100 thoughts on “How To TRAIN with PARALLETTES | 2018

  1. I just recently progressed to handstands in my training/calisthenics journey. Want to say how easily he just pulled that WIDEGRIP handstand is astonishing. That takes so much muscle control. The way the muscles and joints are stretched out alone make that very difficult. Your a beast Chris!

  2. Thank you once again on the fundlemental points of strengthening and balance the Divine Beloved Body And Mind.
    Peace !

  3. I just wanna hang with you guys. Life is sweet. Can you do NO hand push ups like the Zohan? Been trying to practice them but starting to suspect there impossible. And that made me think of you, you make the impossible seem possible. Live long amd prosper.

  4. I’m really considering getting these paralettes, where can I get higher paralettes like you used in this video?

  5. Awesome workout. I am currently practicing my L-Sit on some DIY paralletes as I cannot afford actual ones right now. I love this workout 💞

  6. Hey chris, how you're planning to build your flooring? By the look it seems you've burned concrete, which is insanely slippery.
    I'm building my own home gym, and thinking about burning concrete in order to get the even floor effect, but then I'll have to solve the slipper.
    Rubber mat perhaps?

  7. For human normal beings, L-sits and tucked planches are enough. Then come deep push-ups, that are not shown here, and tucked planche push-ups.

  8. Although this video is old, it’s not pointless to comment it. Exercises with parellettes are sick. Love them. Also, I like that you no longer touch your hair like everyone else. Keep it up!

  9. It seems like paralletes make you weaker. You should develop your wrist mobility instead of neglecting it. Also, if I can do a handstand or a planche on paralletes, what happens if I want to workout but my paralletes aren’t available? These skills developed from parallete training aren’t transferable to the ground


  11. Don't paralletes negatively compromise on wrist strength? Meaning, say I can achieve a planche on paralletes but not able to do them on the floor because my wrists have not developed due to only using paralletes?

  12. Hey Chris, where did you get those paralleled that are high , I am looking to get some and I looked at the ones at thenx but there is no high ones, and I am new at handstand push-ups and stuff therefore I think I would benefit more from high ones.

  13. Obviously this is advanced. I want to get into this but have no clue where to start. I've been bodybuilding for years.

  14. Hi, guys, please somebody help me, which length are better 25 sm, 30 sm, 40 sm, 50 sm??? I'm going to order it on aliexpress

  15. At 7:50 he is doing a tuck planche I try to do it and my two back bones always come out that’s bc I have my back protracted before I start

  16. I really want to buy these with duffle bag, but I am waiting for black Friday hoping that they will be in discount so I can get them shipped to NL. Love your stuff but need that cash money 💸💸

    Thank you for all your great videos guys!!

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