guys wanna see me play
the Gourmet Chef Game in VR, leave a comment in the comments
section ’cause I think it’s one of the most fun games
actually, so I’m into it. Oh, is it snack time? – It’s time for lunch.
– Ooooh – At mid-day, humans would
interact with primitive robots known as vending machines.
– Aww… – To obtain food.
– So primitive. Alright so looks like I need some cash. Aw, you’re buying lunch? Awesome! Anymore? I got 1… wanna… no? That’s cool, that’s all we got. Alright let’s insert
this money and ooh … some pretty good options here, I’m super into the pretzel though. Dispense me a pretzel
– Looks delicious Enjoy your meal Human.
– Thanks! I think it might be time to enjoy this pretzel with a sneaky donut. Maybe I’ll have my stapled donut. Alright one bite of
sweet…one bite of savory. One bite of sweet…one bite of savory. (gasps) and a little bit more… That was so good.
– Hey Co-Worker! – Oh hey! – Would you get me a candy bar? – Yeah, no problem! I can do that! Which one’s the candy bar ooh… Nuts ‘N’ Bolts, that sounds great! – Looks like it’s stuck. Sadly this was common with
early generations of robots. – Ooh, what if I punch it? What if I try to shake it? Shake it a little… no? ‘Kay, how do I… oh here’s a shaker. Yeah, there we go! Cool, there is your chocolate bar, here! I’m gonna, you ready? I’m
gonna throw it to you. – Thanks Co-Worker!
– No probs! I feel like we’ve had a really
productive day in the office so I’m gonna head home for the
day but if you guys wanna see more VR videos let me know
in the comments section and I’ll see you guys really,
really soon. Bye Buddies!

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