How To Make Money Blogging ‣‣ 5 DIFFERENT WAYS

How To Make Money Blogging ‣‣ 5 DIFFERENT WAYS

– Hey friends, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. And today we are taking
a little bit of a pivot away from food and health and wellness and we are talking about my business. I got a lot of questions
in my life update video about like how to start
a blog, how I started, tips for people who are
looking to get started, and how I make money. So I thought we would kick off this I’m calling it, I think
it will be a series. So I think we’re gonna do
a series of videos here. But we’re kicking things
off by talking about how I personally make
money in my business. It started, if you don’t know,
as like a passion project about eight years ago and four years ago, I was able to go full time. And it is supporting me and my life and it’s a multiple six
figure business at this point. So I wanted to give you some
behind the scenes of like how you can potentially make money if you’re interested in doing what I do. And we’re gonna talk about
the five different ways that I make money as a blogger. So as we go through, if
you have any questions, you can drop them down below. If there’s anything that
you want me to expand upon, just let me know and we can maybe create a whole nother video about it. But otherwise, let’s just
go ahead and talk about the five different ways that I make money. So the overview of like
the five things are I make money through sponsorships, I make money through ads, I make money through selling my own digital courses and eBooks. I make money through affiliates. And then I also make money
through freelance work. So I wanna dig in to each
of those individually and kind of give you a
little bit more information about what that entails and then that will probably be it for this video. So let’s talk about sponsorships. I’m sure you kind of know what the word and what that means. But for me, it basically means
when I partner with a brand and they pay me to develop content to showcase their
product or their service. So I have a bunch of long term partners. I also do one off projects with brands. You see some of the
content here on YouTube but also there’s content that lives just on my blog or just on instagram. And basically I price according to A what they’re looking for, B how long they’re going to
be partnering up with me. So the longer that we work together, the more content that we do, I kind of bring the price down so that it’s a little
bit more value for them. And also based on like
the reach and what kind of specific content they’re looking for photos, recipes, videos, et cetera. So when I first started out,
I was working with sponsors on an in kind relationship and that means that I would work with them in exchange for products. So they would basically
just pay me with product. I think that’s a great starting place and if that’s where you
are, continue to do that. Build those relationships. I actually worked with Bob’s Red Mill like maybe a year into where I started and they are now one of my
biggest long term partners. So building that relationship and fostering that
relationship in the beginning even if they aren’t paying you can potentially really
pay off in the long term. You’re basically just showing
them how professional you are, how good you are at doing
your job and creating content and hopefully, the longer you do that and the more you do that, you can build a paying
relationship from there. So sponsorships for me right now, make up the bulk of my revenue. I would say that they’re probably, actually I don’t have the pie chart. I should like create a pie
chart but it’s probably around 40%, I would say. Let’s say 40% of my revenue right now and I think that will
only continue to grow as the platform grows. So that’s one of the benefits
of working with sponsors is that as your platform grows
and as your numbers grow, you’re able to charge more money and as you kind of develop a
broader range of audiences, so for me, you know I have the blog, I have YouTube, I have Instagram. You can offer a bunch
of different packages and you can charge according to what are offering for their audience. So I hope that makes sense. The second category is ads. And ads for me are two different things. So ads on YouTube, I make
money directly through YouTube and the ads that you see in
the beginning of these videos and I also make ad money through the ads that are on my website. So I will say, if you’re
trying to make money solely through YouTube and
YouTube ads, like ad sense, it’s gonna take you a
long time to get there because it doesn’t pay very much. I’m at the point now where I
have like 270,000, I think, maybe 265,000 subscribers. And I make about $2000 a month
in the higher earning months so in like the latter part of the year, it’s around 2000 and then
the beginning of the year, which ad spends are
usually lower by companies. I tend to make a little bit less. So for the amount of
audience, it might seem like I’m making like a ton of
money through ad sense but, I’m not really making that much I mean it’s still great. But it’s not as much as it might seem. Where I do make the bulk of
my ad revenue is on my blog. So the way that ads work on your website is that you can either install
something like ad sense, if you’re just getting started. That’s definitely where I started and I think it’s a great place to start. As you kind of build up your audience and you build up the growth
of your blog and your traffic. You can migrate to working
with an ad network. So right now I get around a
million to a million and a 1/2 page views every single
month on my website. And I am at the point where I’m able to partnering with an ad network. And what that means is
that they are the ones that manage all my ads. They’re the ones that
like find the advertisers. They have all the placements on the site and then they take the
percentage of the revenue for managing it. So I don’t actually know
what the percentage of it but for me, that percentage is worth it because the headache of
managing it on my own is completely off my lap. So I just feel good about that. And the way that you
make money through ads is that it’s based on
the number of thousands of page views that you
get every single month. So basically you make a dollar amount per thousand page views
and it all depends on well, it depends on a
million different factors that honestly like I don’t even know but it depends on the time of year when people are willing to spend more. It depends on the
network that you’re with. It depends on the rates
that they negotiate. And et cetera et cetera. So the base of it, is that
you’re basically making a certain number of dollars
per thousand page views. So again, a great place to start with those is with ad sense. You can use the same ad sense account that you use with YouTube, that you use on your website. And you just place little
code on the website. They tell you how to do it. It’s so easy and it’s the
perfect place to start. And then as you grow
you can move into having like a network like I do. So the third way that I
make money as a blogger is through eBook and program sales. I don’t talk a ton about
those here on YouTube but I do talk about them a
little bit more on my blog, as well as Instagram and in my email list. But I have three
different digital programs that I sell on like an ongoing basis. One is called Powered by Plants and it’s a program that’s
designed to help people learn how to eat more
of a plant-based diet. We kind of talk through the
nutrition of plant-based diets and we kind of learn about how to transition most sustainably. And then I also have a program
called Simply Nourished which is a three week online course that is designed to help you
kind of reset your system. It’s a meal plan; it’s a shopping list; and it’s all about like
getting back on track and potentially slimming down
if that’s a desire of yours. And then the third program
is called Simply Prepped. And that one is a four week
online meal prep program where we talk about meal prep; talk about how to meal prep, we have videos, we have meal plans and everything like that. So I make money by selling
those three programs and then in addition
to those three programs I also have just like
smaller little eBooks that I’ve developed over the years. So I have like a breakfast cookie eBook. I have a Quinoa for breakfast eBook and all these different little eBooks that are a lower priced point and you’ll often see them linked sometimes in the description
box or something like that. So that’s just an easy way
to kind of start selling some of your own things. That’s definitely not a
huge part of my revenue. I would say it’s probably
like 10%, if that. It’s probably not even that much. Well, actually no. It is about 10% and I’m
really hoping for me to be able to grow that this year. That’s one of my goals for 2020. The fourth way through affiliate sales. And the most common affiliate program that you probably know is Amazon. So you can sign up for an
Amazon affiliates account. And then basically you just
link products on Amazon and then you make a commission
on every sale that you sell. So with Amazon, it’s
very very low commission. I think I make about 700
to $900 every single month for the size audience that I have. I have Amazon products
in every single video. I have Amazon products
in every single blog post so just kind of like keep that in mind because of the size of
the audience that I have that’s how much I’m making. So it’s not a big money maker. But it’s also really easy and it’s a really great way to start. And then if you’re interested in like other affiliate programs, there’s things like
reward style, shop style. Those are great for
people that are interested in linking like home
products or fashion products or things like that. And then there’s often just
affiliate programs with any types of products. So I work with a ton of different programs that are products that I personally am really passionate about. Companies like Primally Pure,
Four Sigmatic, Thrive Market. I work with a lot of those
on an affiliate basis. And I also have a few of
those are also sponsored. But affiliate is just a
really great way for you to start making money. And it’s just through
product recommendations. So if there’s a product
that you absolutely love and that you use all the time and that you mentioned in the
content that you’re creating. It’s a really great
idea to just try to find an affiliate link because
you can direct people to buy that product and then
if they buy that product through your link, you’ll make
a little bit of a commission. So it’s a great way to
start earning money. For me, it’s not a big
portion of my overall revenue. I’d say that affiliate
income is probably like maybe like 5%. It’s probably not even 5%. It’s something that I could
definitely do a lot better. I know a ton of people make a ton of money through affiliate products. For me, that’s not something that I just like push all that much. So it’s not something that I’ve been like highly focused on. But there is a big opportunity
to make some money there. And finally, the fifth way
that you can make money as a blogger is through freelancing. So I don’t actually
personally do this anymore. I did do it when I was initially starting. Basically what freelancing means is that you would be creating content on behalf of someone else,
whether it’s creating content on behalf of another blogger, creating content on behalf of a brand, maybe contributing to another website. And you’re basically just creating content for other people to use that doesn’t live behind
your own personal brand. So an example of that would be if I was to create a recipe for for example, and they paid me to develop that recipe to take the photos, to write the blog post. But then there wasn’t, it didn’t like live on So freelance is a great place
to start if you are already like really good with the type
of content you’re creating, specifically food if you’re
taking really good photos, you have really good recipes. That’s a service that you
can try to sell to brands that you could potentially
start to make money before you’ve built up your blog traffic, where you can start to like get sponsors. So brands are gonna be potentially
more willing to pay you to create a recipe that
lives on their website rather than your website because you might not already have the traffic. Like you, that might not
be that valuable for them when you’re just starting out. So you can use your
abilities and your skills to create content for someone else. So I hope that was helpful. I’m not really sure how
long we’ve been filming. I could continue to go
on and on about this. But I would say that if you’re interested in doing this as full time
job, it’s totally possible. A few things to keep in
mind, it’s a ton of work. It’s a ton of work in the beginning for not a lot of pay off. So you really, really,
really need to be passionate about the content that you’re creating. It needs to be something
that you really enjoy doing and you really wanna continue doing regardless of getting paid or not because for the first few
years, you’re probably not gonna make that much money. But if you continue to stick with it, you continue to put in the work, you continue to improve
your skills, your writing, your photography, whatever it is, you can absolutely turn it
into a full time business. I think that it is possible for anyone. I think there’s tons
of room in this space. I think if you have the passion for it, then you should go for
and you should do it. And hopefully one day, you can turn it into a full time business. So if you guys have any
questions for me about this, you can drop them down below. Like I said, I do wanna continue to film more business related content for you and kind of give you some
more behind the scenes look at how I do and operate
and run my business. So if there’s anything in particular that you want me to focus on,
let me know in the comments and I’ll film a video for it. So hope you guys enjoyed it. Give it a thumbs up if you did and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking the red button
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awesome rest of your day and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye! (upbeat music)

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  2. Also keep in mind that sponsorships wont appear day 1! Keep focusing on consistent content and growing, they do like to work with creators that have more followers/growth/reach etc.

  3. This was very insightful and something I always wondered about. Thank you for sharing this information with your audience, love the transparency and congratulations on all your successes – much deserved and earned!

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