How to Set your Training for Muscle Growth

How to Set your Training for Muscle Growth

see my friend to get big you need to hit the muscle from a different angle with high reps and short rest periods because who the hell cares about strength right we’re training for size oh my god that is such muscle growth is not just about how have you train how many reps you do or how much time you spend in the gym intensity volume and frequency are equally important and together create a stimulus that leads to growth focusing on only one of them means missing the forest for the trees where’s the forest I only see the tree online you’ll find an endless debate on one side you have the people that say strength that’s a matter for size and this is just punter muscles in the 10 to 12 rep range and on the other side you have those that say volume isn’t that important and staying gains are essential for muscle growth who’s right well everyone’s right a few years ago dr. Brad Sean field published a paper on the causes of muscle growth and here I have any conclusion that there are three main factors that lead to muscle growth number one progressive tension overload meaning lifting heavier and heavier weights over time number two muscle damage meaning how much you break the muscle fibers in training and number three metabolic fatigue the burden you feel when doing high reps so both pumping your muscles and lifting heavy lead to growth but not equally it turns out progressive overload is by far the most important if a person doesn’t get stronger over time no matter how much volume they do they won’t get bigger and I’m sure you’ve noticed that yourself if you’re as strong as you were last year you’re probably the same size too and you never see someone lifting heavy weights for reps without having good muscle development now something to note here is that length and size are related only when strength is gained in a medium rep range power lifters and Olympic weightlifters train the nervous system to produce high amounts of force for one rep they also use the forum that gives them the best mechanical advantage so when doing only one three reps per set strength and size are not tightly related damn a fourteen-year-old girl benches 315 what the hell am I doing here all right so far we’ve concluded that lifting heavier and heavier weights over time is the main stimulus for massive growth this means that the main goal of our training program is to get you stronger in a medium rep range let’s see how you do that the first thing you need to understand is that there is a hierarchy of importance when it comes to setting training variables at the bottom of the pyramid are the most important aspects and as you get closer to the top each level becomes less and less important for your overall results and as you can see rest periods and tempo are actually the least important things you can focus on and yet guys in the gym talk about this most often we’re not going to do that what we’ll focus on is on setting the right volume intensity and frequency because if those are set correctly strength progression happens automatically let’s start with volume if you want to go Greg and I interviewed Eric Helms and I had a question I wanted to ask him for a long time hello guys some really knowledgeable guys talk about how volume is the main driver of muscle growth and I want to ask you do believe that volume in herb itself is what leads to growth or it is more like volume is what drives the strength gains that lead to growth that’s a great question and I think I think yes is the answer just pure volume to a certain degree does create growth because we’re talking about kind of that fuel cell and the fuel for it but at a certain point like if your muscles they have to do a high level of muscular work and then that that feel cells big enough but yeah no you’re very right that you may need to do more volume to get progressive overload to get the fiber to grow which is which is hyper true right um a good way to look at it is that you need volume of heavy enough work just to create an adaptive stimulus and the volume you need is going to be more than you previously needed to grow before you plateaued so while volume is what creates the stimulus you should be doing as little work as you can while still making progress optimally because if there comes a point where you plateau you can increase volume a little which will drive further adaptation a good starting point is this most intermediates need between 40 and 100 effective reps per body part per week in order to make optimal progress from that point over the course of the training career they’ll probably have to gradually increase the amount of what they do in order to keep progressing so with that in mind let’s ask the next question how heavy should you train if you’ve noticed previously I said between 40 and 100 effective reps per week not any kind of reps there is a certain threshold of effort that you need to pass in order for a rep to stimulate adaptation and as you can see in this picture you can get those effective reps in any rep range however the easiest way to accumulate heavy enough reps is in the medium rep range of 5 to 10 reps per set this is why training in this rep range is the best choice for muscle growth think about it if you did 100 reps in sets of 3 yeah you could get enough heavy volume in to drive hypertrophy but the stress on your body would be enormous if the results you get are equal to training in a medium rep range why would you do it why would you train harder to get the same results on the other hand if you did sets of 15 or more with light weights only the last 8 reps or so would count as effective reps you’d have to do a lot of unnecessary extra volume at the beginning of the set because those first two reps are like a warm-up this is one of the reasons why doing straight sets like 5×5 or doing reverse traffic training is superior to doing ascending pyramid sets because you get more effective reps with training 5×5 or inverse atomic training than you do with ascending pyramid sets I think Greg knuckles explained it best he said in the medium rep range the weights are generally light enough that you can maintain good technique not cheat the range of motion get pretty close to failure safely not burn out your CNS after just a couple of sets and not be left with creaky joints on the other hand the weights are generally heavy enough that you’re still putting a fair amount of tension on the muscle you’re more likely to be limited in each set by muscular fatigue than systemic anaerobic fatigue and you’re not doing so many reps that you’re metabolically crushed after just your first couple of sets simply stated all reps are heavy enough to count and it’s the easiest way to accumulate efficient volume that efficient volume is what stimulates trend gains which lead to muscle growth now let’s talk about training frequency you can think about frequency as the way you organize your volume instead of a distinct straining variable if the number of heavy reps per week is equal different training frequencies will produce more or less the same results this is why you can have equally effective training programs even though one has you trained the body part once a week and another two times a week now with that said I feel that most intermediates would do better training a muscle group one seventy four to five days instead of just once a week the main reason for that is because as an intermediate you can make progress in strength almost every time you hit the gym this means you progress faster if you have six workouts in a month compared to four workouts in a month so in short this is the way you set an effective training routine you need a good combination of volume intensity and frequency and progression will happen almost automatically to give you an example my training over the last five months looks something like this this is one of the routines from greatest cricket program that I’ve been following for almost two years now and a point I wanna make here is that you should not confuse a training program with the training split or training routine a training program also covers progression progressing the weight on the bar and progressing through different routines as you advance what most people call training programs are actually training splits they tell you what exercises to do on what days and that’s it but that is not enough to make optimal progress progression progressing the weights is something that must be designed now I think this video is long enough as it is so we’re gonna stop here we’ll cover the other topics in future videos so make sure that you’re subscribed that was the cry they wanna know if you still got it let’s say reps change they want to know how I feel about you hey dr. Dre is the name on my head of my gang still up in my leaves still at the beat still not loving police still rock my catch

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  4. Brad also showed that near identical hypertrophy was gained from using loads as low as 30RM vs something like 70-80% RM

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  26. Why is it that everyone is making this topic so complicated? Muscle growth and strength is actually really simple. All it takes is for your muscle to reach the point where it's unable to lift the weight, total exhaustion. When the muscle hit that point, then there's no need to continue, and then it's up to protein and rest to determine how much it will grow.. You can reach total muscle exhaustion in one set. It doesn't really matter how many reps you do, as long as you reach the point. Lower weight, and higher reps just means that it will take longer to get there…

    I'm in the gym once a week, working out the big 5 muscle groups to total exhaustion in about 15-20 minutes, then I'm out again. And I'm getting stronger every week… Simple as that really 🙂 It takes my body around 7 days to recover from that workout, which is extremely intense, that's why I only work out once a week. The body needs to fully recover before going at it again…

    Look up Drew Baye, Dough Mcguff, or Author Jones. They can explain it a lot better than I can..

    But besides that, I really enjoy your videos, and I do agree with most of what you are saying 🙂 Keep making great content, and I will keep watching!

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    I've been lifting for about 4 months consistently now and haven't seen any real gains.

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