I did my first Reverse Wrist Push Up!

I did my first Reverse Wrist Push Up!

Hey guys, this is just a training log update. I can finally do push ups on the back of my
wrists. Took me about a year to get here and i just
wanted to share this because i’m really happy about it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a
wonderful start into the week. Goodbye!

7 thoughts on “I did my first Reverse Wrist Push Up!

  1. FINALLY! This was always a big dream goal of me. <3 Thanks for watching and have a wonderful week!

  2. Sick! Keep it up man
    Also I have a question, might be weird but here goes. Why aren't you more muscular? You're obviously a pretty strong guy but the size of your muscles doesn't really show it. Do you just not work hypertrophy style workouts or do you mix things up too much which makes it hard to get the aesthetics? What am I missing?

  3. Hey so i was watching ur Video on "Is Freeletics BAD?!" and i was wondering i wanna do Freeletics so i can burn fat i don't wanna get a buffed body or anything but i wanna be more fit or ripped i do go to the gym but i can't even make my own program and stuff but i do have a routine or something dunno what u call it i just find the gym boring if im alone or i don't know what im doing. Any Advice on a ripped body i know cut on the foods but hey wanna hear an answer 😀

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