19 thoughts on “How to Use Occlusion Bands for Blood Flow Restriction Training (Arm Workout)

  1. Download our arm training workout featuring blood flow restriction training and occlusion bands → https://www.fitnessculture.com/downloads/occlusion-arm-workout

  2. Loads of science behind this, for some of the best bands on the market check out Pump X Band! Awesome prices and made of flexible material to facilitate arterial flow but not veinous. CHECK EM OUT!

  3. I’ve personally tried this and it gives you a massive pump after it’s a really unique feeling .

    Highly recommend

  4. So I have a question, how did you know if the bands are to tight or loose, I recently bought them and I feel like I want them tighter

  5. is it ok to use it as begginer (im 16 ) since i started work out soon and can it be dangerous and can i use it on every training

  6. If you do a arm workout with 5 different exercises, how many exercises you should use them bands? Every exercise or just 1 of 5 exercises?

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