How to Workout for Free (Gym Beam)

How to Workout for Free (Gym Beam)

Nobody loves going to the gym but like taking a huge spit you always feel better afterward. It’s good to stay in shape because of the health benefits no Who am I kidding it’s so we can have six with better-looking people even though some gyms are affordable it’s still pain in the aft well the contract pool spitting signup these so today I’m going to show you how to tone your arms and legs without accosting you one on my case and I call this hack the Jim Beam much like a rest stop a gym is the only public place we get to see a bunch of sweaty half-baked people bent over grunting without anyone saying anything now as fun as that sounds signing up for a gym membership is a whole other pain in the aft but none of us can actually afford to eat healthy we’re stuck on the dollar menu and McDowell’s and they even took that away from us so we actually have to go to the gym because the only alternative is this you trying your best but you’re barely a man in the stomach do we look over there there’s a Norwegian man and I think he used to train you mastery repeat doing this Gaston okay okay well the wind again work till the em cuz you made a new friend and you think this spit will help is that the guy from Cobra Kai a pink kick you karate in a okay just okay you can try a master Besim okay training complete Michael saw am I ready for the turn on what tournament I just needed this spit done white dudes works every time now the main thing we have to do is get in there’s basically one gatekeeper you have to contend with here so all we have to do is get past them sometimes if it’s crowded enough you can just slip by like you’ve already been inside so basically all you have to do is dress like Mikey’s older brother from the Goonies put your earbuds in and hold an old white towel with the right amount of confidence no one will question and if they do to save this already checked in dude Wow that was fun king easy well you could just do that every time I guess but you know I can’t stop there a lot of times we have friends visiting from out of town in order to get them a visitor pass they have to fill out a bunch of spit take a stupid tour and be hassle to get a membership in the rest of their lives my friend Victor from middle school just so happens to be in town so I’m gonna take him with me show you guys how to finance all that bullish Mike mighty cave hey what’s going on bro hey remember that time we had Dodger Stadium and you were holding that birthday sign over that kid’s head but corey seager he hit that line driving to hit you right you’re nuts ah man that was the best is that the ball bro hey Mike Mike come on man it’s all about the memories bro all right so in order to get your buddy in all you have to do is become a personal trainer and you could fill out an application do some HGH sit through an eight-hour certification course and then do some more HCA or just get a shirt that looks like what a personal trainer would wear basically it’s just a red polo like you see on aft holes who think they’re professional golfers and then like any legit employee you just hold your old trusty clipboard now just have your buddy do I don’t know something that looks like exercise and no one is going to stop your session for an added bonus charge your buddy $40 for the hour all right Rin now we can work out well not really unlike terminator in this place it’s the humans that have taken over the machines all the realistically sized dumbbells are taken by women and you can’t get near a bench press because bros only want to do chest so they can end up looking like the kool-aid guy oh so we’re just going to use the out of order sign that we made it’s simple all you do is print out of order on a white piece of paper and for people who can’t read on an anthropomorphic picture of a machine with a thermometer in its mouth like it slept over at Charlie Sheen’s house you know what I mean because it’ll be super hungover then just laminate it regular people won’t touch anything with lamination on it because if it’s laminated it’s official now just leave this on all the popular machines while you do your other workouts and they’ll be available when you’re ready this guy can’t figure out how a bench can be broke so he’ll just adjust his balls and walk away now just go around and enjoy yourself and all the facilities remember you can use your trusty sign to save anything for your own private use lying your own private sauna you can use this hack for relaxing times make it Suntory times don’t have to have talked at all well there you have it you just learned how to get it in I mean getting a workout without spending any money now instead of spending your money on six you can support the show and spend it on a fan duel that’s right click the link in the description I just doubled my grandma’s last birthday check I have $10 now thanks family be sure to follow me on Instagram for updates and a glimps into my sad personal life and make sure you subscribe this channel for more hacks remember kids don’t be an aft hey guys Larry Miyagi’s hooping right now so I have a minute before I go back to training he may be abusing me a bit don’t worry I get him back by destroying him on FanDuel daily and weekly competition much like he’s destroying that toilet right now see I can pick my line that’s anytime and get retribution on a daily basis the only thing Miyagi’s good at picking is his aft anyway I may be just okay at real sports but I’m a God in my fantasy and I just like beating alright I gotta go join me and use the promo code hacks alike I wasn’t doing anything

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  1. Did anyone else notice how the hand gestures between mike and the old guy became increasing sexual but it wasn't what we thought each time!?

  2. You're hella funny dude, i wish i would have came across you're videos sooner
    Defiantly spreading the word!!

  3. Cut out the intro skits and random cutaways, there is 4 minutes of fluff that an be edited out. Stick with the core content of your videos, that's why people come to these videos. Keep it short and it'll be shared more often and save you money on production.

  4. I love that victor togunde does his whole spiel from cant hardly wait. That made this video 10x better. Keep making these amazing videos man.

  5. I mean, the sauna thing would work, if I could think of some conversation topics in a sauna with a girl. And no, I will not say, "is it hot in here, or is it just you?"

  6. I used to casually pop into random hotels in the morning on myrtle beach and start eating continental breakfast. If confronted just give a random number depending on the number of floors. I found that 2-3 hundreds work best as better rooms are usually higher up. This also works well for pool parties at other hotels that have better pools.

  7. What the hell happened to this channel? Why no new content, your videos are so fucking good and the production value is just insane, Start up a Patreon and well gladly pitch in to help fund such amazing high quality content like this.

  8. Ive tried letting in a friend thru the sidedoor to avoid paying when no one was looking.. sadly, the instant result was a ridiculously loud alarm being triggered.

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