– Shake this up. Yeah! Take that! (grunts) Right in the face! Right in the eyes! Hello, buddies of the internet! It’s Kawaii Kunicorn. Hi buddies, you guys are
watching Kawaii Kunicorn gaming. So I am in VR job
simulator for another shift at the Slushie Mart. Before I serve any customers,
I kinda feel like I should make myself a quick breakfast, just to eat before anyone else comes in. So, I’m probably gonna
have to be pretty quick. Maybe I’ll just look in the snack drawer. See if there’s that looks tasty. Alright so, we’ve got some triangles, lot’s of potato chips-
oh, those sound good. Oh! Nano Chips! Alright, all of these
sound pretty delicious, but I think I’m gonna go for
the Lots of Potato Chips, with the taste of just onions. Not totally sure how I get
them out of the bag though. Oop! Just kidding, I ate the entire bag. Okay, that was delicious! Two thumbs up! I feel energized and ready
to start serving customers. So, let’s grab one of these tickets, get a bot through the door, and hopefully, I’ll be able
to give them something that they would like. – (Bot) Oh! I just got back from jogging. – Oh! Good for you! – Oh man, do you have
something to replenish my electrolytes? – Absolutely, we have lots of
really great products here, in the Slushie Mart. I’m just gonna look in the fridge here. Pretty sure we have exactly
what you’re looking for. Alright, in the mini fridge. Oh yeah, look at these! (gasps) Energy drinks. – Oh, this maximum energy
stuff, looks new right? – Yeah it is! – It looks like you have to shake it? Can you shake it? – Oh my gosh, yeah, totally. Ah, it’s changing color! (gasps) – Alright that looks good! Hurry up and scan it,
I need a drink already! – Alright, there you go. Here you go sir! And that is it. Eight- whoa. Eight dollars
and ninety five cents. That’s actually really expensive. – Alright, alright. Here’s your money. Take it! Take it! – Oh my god! Okay, I kinda feel like this jogger bot is a little bit rude. But, it’s my job, to be
kind to every customer. – Whoa, I feel energized! So energized! – Go for another jog! Alright, see ya! I feel like that customer – whoa. Oh my gosh, he just blasted off. Alright, that was weird. I feel like that customer
was a little bit rude, but it is my job here, in the
Slushie Mart to try to be kind to all the customers. So, if you think I’m doing
a good job so far, give this video a thumbs up. I think I’m ready to
serve my next customer. (beeps) – (Bot) Back before the
universal credit system, some humans had more money
than they knew what to do with, and struggled to find ways to spend it. – (Bot) Mm, hello human! Looks like I’ve got some money to blow. What’s good here? Give me… stuff! Whatever’s good! – We have lots of stuff! Alright, I think that you’ll
find that we’ve got lots of wonderful things here for
you to spend your money on. Okay, I need to find the
perfect items for this customer. Alright, what do we got to work with here? Did he just take my mustard? You’re not supposed to take the m- you’re not supposed to
take the ketchup either. Okay, if you’re gonna take my condiments, I’m gonna have to hide
them under the counter. I’m gonna put these down here,
so that that they’re safe, for future customers. This is so weird, he’s like
peeping over the counter at me, hello? Yeah, hi. Okay, so this looks like a
distinguished gentleman bot. I reckon that he would like
a copy of yesterday’s news. I’m gonna get that. – Oh yeah, oh no, that’s cool. How about a couple more things? – Sure no problem! I think he’s probably gonna
want a snack, while he is reading his newspaper. So let’s see what we’ve
got in the freezer. Oh, okay. I’m gonna get him a hotdog. So, pop these on the grill. Grab a hotdog bun. Okay so this is the point
where you will actually get to use the ketchup and
mustard, but you’ve kinda lost your ketchup and mustard
privileges, so I’m just gonna do this for you. Oops, just gonna do this for you! There we go. And, a bit of mus- what is, (gasps) what
is going on over there? Bit of mustard! There we go, perfect! Alright, and hotdog for ya! How’s that? Oh, he wants more things. He’s probably gonna have hotdog
breath, after his hot dog. So I’m gonna give you a pack of gum. And uh, great! It looks like you are
pretty satisfied with that, so that is gonna be
six dollars please sir! – Oh thanks, here’s a bunch of money, keep the change! – What kind of money is this? – Nothing like a little retail therapy. – Yeah! – (Bot) Make sure you grab their money! – This is the silliest money. (laughs) Alright, let’s put this
in the cash register. Perfect! (Computer beeps) Task complete! (sings) Alright, who’s my next customer? Oh, this looks like a delivery, (gasps) Fragile items! – (Bot) Here’s your weekly delivery. Stuff in the shelves and stuff. Well there you go, you know the drill. Gum in gum rack, magazine
in the magazine rack, put stuff where it goes, get it sorted. – Okay, people say that I talk fast, this Bot talks way faster. Alright, magazines in the magazine rack. That seems pretty normal. I’m not even gonna- this one
I’ll put up, there we go. What else we got here? We got some gum in this- oh my gosh, what did I just do? I think I just spilled
hot sauce everywhere. Okay, let’s put the hot sauce here with the other condiments. And, pop our gum, where did my last gum go? Where’s my gum? I lost it! (gasps) Okay, where did it go? Where did it go? Oh, there it is! There we go. I thought, I thought that
I lost my gum for a minute. That was kind of scary. (computer beeps) Perfect! And if you want to
take this recycling with you- – I’ll take my box out, see you later. – (gasps) Yeah, take the recycling, oh no! We’ll just pop those over there. Cool alright, we just got
our delivery for today, that’s pretty great. We’ve got a couple of customers, couple of people were a
little bit rude to me, but I feel like it’s been a
pretty good day so far. (computer beeps) Alright, who’s coming next? Hey, how’s it going? – (Bot) Hey, I don’t have any money. Is there anything in here
that I can have, for free? – Oh, okay. – How about those
popsicles in the freezer. If we don’t sell those by
tomorrow, we’re gonna have to throw them out anyway. – That’s kinda weird cause
they’re popsicles, but yeah no, I’m totally happy to do a
good deed for the day, and give a Popsicle to a bot in need. – Oh I wasn’t expecting
to actually get something. – Well there you go! – If you’re able to, can
I get a bit of change too? – Change, yeah sure! I
probably have a tip jar. That’s for condiments- oh no! Look, we got a Take a Coin, Leave a Coin, some other people have
left some coins here, so I’m sure we can spare one. – Wow, thanks! – No problem! – You’re a real good
person, I’ll be going now. – See you later! Did he just put his Popsicle into the ATM? Where did it go? Why did you not eat that? – Hello there human! – Hi! Look at this, I got a coin here for ya. What could I buy for this? Surely, you can give me something. – (sighs) Just give this bot something. Preferably not something
especially valuable. – Okay here’s the thing though. I feel like this bot has
fallen on hard times. Probably needs maybe a bit of nourishment. – Pleasure doing business with ya. (mischievous laugh) – Is he taking my hot sauce? Oh my gosh, he’s taking my hot sauce! – Sometimes it was necessary
to make special deals with customers like this. To assure their repeated patronage. – I was gonna give him a burrito. He just took- he took my hot sauce. Okay, this is why I keep the
condiments underneath the counter. I’m gonna plop that back in there. Alright, that was a bit weird. Guess I can put this back in the Take a Coin, Leave a coin jar. This has been a very strange day so far. Surely, it’s not gonna
get that much stranger. (gasps) – Oh no, here comes trouble. – Oh no! – (Bot) Nah, see? today’s
not your lucky day pal. Open that safe and gimme all your cheddar! – Okay, I gotta listen to
him, he’s got a banana. I don’t wanna try to be a hero, but I think I’ve got an idea. Alright, just a moment! I’m just gettin’ your money! Just gonna hide down here,
and get the Mountain Dew. Alright, close the freezer,
he’ll have no idea. Close the freezer he’ll have no idea. Alright, shake this up. (soda explodes) Yeah! Take that! (grunts) Right in the face! Right in the eyes! Going through him, all
over your lovely hat! What are you gonna do now? With a hat covered in mountain dew? Can’t go anywhere! Okay, its not really, it’s
not really effecting him at all. He’s just staring at me. Alright, I think he’s
trying to intimidate me with the banana. Alright, you know what? I’m just gonna put this here, and I guess I really have no
choice but to open up the safe. Alright, but, I’m gonna
open up the safe, but I’m not gonna do it nicely. So look, here, get… this cheddar! – Yeah, more of that sweet, sweet cheddar! – How about if I throw
it towards the door? – I’m gonna buy a new pair of shoes. – Okay, you don’t have feet. Okay I’m gonna try to throw
it towards the door, and then hopefully, he’ll just leave. – Later chump! You’ll never catch me! – Okay, you don’t need to
insult me on your way out. – Despite dealing with almost
exclusively on low value products, convenience stores, we’re often the targets of robbery. – Oh that’s unfortunate. Oh my gosh, I just realized
that I forgot to turn on the security camera at the
beginning of my shift. Oh, the boss is gonna be so mad. I don’t think we even have
any footage of the bot. Okay, you know what? I missed recording footage of the robbery. I could’ve been surveilling
the entire store. Alright, you know what? I probably should call the
police and report that robbery. But, I mean he only stole
like three blocks of cheese, so I got the security camera on now, I’m just gonna leave that one alone. Hopefully we’re not gonna
have any more robberies today. I really hope that my
next customer’s nice. – (Bot) Uh… I wanna get some food? – Okay well you’re in the right place. – I think this bot’s had
a little too much juice. Better throw something
to get its attention. – Throw something to get its attention. I could of really used the Mountain Dew. Oh maybe I’ll just grab another one. Alright, we’ll open up the fridge. Oh not the snacks, sorry. Just need the fridge. Alright, let’s see. Grab maybe this blue goo. Shake it up. There we go, hello? Wow, he really is out of it. Maybe I need something
a little bit heavier. Just pop that there. Actually looks pretty nice! Okay, I need something heavier. How about, and nice beefy burrito. It’s kind of a shame to waste
an entire burrito, cause it’s just gonna end up on the floor. Maybe I’ll just have one bite, (gasps) that looks good inside. Wow, fried beans. Okay, here we go. (laughs) – Oh, hey. I… forgot what I wanted. – Okay… think. – Burrito… Ah! Burrito’s good! – Burrito’s are good, yeah! I just threw like half a burrito. It hit you in the head,
you don’t want that one. He doesn’t want that one, that’s fine. We’ll get you a brand new burrito. – Wait, wait, wa-a-a-a-it! I want like a big burrito! Like real big! – This bot’s really weird. Okay, that’s cool. That’s the reason why we
installed this jumbo sizer, in the Slushie Mart. So, we’ll just pop the burrito in here. Jumbo size it for ya! – Ha ha ha, that’s what I’m talking about! – Right? – Big burrito! – It’s like as big as your face, look! It’s like pretty much the
same size as your screen. Alright, oops! Oops! Scan that. There we go! Sir, oh wow, it’s only five dollars, that’s a deal. – (laughs) Here’s your money. – Thank you very much! – Don’t forget to put
cash in the register. Just because your customer
isn’t paying attention- – Alright! Later… – Later. Alright, I should serve one
more customer before the end of my shift. Hopefully, I get a super nice customer. – Wow there. I haven’t seen a mess this big since, the human uprising of 2027. – Are you kidding? – Hold on there human, – Wait a second. – I have just the thing. – What did you just say about
the human uprising of 2027? That is in the future. Okay, that means we’ve got
eight years, to make sure the robots take over. Don’t take over. Let’s commit that to memory. – Why don’t you try it out? – What is it? – The key hole is right
there by the dial, see it? – This thing here? What does it do? – This micro bot is designed
to clean even the most disgusting human messes. Grab the controller and
clean those stains around the store. – Okay! Where is it? Where is it? (gasps) Look how cute it is! Oh my gosh, I want one
of these for my house! Okay, go this way. Go this way- oh nope! Go this way! Oh, this thing’s kinda hard to drive. Okay, go forward. Clean up the mess. This is, whoa. Way harder than it should be. Alright, there we go. Head towards the mess. Get the cans, get the burrito! Okay, turn around. Wow, it’s really slow at turning. This is what I should be doing. I need to be looking at
the screen, and not at the actual thing. Oh, I see a puddle. Yeah, get it all. – That’s good enough for now I think. Just pull the key out to
deactivate the robot, and we’ll move onto our next customer. – Sounds good. Keep this handy, for later. Put it in with my lottery tickets. Oops! Okay, I’ll keep it
on the floor for later. Alright everybody, so I think
I’m gonna end my shift here for the day and head home. Let me know in the comment
section if there’s any other VR games you wanna see me play and
make sure you are subscribed to my channel and I’ll
see you guys next time. Bye buddies!

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