How to Maximize Muscle Growth using Rest Periods

How to Maximize Muscle Growth using Rest Periods

oh hey are you using the England bench yeah oh okay I’m gonna do flat instead um actually I use that too okay um I I use that to actually how I never read ever since our Mobile’s pumping iron until the late 2000s bodybuilders and coaches believe that short rest periods maximize muscle growth chase the pump fill the body at the time researchers were convinced that the spike of growth hormone and testosterone produced by lifting weights one of the main causes of master growth as a result most training programs were designed around this belief compound movements 10 to 12 reps per set and short rest periods this is what creates the largest spike in hormones so this was believed to be the ideal formula for gaining size almost everyone used and preached this type of training even research as recent as 2006 recommended rest times of 30 to 60 seconds per set in order to maximize muscle growth but that turned out to be wrong we now know that fuller experienced our superior two to four minutes between sets produce better strength gains and muscle gains compared to short rest periods now I know this may come as a surprise to some of you so in the first part of this video we’re going to explain why then in the second part of the video you will find a practical stuff how you need to rest between sets to get the most out of the training let’s get started growth hormone it makes you think of getting bigger right growth hormone well apparently growth hormone is released in response to stress such a strength training but it doesn’t cause muscle growth actually even when taken at supra physiological levels by bodybuilders it still doesn’t produce hypertrophy but it’s called growth hormone I know shocking this is the main reason the hormone hypothesis was dropped people used to restrict rest periods in order to increase growth hormone but after they discovered that it doesn’t produce hypertrophy was the point but what about increasing testosterone in training well there’s no denying that high doses of the stuff thrown lead to muscle growth hell steroids lead to muscle growth even without training but slightly increasing testosterone for a few hours after training is completely different from taking steroids injecting testosterone research has shown that manipulating hormones in the natural physiological range only has a small effect on muscle growth naturally through diet and training you can’t increase testosterone enough to produce muscle growth you need to take steroids injecting the softer own let’s guess the key that’s the key to a lot of things on the Internet alright dude but trust me if you raise less between sets your muscles are going to be on fire and you’ll barely be able to move tomorrow that will actually hurt muscle growth if you’re familiar with the recent research on muscle growth you know there are three primary ways to stimulate hypertrophy to training number one progressive tension overload lifting heavier and heavier weights over time number two muscle damage creating micro tears in the muscle fibers which necessitate repair and number three metabolic fatigue pushing muscle to the metabolic limit either to high reps or short rest periods when you feel the burn out of the tree the most important one is progressive tension overload getting stronger either lifting heavier and heavier weights or doing more reps with the same weight getting stronger it is true that short rest periods increased muscle damage and metabolic fatigue but if that comes at the expense of making slower strength gains then you are actually training sub-optimally because you are compromising the main driver of muscle growth which is progressive tension overload in order to get muscle damage a metabolic fatigue secondary drivers let me share a paragraph from Eric Holmes’s book the muscle and strength training pyramid the chapter on rest periods for example it is really established that using very short rest intervals can reduce the number of repetitions that can be performed on subsequent sets thus if you restrict rest periods for the purpose of increasing metabolic fatigue to the point will you perform less total repetitions or have to use lighter loads on subsequent sets you are essentially throwing the baby out with the bathwater meaning you have sacrificed total volume for metabolic fatigue don’t you throw out the baby with the bathwater you want to start each set where recovered so you can lift at the maximum potential all right now let’s see the practical stuff for compound movements such as bench press Rose squats deadlifts standing press and so on rest two or three minutes between sets sometimes when you’re feeling very bit up you can even take up to four minutes of rest then for accessory movements such as curls extensions machine exercises and so on rest 1 2 minutes between sets but 4 minutes of rest I might as well take a nap the fact of the matter is that no study has ever shown that long rest periods interfere with muscle growth none no study all the studies either showed no difference between groups or it actually showed that longer rest periods are superior for muscle growth as well for example in a recent study conducted by dr. Brad Shawn Feld the group that rested 3 minutes between sets gained more muscle and strength compared to those resting just 1 minute but do short rest periods really have no use of course not response training circuits interval super sets all those training techniques have a place they have a role but for the bulk of our training for your main exercises you should be taking plenty of rest because getting stronger is the main priority rest post training is particularly effective for the muscle groups that can’t be trained effectively with heavy weights taking very short rest periods can simulate heavy training because when you’re training with lighter weights and performing higher reps you only come close to full muscle fiber recruitment on those last really tough reps therefore you have to do several sets with a light weight in order to get an adequate training stimulus but if you only take 15 to 20 seconds of rest between sets muscle fibers are still fatigued so you get full muscle fiber recruitment right from the start Greg and I use this style of training only for lateral raises and real delts and sometimes for arms but bourgie fog early who invented this style of training says you can use it for everything you can learn more about it from his website that I linked in the description in conclusion full rest periods to three minutes are superior for strength and muscle gains because you don’t lose the reps because of fatigue short rest periods can be used for accessory movements because smaller muscle groups recover faster and of course very short rest periods can be used in some training styles hey it’s rather here thanks for watching the video the training program I use is the grit guard program it’s a very high intensity program so you can be sure it has long rest periods click on it to check it out the path your goal physique is an e-book I wrote that shows you how to go from your current physique to your goal physique click on it to download it for free also for more videos make sure that you subscribe

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  1. I just have a problem with some little puke giving advice . the guy has not made any progress to back this . sorry little puke guy with the accent .

  2. This guy has knowledge on how to do it, but obviously has no experience with a lot of muscle growth. I mean the guy talks about being big when he's small. You should practice what you preach man.

  3. i get your point good argument ! but to be honest i can't rest that much! some people doesn't have that much time to rest also in my experience i rest between 15 to 30sec between sets in the begning but in the end when i m all out of juice sometimes i sapce out and rest for 1min i hope they do more research about this because short periode has it's own benefits in a lotf of way and i believe that and it works for me i ve got main of the results i want ! but it's good to know new things and try different methode^^ ! good video by the way i m new sub here i like the way you think^^

  4. I still don't quite grasp some of the concepts. I feel like I get more soreness from training with shorter rest periods, and this soreness is a signal of micro tears which will result in muscle repair and growth i.e. hypertrophy. isn't it possible to get lean and more muscular without chasing strength gains as the main goal? It seems muscle fatigue should result in full muscle fiber recruitment and getting a result in less time.

  5. Gotta love a fitness video that's not only well-produced and watchable, but actually researched. Well done, Radu.

  6. wow! the greatest fitness channel on youtube! you're videos are an inspiration, motivation and a very good educational source! keep up the good work

  7. +Radu Antoniu Ca si masa musculara sunt cam pe la acelasi nivel ca si tine, poate un pic mai mult in spate si picioare. Ca si procentaj la grasime sunt pe undeva la 18 %, DA TE PRIND !

  8. Hey Radu, I'm new to your channel and I really enjoy and like your videos. I was just wanting your advice on top exercises for fat loss. I'm currently 6'1" and 122 kg. Thank you! -Sky.

  9. Welp, you've just earned another subscriber XD Hope you keep getting more views and get moh money cause you deserve it lol

  10. I cannot lift because of a broken hand I've been following intermittent fasting and it has given me good results but not that great because I'm not really burning calories so anything that can really help?Walking ?

  11. 3:04 "naturally through diet and training you cant produce testosterone enough to produce muscle growth. You need to take steroids" did i heard that right?

  12. What if i do series of 4 excercises for 4 different musclegroups constantly without brake one after the other… will that simulate a brake, or is it lack of oxygen that is the problem?

  13. By instinct, I usually rest more than a minute, sometimes even 10 or more. The whole rest between 30-60 secs never really work with me and I felt that I should be conserving energy so I can push through consistency lol

  14. The problem is that the biggest thing for muscle growth is having enough volume. Most people only workout about an hour each workout, and if you're resting 2-4 minutes between sets then you won't be getting enough volume in an hour. Now if you're taking 30-60 second rests, you could literally double your volume per workout and that'll benefit you much more.

  15. Hey Radu I need some advice so I've kind of been at a plateu for a while now. Im currently 159 Lbs I am about 5'9. I started off the November of last year at 195 Lbs. I didn't know much about health or exercise or anything I had not done adequate research. My approach to the weight loss was do lots of cardio and i actually went on a vegeterian diet for maybe 3 months, which consisted of mostly carbs and proccesed vegetarian foods.
    After all the weight loss my stomach is still huge and there is fat well all over my body. I know that through the journey I lost muscle and fat. Now im wondering what to do ? I am hitting the gym now and lifting weights .Do I just keep a caloric defeciet with the adequate Macros or should I not worry about calories build muscle then go on a cut ? Thanks.

  16. this guy is more knowledagble then all those fake Natties out there giving false expectations this is what real progress for natties looks like

  17. oh shut the fuck up seriously tries of these "magic" formulas. Go to the gym and lift WORK FOR IT! and im bigger stronger and swole. who u gonna listen to? an average fuck who thinks he a Greek God and knows his shit? or a beast like me who workouts for hours and eats like a fucking champion (whole foods not JUNK). stop listening to this shit seriously they only lean with barely little amounts of muscle.

  18. i really like your videos you speak the way that a normal begginer can understand. And you have reasoning and results

  19. Radu, what do you think about supersetting compound excercises with other excersises that don't tax the CNS and the same muscles? For instance Bench Press into leg raises. I have tested this, and for myself it does not impact the amount of weight nor reps I can lift on my compounds (I use and log via your RPT progessive overload model, prolly using wrong name tho).

    I tend to lose focus and get bored on longer rest periods. I like to keep intensity high and my heart rate elevated. Also, my total volume is higher this way in the same amount of time.

  20. Great video quality! A rare sight in muscle training video. You just gained a subscriber 😉

  21. Thanks, good informative video!
    I am not saying anything about the science facts (because… science), but personally I noted the most difference in muscle growth when I started increasing intensity (shorter rest periods) and kept my workouts shorter than an hour. You have to keep in mind that this of course will limit the volume on each subsequent set and that you need to change to an appropriate weight for each set that matches your desired volume. This meant for me that initially I had to lower the weights a bit at the end of my sets, but I always tried to increase weight each session to still be progressing in strength. This combined with a lot of focus on mind muscle connection and really utilizing full range of motion and squeezing at the contracted part of the movement really made my muscles grow. I am absolutely not saying that this is the best option or that it works for anyone else, but it sure did wonders for my physique. When I am in the gym I focus in contracting my muscles, the weights are only tools there for increasing the tension during the movement.

  22. Radu, does it make sense, to do pushups – rest 1 min – pull-ups – rest 1 min-…? This way you are letting the same group of muscles to rest more than two min and you can carry out more quickly your routine.

  23. great content mate. I find nothing boring about, no matter whether is new, a little new or nothing at all. I'm sure it is fairly new to many. I bet most people go with 30 secs rest between simple movements, 45 to a minute for compound movements. Clear, simple and perfectly structured content. Keep up buddy, keep it up.

  24. but how long should i rest in between actually working out. should it always be 1 day of rest in between working out same muscles?

  25. I see lots of people here calling him skinny and hating his advice, first of all, I don't personally know him also he is lean and maybe that is his preference. not everyone needs to be bulk build. second It's science facts he presents here. Does it work? I don't know, haven't tried it but will it work. Sure I will give it a try and then comment on it.

  26. Radu, what's the disadvantage of short term steroids usage? Are there any bad side-effects? If so please tell me.

  27. Radu, as someone who is training & learning to become an Trainer – Your channel is basically an goldmine for anyone interested in getting into fitness and/or becoming an trainer.

  28. i have a dought that you said that for getting this type of body we need to do strenth taining with weight…which menas do all gym exercise (eg bench press ,peck duck..etc..) with 5-8reps with higher weight?

  29. only 1 intense set per exercise is all that's needed to stimulate growth. it's proven again and again and if you rush to the next exercise you don't need to do boring cardio.

  30. Ai o greseala in documentul tau ai scapat un r :Importanța caloriilorpentru creșterea greutățiiCreșterea musculară depinde, într-o mare măsură, de mâncatul unui suplus de calorii.Asta înseamnă să mănânci mai multe calorii decât arde corpul tău la greutatea și nivelulde activitate actuale.Mușchiul nu poate fi creat din nimic. Dacă vrei să pui 5 kg de mușchi, trebuie sămănânci mai mult pentru câteva luni, pentru a asigura nutrienții necesari.

  31. What would you suggest for someone who doesn't use weights but does things like pull ups, push ups and planking?

  32. Bro wtf, i just started and I never took rest periods into account, i would only do like 10 second rests between my max capacity on the benchpress

  33. Ive gotten in shape – pretty muscular – then left for years. First time round i always rested 2 min or more between sets. It made my workouts more chill and could listen to poscasts. This in turn made me more fine w hitting gym 5x week. I feel it worked for me

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