I did the Russian Fighter PULL UP Program for 30 Days Straight | My RESULTS

I did the Russian Fighter PULL UP Program for 30 Days Straight | My RESULTS

19 thoughts on “I did the Russian Fighter PULL UP Program for 30 Days Straight | My RESULTS

  1. nice video lad, gonna do this with weighted pull ups

    how long did YOU rest between sets?

    Looks like you got pretty good results, I could practically rest 2 hours between sets if I want to but then I think applying GtG here to THAT extent to a program like this would be counter-productive since I feel the results from the programs come from gradual cumulative fatigue induced progression.

    Looking to get 20 reps with 110kg total weight, would appreciate your help

  2. Seems similar to Grease the Groove, just more intense. I'm at 14 pull ups. 20 is my eventual goal and I'll try this out. Awesome video!

  3. Awesome video man i subbed keep up the great work ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฝ

  4. My problem is… Once you get there, how do yoy maintain the strenght levels? This is kind of a nivelation exercize more than a permanent routine (what i see).

    Anyway, congratulations on your 17 reps! Its really, really good!

  5. hi brother l want to ask.
    you can do 11 pull ups in row after 6 days you need to do 12 in first set what if l cant do the 12 in first set l do 11 again.
    should l repeat the week or ?? l did greease the groove program and l didnt improve to much just 2 reps in 1 month.
    thank you pls answer.

  6. For a looong time I couldn't even hold on to the bar for 3 seconds, now I can do 6 clean ones. I might just try this!

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  8. Started this for close neutral grip pull up, 8 months ago. I was fat, 5ft 10 inches 198lbs, so I could only do 3 reps, the 4th one was crappy, pull ups were my biggest weakness…. Anyways…

    Got from 3 reps to 9 reps in a month. Basically I began every following 5 day cycle with a set till failure or amrap set.

    So obviously I was increasing my max pull up every 6 days but not just by one rep, often times by 2-3 reps. Perfect form that is.

    Anyways, after I could do 20 neutral close pull ups I started doing regular pull ups, started at 11 reps.

    Then when I got that up to 20, I did sternum pull ups, when that's up to 20 in a row I got to archer sternum pull ups, for 5 reps each arm.

    4 months had past in the mean time.

    Basically when I could do 20 reps on a given variation I switched to a harder one.

    From sternum archer pull ups, it took me 3 months to finally get 20 reps non stop each arm.

    Now I can do 2 one arm pull ups perfect form, at 225lbs, yep I gained muscle on the back, arms and chest and delts like crazy, I also did this program for one arm one leg push ups(naked warrior Pavel style)… Now them bitches are upto 50 reps per arm.

    Basically when I crossed 20 reps for OAOLPU per arm, I knew what I had to do…. Subtract 20 percent of your max reps from each subsequent sets…

    Gained 25lbs of lean muscle, abs are totally flat now…

    Benched 315lbs 2 weeks ago, at 225lbs bw, first bench press in my WHOLE LIFE, getting stronger right now, focused on low rep lifting, let's see what I can do.

    Will post it on YOUTUBE real soon.

  9. Great video. For quite some time , I have been plateaued at 6-7 Pullups. It's a real goal to reach 15+ Pullups. Will give this program a try?
    Can you share any other program for Pushups as well?

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