How To Train Retrieve Over a Scaling Wall #3 (With Dumbbell)

How To Train Retrieve Over a Scaling Wall #3 (With Dumbbell)

hi, welcome back to my small channel blackface club / kenny rao a small channel which discusses the tutorial dog training, especially igp today I will share how I trained my dog ​​to retrieve over a scaling wall if you don’t know the basic of Retrieve over a scaling wall training can see in the video above for basic beginnings to teach dogs to climb and another video above too regarding the training process for going back and forth in this video I will share how dogs retrieve over a scaling wall with dumbbell friends, there is one thing to note that on the igp 1 exam this has changed with the igp 1 exam in the past in the past igp exams 1, 2 and 3 it’s the same, where the handler throws a dumbbell dog climbs take it, climb back up with a dumbbell in his mouth and returned to the handler now on igp 1 there are changes that make it easy for dogs let’s see what it looks like on igp 1 Current regulations make it very easy for you who take the exam, because the dog is simply placed or positioned over there handler goes to the other point the dog will climb without dumbbells and headed to come before position now I will show with aira How I trained for the igp 1 process and I will continue with the process of how to train for igp 2 and igp 3 where dogs have to do retrieve by climbing take dumbbell, come back with dumbbell too now i will show you how i train aira for retrieve over a scaling wall routine found in igp 1 for example like this so I just put aira in position he has to wait and I put the ball over there so my hope is he will climb down, and take the reward so, climbing he will be rewarded with reward that is already there after several times I tried to remind him to climb and take reward then I can already put my position over there like in the exam How to? here the most important key is the dog must be able to stay so that i left him, he didn’t climb first and he could only climb if I have given an order to climb that’s the way or what we have to do in igp 1 exam, now what? if we train for the igp 2 and 3 exams with dumbbells of course I will show how do we train dogs to retrieve over a scaling wall which is to climb, take a dumbbell and climb back to the handler, so the first thing I do is I put the ball over there in the existing box the ball I will put this dumbbell in position where dogs have to take dumbbells and I did not throw I just put and I stand in position middle of scaling wall it’s the same as when I was training retrieve over a hurdle for those of you who haven’t know how, before carrying out the retrieve over a scaling wall you guys are good to see a video of retrieve over a hurdle contained above this what I do is like this I will put aira here and put down the dumbbell then I move to middle of the board and ask him to take climb and get a reward there after several times I tried to reminded him to take a dumbbell and back, now I’ve entered how process we should do this exercise on igp 2 and 3 exams but here I am not throwing dumbbells because there must be a repetition of repetition the mistake of throwing a dumbbell I’ll put the dumbbell there, while the dog is with me I just tell him to hop to climb he took hop back and receive a reward if he released the dumbbell then I will reset again, because what I want is he came with a dumbbell good friends, let’s try one more time, if this works I finished this exercise, because Aira was too tired friends, that’s how it was usually I train my dog ​​to retrieve over a scaling wall, of course later in the future there must be some problems maybe less neat or maybe less the grip isn’t tight enough that we fix in another session in this video I’m just explaining, sharing with you guys how do i do a retrieve over a scaling wall exercise may be useful if this channel is useful for you, please subscribe keep practicing, keep up the spirit, move forward Indonesian dogsport

27 thoughts on “How To Train Retrieve Over a Scaling Wall #3 (With Dumbbell)

  1. sehat sllu ya princess Airaa,,, salut bgt sm cewek kekar 1 ini. udh cantik lincah pinter lgi,, Irish😘😘😘😘🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  2. Bang Kenny..maaf yaa….papannya ga ketinggian ya…manusia aja loncat dr 1,5 mt….kakinya sakit…apalagi anjing…kasihan

  3. Good girl, super hebat km Aira.
    Anak cewe kekar luar biasa.
    Sehat selalu dan pjg umur ny Aira syg.

    Buat Bang Kenny sukses dan berkelimpahan kekayaan kejayaan dan pjg umur ny dan sehat selalu. Aamiin. Aamiin. GBU

  4. Bang Kenny, itu yg di awal video Wido ya? Lalu bang, klu sy perhatikan di event2 dog sport manca negara, setiap anjing hbs perform selalu dpt applause (tepuk tangan hormat) dr hadirin. Applause itu kan apresiasi utk peserta & bs jd penyemangat peserta pertandingan. Apa di Indonesia jg sama bang? Kok di video2nya bang Kenny ga ada applause ya? Apa sy yg ga memperhatikan? πŸ˜… (Maklum sy baru interest dg lomba dog sport ssdh lihat Malinois cantiq si Princess Aira). Ahhh… Princess Aira mirip iklan baterei eveready energizer. Dan terus… dan terus… dan terusss 😍 Ga ada matinya. Aira sdh capek kata Bang Kenny. Klu bs bicara Princess Aira pasti dia bilang dg cutenya "aku masih mau terus… aku masih mau terus" sambil loncat2 kecil. And she's sooo cute. Lihat ssdh command "out", bola diambil bang Kenny, sambil jalan di sisinya bang Kenny dg gayanya yg khas spt papa Howard, matanya fokus terus ke bolanya. Dan ngomong2 ttg papanya Aira, Howard, lompatannya Aira sdh sedahsyat papanya kok. Ga lama lagi princess kita bs dpt gelar IGP3 & bs jadi juara nasional bahkan internasional. Aamiin… πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

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